In the New Year’s Day, you can see the promotion models of major places, because at this time there are often many people. So how to promote the New Year’s Day? Xiaobian here brings you five attractive 2021 New Year’s Day promotional activities planning plan. I hope everyone likes it!

2021 New Year’s Day Promotion Program 1

1. The name of the event; welcoming the New Year, the New Year’s Day is crazy

2. Activity time: December 31 -January 03

3. Activity description:

1. Marketing and analysis

The New Year’s Day every year will inevitably cause a new wave of shopping frenzy. During this period, the malls and manufacturers will hold this good opportunity to launch a strong promotion, with a view to occupying more market share.

In terms of competitors, __ has become increasingly mature, __ is in a bud state. It will definitely carry out the popular cases of gathering popularity during the New Year’s Day, “Come, Raiders”;

2. Overview of marketing strategy:

The formulation is completed by three projects:

A. Come and send it if you are crazy: There are 1500 gifts for free gifts on January 1st

B. Members come to the store gift:

① From January 1st to January 15th, I will get a presented gift mall promotional activity plan with a member card on the day of January 15

②, January 1, 2017 (Sunday), January 8th (Sunday), January 14th to January 22, the integrated museum merchants in the museum launched various special products for VIP gold card members.

C. Members are full when they are full: Member shopping is given a gift according to the category. Gifts include folding bikes, digital products, small color TVs, etc.

D. The extreme air balloon is full: The lottery gifts include 34 -inch LCD color TV, heating bottles, washing machines, digital cameras, exquisite gifts, etc. Activities such as strong product discounts, DM single -dense publicity and production sensation effects, occupying New Year’s Day consumption in Xinhua Road, consumption. Groups are expected to attract 25,000 people.

Fourth, activity content:

(1) Popular activities:

1. Welcome to the new crazy and send it

Activity time:

Activity location: outer square

Activities: Form the momentum of long dragons to enhance the popularity and buying of the day.

Event content: On January 1, 2020, a large number of gifts are prepared in advance. Gifts include gloves, makeup mirrors, small hair dryers, headphones, marks and other gifts. A total of 1,500 gifts were ended.

Activity budget:

Production: 300 yuan

Gift costs: gloves 4 yuan/second_400 pay = 400 yuan

Hematology 10 yuan/payment _400 payment = 1000 yuan

Makeup mirror 2 yuan/only _400 only = 200 yuan

Cup 5 yuan/only _300 only = 500 yuan

2. Live performing arts activities

Activity Measures: On January 1, 2020, at 2:00 to 3:00 pm, the Extreme Sports Awards will be held in the square, and a small wheel driver is invited to perform on the spot. And invite bands to accompany on -site.

Cost calculation: band: 1200 yuan

Small wheel driver: 200 yuan/person _6 person = 1200 yuan

Small meter: 2400 yuan


30 seconds express basketball game

Activity Measures: From 2:00 to 3:30 pm on January 1, 2017, the express basketball challenge is held in the main gate of the first floor. Within 30 seconds, the player stood on the 2nd point to shoot. 10 customers are a group. Customers with the most frames as the champion. The champion can get a three -piece set worth 20 yuan in the cold winter.


Rental rack 300 yuan/day

Buy 5 basketball_60 yuan/only = 300 yuan

Tips: 600 yuan

(2) Buy qi activity

1. Very polite, full of shopping gifts

Activity Measures: On January 1, 2020, all members can get a gift with a member card and consumption voucher with the membership cards in our shop. A total of 50 people were limited that day, first come first served.

You can get a folding bicycle with a total of 1,000 yuan, a total of 20 vehicles_400 yuan/vehicle = 8000 yuan

Buy computer products to get a set of laptop audio, a total of 20 sets _200 yuan = 4000 yuan

You can get a mobile phone product to get one warming treasure, a total of 50 _15 yuan/size = 750 yuan

Buy clothing products to get a small hair dryer, a total of 100 _8 yuan/only = 800 yuan

Tip: 13550 yuan

2. Heartbeat limits, balloons lottery draws

Activity Measures: On January 1, 2017, customers can participate in the lottery without limit. In the event area, two lottery points are set, and 100 balloon balloons are hung above each raffle point. Each balloon has a prize name. In the event area, the staff will send the lottery card to the customer after reviewing the bills. Customers choose the balloon rope to be drawn with the balloon draw in front of the door. The balloon rope is fixed above, so that customers cannot be pulled. After the customer chooses the balloon rope, the staff is about to unlock the ball rope to check the name of the product on the balloon. Customers can receive prizes. The staff then put the balloon back back to the balloon. Each customer can participate in a lottery with a shopping invoice and warranty card. Each customer restricts once.

