The sun room, because of its excellent lighting and a broad vision, is loved by more people. However, there are many ways to do the sun room. Take the top board of the sun room as an example. There are we common glass roofs, as well as the top board of color steel insulation and other composite boards. But everyone will find that such a phenomenon is to do the roof of the sun room. Many friends do not recommend installing glass roofs. So why does this happen? Which sunshine house is better?

Why don’t sunshine houses not recommended to install glass roof?


Why don’t sunshine houses not recommended to install glass roof? This problem is that the materials used around our installation of the sun room are glass, so that the sunlight can be illuminated as much as possible, but the glass is installed with glass. Because if it is installed on the glass top, the sunlight rate is higher. But some friends are not recommended to install glass roof? In summary, it is not recommended to install the glass roof. The specific reasons are as follows.

① The biggest problem with the sunshine room of the glass top is the hidden danger of leakage.

Although we can install glass through effective sealing, we can achieve no leakage, after all, the sealing glue used between the glass and the glass is seal. If the quality of the sealing itself is not reliable, such as poor weather resistance, or flaws in the process of sealing, such as the surrounding place, and the installation of the sun room does not meet the requirements to cause glass glue. Then these situations will cause water seepage and leakage in the top plate of the sun room. In fact, this is also the biggest hidden danger of the sun room as the top board. Because the top plates of the sun room are all assembled by single glass, not the whole glass.

② The glass of the top plate of the sun room is in danger of bursting.

I believe everyone should have seen this situation. The top board of our sun room is generally adopted with safety glass and safety glass. In terms of plane, it is very highly resistant to impact. However, if its corner part is stressed, it may cause the internal stress to change, and the result is that the whole glass bursts. Especially during the installation of the top panel of the sun room, each glass is not effective. As a result, the corner of the glass is impacted by external forces, and finally burst. Therefore, this situation is also very dangerous and causes a lot of trouble.


③ The biggest problem with the sunshine room as the top plate, and the biggest problem is the problem of pollution.

Because the imagination of many of our friends is to use glass as the top board of the sun room, and then the entire roof is very clean and transparent, so that the lighting rate of the entire sun room is better. But everyone will find that such a phenomenon is that the glass top of the sun room has a layer of mud on the surface a few years later, and this layer of mud is slowly attached to the surface of the glass. It is difficult to clean up later. This is due to the accumulation of dust on the glass surface of the sunlight roof. After the rain, it becomes mud, and finally sticks to our glass surface, which makes the glass roof more and more ugly. And in the end it is not transparent, and it is not transparent.


④ There is also a problem with glass on the top plate of the sun room, which is to give people a sense of unsafe.

For example, we stay in the sun room, and the top board on the sun is made of glass. At this time, many friends will find that such a phenomenon is that we feel that we are exposed outside, which is very unsafe. In fact, this means that when we are building a house, the choice of materials in various parts is also very critical. Try to consider the force of the material and the corresponding thermal insulation, but also meet a person’s requirements for the environment.

⑤ The use of glass as a top plate in the sun room also has a certain impact on the layout of our entire sun room.

For example, the simplest point is that if we want to install lamps on the top board of the sun room, in fact, it is not particularly good at this time. The only way is to arrange along the structure of the sun room, and finally the lights we arrange are not particularly symmetrical. It feels very messy, because the glass causes the layout of the entire ceiling to be limited.

What kind of solutions are better to choose the top board of the sun room?

For the top board of the sun room, I introduced some problems when using glass as a roof. This has led many friends to not recommend using glass as a