Lottery process:

Customers purchase prizes-> to the event area to receive a lottery card-> to the event site to participate in the lottery

The limit of 100 customers on the day.

Prize and expense budget:

1. 24 -inch LCD color TV 5000 yuan/Taiwan_2 table = 10,000 yuan

2, 5 million pixel digital camera 1500 yuan/units_2 table = 3,000 yuan

3. MP38 set up 300 yuan/Taiwan _8 table = 2400 yuan

4. Warm hand -warming treasure 20 yuan/piece _40 = 800 yuan

5, exquisite gifts 146 5 yuan_146 = 730 yuan

Tip: 16930 yuan

(3) Member activity

VIP main customer marketing activity

A. VIP gratitude feedback gift

Purpose: effectively enhance the value of VIP. Use VIP and surrounding malls to form differentiated marketing.

Activity Measures: From January 1, 2020 (Sunday) to January 22, various special products will be launched in the museum. VIP main customers can buy goods with VIP strokes. Purchase one per card.

Clothing products are launched from January 1st to January 8, 100 pieces per day.

From January 14th to January 22, a special shoe specialty product is launched, 100 pairs per day


Activity Measures: From January 1, 2020 (Sunday) to January 22 (Sunday), card friends can go to the membership center to receive exquisite gifts from the member center.

Fourth, activity budget: slightly

2021 New Year’s Day Promotion Program 2

1. The theme of the New Year’s Day event of the shopping mall

20_The is! Good New Year!

2. Activity time

December 31 -January 3

Third, activity content

Overall activity: 2020 is here! Good new year, 6,000 Taiwan calendars are sent out!

During the event, all the exquisite Taiwan calendar can be received in the mall with a total of 300 yuan (500 yuan over 500 yuan such as large household appliances and other valuable products such as large household appliances over 500 yuan).

Location: 3rd floor __. __ All employees of the mall wishes you a happy new year! Everything is good!

Various shopping malls: Food Mall: Food Upgrade He New Year.

1. Tobacco, alcohol, nourishing -boutique cultural meals celebrate the New Year.

50 years of Maotai Z yuan, 30 years of Maotai Z yuan, 15 years of Maotai Z yuan, Cordyceps sinensis _ yuan, sea cucumber _ yuan.

2. Conventional food -big upgrade.

Hazelnuts_Tramid, jujube_MM/jin, Happy Fruit_Trangus/Jack, Walnut_MM/Jack.

(1) Famous Mall

1. The Spring Festival Gold Bar in the Spring Festival was newly launched in the Spring Festival.

2. The golden “money” is like a brocade, and the pendant is the Spring Festival.

3. Special plan for the New Year.

(1) Gold jewelry for free.

(2) Gold processing fee exchange is greatly upgraded.

(3) Golden ID card is spent.

(4) Gold House members purchase double points for gold

4._B brand jewelry New Year Surprise.

(1) _Bard cricbpower discount price per gram.

(2) _Dou Diamond 20 % off the audience, and given a beautiful gift.

(3) _Debal drill cost price sales.

(4) _Blat platinum free replacement (only 30%-40%)

Silver jewelry, __ silver jewelry, _ silver jewelry, _ silver jewelry, _ silver jewelry 6.8 % off.

5. Opening the door on New Year’s Day, Dai Xin watch the right point.

6. Makeup New Year’s Day surprise continuously, selecting gifts for “her” in her heart.

(2) Shoe Hat Mall

1. New Year’s Eve opening, Xinglong Shoes City, old shoes change new shoes.

Activity rules: During the _ month _ day -_ month, day activities, customers can use the reputation card of shoe city to buy shoes on the basis of the brand’s positive price discounts _Mit yuan, special products can be preferential _ yuan. (Single reputation card can only buy one pair of shoes, not accumulated)


2. New Year’s Eve opening, sports spring listing, __ new product listing winter 8.8 % discount shopping again to give gifts. __The new product listing is 8.5 % off a large number of gift winter models. ___ New Winter Winter 8.8 % off.

3. Open the door on New Year’s Day, the bags for money, __8.8 % off, __8.8 % off, ___ 8.8 % off.


(3) Home appliance mall

1. On the New Year’s Day, the door is popular. With the old and new actions, the national financial subsidy is 10%, and the manufacturer subsidizes 10%.

Television, ice washing, and digital participation in the old replacement.

2. Apple Store Welcome to Open

3. Boutique Electrical Show

(4) Department Store

1. Xinglong bedding, opening the door on New Year’s Day, and change the new action with the old

2. Change the new pot in the new year, the more “the pot” is, the more red, the cooking utensils are congratulatory, and the money will be made by taking the pot.

3. Fashion cooking utensils are the first choice for New Year -Korean cooking utensils.

4. Give gifts and health, promote the promotion of fitness equipment.

5. Health trilogy

(1) Healthy parents -the promotion of foot bath.

(2) Healthy send friends -foot therapy machine, massage pad package for purchase gifts.

(3) Healthy leaders -massage chair promotion.

6. New product new product listing

(1) _Prown Wishes -__ Conference.

(2) Change new clothes in the new year, festive and auspicious -children’s Tang dress exhibition.

(3) New Year of the New Year -Hongyun counter is newly launched.

(4) Huanhuan “washing” through the New Year -washing supplies.

(5) “Porcelain” Old Welcome to the New -Ceramic Supplies.

(6) Winter products are fully cleared: children’s cotton clothes, down jackets, children’s boots and shoes.

(5) Clothing shopping mall

1. Winter goods clear warehouse.

2. Clothing recommendation.

3. Recommended New Year’s clothing.

(6) Needle Textile Mall

1. Red transport counters, leisure spring is the first to go public.

2. New Year’s New Year, cashmere preferred gift.

2021 New Year’s Day Promotion Program 3

1. Activity theme

New Year’s Day paid, shopping for a big gift.

December 29-20, 20_ January 3rd

Activity 1: Shopping gifts

Location of gift distribution: front desk hall on the first floor.

All customers who shop at __ stores and submit the full amount at the cash register can participate in this event.

Shopping_Gengyuan or above (including _ yuan), a bottle of handwashing.

Shopping _ above the yuan (including _ yuan), send a fashion pillow.

Shopping_Gengyuan or above (including _ yuan), send one rice cooker.

Shopping _ above the yuan (including _ yuan), a set of supplies on the bed.

(1) Details of the activity:

1. Buy gifts (one single shopping reaches __ yuan gift __ item)

2. Interactive prizes (one single shopping reaches __ yuan can participate in the game, the points are high can win the prize) (such as skipping, legged running, fishing competition)

3. Pay the deposit before the event, and pay the full amount during the event to participate in the event.

4. If a return occurs, the gift is returned at the same time, and the gift packaging is complete, and it is treated in accordance with the regulations of the return and exchange of the mall.

5. Performing arts (please perform an atmosphere).

6. Samples, special products do not participate in shopping gifts.

(2) List of gift distribution procedures at the event:

1. Customers hold consumer orchid tickets to the third floor cashier.

2. Receive registration and sign to confirm at the gift registration office.

3. Gifts are distributed. Recycling consumer white tickets and stamp on the orchid ticket.

(3) Retirement and replacement procedures:

1. If a return occurs, it is necessary to return the award at the same time and keep the packaging packaging complete.

2. If the return of the prize affects the second gift, the customer must return the cash of the corresponding amount according to the actual value of the gift.

3. Part of the goods will be returned and exchanged for a single order, causing the transaction amount to increase, and no gift gifts will be given; the transaction amount will be reduced, and the gift will be returned to the gift. Award → minimum prize; prize → lowest prize … (and so on).

4. If a full order is returned, all gifts must be returned.

5. Other matters shall be handled in accordance with the regulations of the refund and exchange of this mall.

Activity 2, a century -old and welcoming New Year

Activity time: December 30th to January 7

Consumers holding the 2020 marriage certificate (effective throughout the year, limited to one certificate), consume 1,000 yuan (including 1,000 yuan) in __ home home __ store, in addition to participating in the mall on -site promotion during the same period, you can also get a fashion pillow again. One.

Activity II

Lucky gift:

First -prize cash_MM (10 digits per day)

Second -class award cash_The yuan (5 digits per day)

Third Prize Cash_MM (15 PM per day)

2021 New Year’s Day Promotion Program 4

Activity time: 21:00 on January 1 (Solicitation of Opinions) Activity theme: “Celebrate the New Year’s Day 20_ Years, Love Me __”

Activity purpose: To celebrate the New Year’s Day 20__, strengthen communication between hotel employees, and enhance the cohesion of hotels. The Lidu Holiday Hotel Office decided to host a New Year’s Day party with the theme of “celebrating the New Year’s Day of 2010, Love Me __” at the hotel employee restaurant at 21:00 on January 1, 2016. Employees show their talents to provide a broad stage. I also hope that through this party, everyone will work hard together, and we will make some contributions to our “home”. Dedicate a gift. The following arrangements for planning and preparations for the couplet are: (Note: require the hotel departments to release programs) Program program orders:

1. Moderator’s opening remarks: First of all, thank you for your visit. New Year’s Day is the beginning of the new year. I wish you all in the new year. I hope that everyone will play happily on the New Year’s Day party. Dear leaders, colleagues: Good evening everyone! Time, fighting stars, glorious 20__ years are about to pass, and the 20__ year full of hope and challenge is quiet. We __ Holiday Hotel employees gather here to celebrate the upcoming New Year’s Day!

2. Introduce the guests present

__ Holiday Hotel Leadership Speaking (Soliciting Opinions)

3. The program sequence of the program starts: for example:

(1) Solo “_________________” Performer: ___ props: a microphone one

(2) Single “_____________________________________” performers: ____ props: one microphone.

2. Activity time

Third, activity content

(3) “______________” Performance: ________

4. Drum strike balloon

Props: drum music, balloon 6, program note

5. Solo “___________” Performer: ________

6. Run table tennis

Props: 12 paper baskets, 6 balloon, 120 balloon, intelligence answering questions 6

7. Action simulation prop: schoolbag, 8 stools

8. Song Relay Circuit Pr for Circuit: Six songs

9. Lottery

Props: draw box, two pair of poker cards, 34 stools

Note: The first stage: the fun game -based gala event; activity content:

56 simple, interesting, and audience participating in strong competitive fun games (such as drumming balloons, simulation action, ball running, challenge 100 seconds, etc.), including 34 popular shows (such as thunderbolt dance, guitar player singing , Songs, etc.), the first half -class, second, third prize is drawn every half an hour during the event. Every classmate participating in the game reward the corresponding prizes based on their competitive results. Scene layout:

1. In order to improve the participation and competitiveness of the game, the site will be divided into six groups according to the location of the table and chairs.

2. During the evening party, some service staff will add fruits, drinks and snacks to everyone with a tray.

Game project

Drumping the air balloon. 6 times, the specific number of times is determined by the host at the time and atmosphere at the time. Start with exciting drums at the scene (you can consider using the field background stage drum music). In the audience, you can pass the balloon by hand, the music suddenly stops, and the balloon is passed to the hand or the balloon is shot, who must go to the stage to perform a small program on the stage. Essence If the balloon falls into the field during the process and the dead ball is formed, the last person who contacts the balloon also needs to perform the show (the host must pay attention here, otherwise it may be unclear). Finally, the six people performed the show separately.

Prize budget: Everyone who performs programs has won prizes, prizes (towels, toothpastes, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo),

Budget for funds: Bald food sugar, sunflower, peanuts, prizes, banners, and other funding budgets are about 350 to 400.

Note: (The above -mentioned activities planning plan may be inadequate or unreasonable, I hope to determine the actual situation of the hotel.) “Celebrate the New Year’s Day 2010, love me __” New Year’s Day party!

A. The group photo of the VIPs who participated in the event and the painter

B. __ Hotel’s style (employees, bosses, social activities, such as leaders visited, donated receipt amplification, honor, etc.)

C. VIP photos and speech interviewed (interviewer agrees to do this)

Bottom: The same as the cover, adding address, telephone, website, mailbox, and other contact tool printing quantity: All participants must have it. Others are determined by the situation.

The news transmission of the event can be reported to the news unit after the event, and the news units are reported on the title of __ Hotel pays attention to cultural construction.

2021 New Year’s Day Promotion Program 5

In order to thank the new and old customers for their strong support for our hotel, use the favorable business opportunities of New Year’s Day to give back to our new and old customers to stimulate their continued consumption to achieve the stability growth of our hotel turnover and eventually reach a better one. Morality.

Activity time: January 1, 20__

Activity location: Chinese and Western restaurants and guest rooms

Topic slogan: about 20__, gathering__ Hotel


(1) Western food:

1. All customers who spend on Western food on New Year’s Day can receive a __ commemorative card (made by yourself).

2. Customers who spend more than 300 yuan on New Year’s Day on New Year’s Day can receive a Western menus for breakfast coupons.

3. Customers who spend more than 600 yuan on New Year’s Day on New Year’s Day, can receive coupon coupons (with this coupon with a discount of 60 % off the store price).

(2) Chinese food:

1. All customers who spend on Chinese food on New Year’s Day can receive one Olympic Memorial Card.

2. Customers who consume in the Chinese food hall on New Year’s Day will receive a gift of western food breakfast coupons for a one -time consumption of 500 yuan.

3. The charter housing consumes more than 1,000 yuan at one time, and has a gift of 100 yuan in cash coupons (this cash voucher can be consumed in the hotel in this hotel).

4. On the day of New Year’s Day, one -time consumption is full of __ yuan, that is, a VIP card.

5. On the day of New Year’s Day, a one -time consumption of Chinese food was 3,000 yuan, and a standard room was given one night.

(3) Room:

1. All customers who stay in the guest room on New Year’s Day can get a __ commemorative card.

2. On the night of New Year’s Day, I stayed at the guest room on the night of the room.

3. Those who open up to 8 at one time on New Year’s Day will send a ticket for 20__ year __ expo.

1. Method for advertising by event:

1. Advertising:

(1) Three POP billboards: one lobby, one entrance to Chinese food, and a western entrance. One label and place the hotel door. The content is: about 20__, gathering ___!

(2) Design 1,000 color leaflets (specific content models are attached).

(3) Design Western food breakfast coupons (western food with breakfast coupons).

(4) Design and production vouchers.

(5) Design cash vouchers.

2. Word of mouth publicity: The sales department and the business department are mainly sales departments, supplemented by the business department.

3. SMS promotion: The manager of the sales department and the department of the business department uses mobile phone SMS forms to send the information to the customer to achieve the role of publicity and attract customers’ consumption.

Second, venue layout:

1. Hotel periphery:

(1) The green plant area opposite the gate, and make 20__ year __ expo countdown.

(2) The hotel door and western side door hanging big red lanterns to set off the festive atmosphere.

(3) The hotel door is directly opposite to make “Happy New Year” decoration.

2. Lobby:

(1) The hotel lobby is placed three “_” display racks (Content 20__ year World Expo timetable, the entire event is one.)

(2) On the basis of the original Christmas, decorate “__ mascot” (20__ annual expo mascot) and related accessories.

Third, division of responsibility and completion time:

1. General Commander: _ General Manager

2. General execution and general coordination: _ Deputy General Manager

3. Fast field (20__ Years __ month __ day complete): Marketing Department, cooperation of various departments

4. Planning and propaganda (20__ Years __ month __ recently): The marketing department is responsible for various types of advertising, the design and production of tickets.

5. Procurement (20__ Years __ month __ recently): The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the purchase of items of this event, and the artist follows up.

Note: The __ Expo tickets need to be followed up and implemented to ensure that the tickets can be successfully sent to the guests that day.

Fourth, item procurement form:

1. Several Haibao;

2. Several souvenirs of the World Expo;

3. Several tickets for the World Expo (must book in advance);

4. “_” exhibition frame three;

5. One label;

6. Color leaflet

Eight, expense budget:

1. __Hes’ mascot of the __How mascot of about 650 yuan; 2. ____ Expo souvenirs of about 1,000 yuan; 3. ____ Expo tickets for a number of about 3,000 yuan; 4. “_” exhibition racks about 180 yuan; 5. Labor label A piece of about 70 yuan; 6. Color leaflet is about 550 yuan. Total: 5450 yuan

Props: drum music, balloon 6, program note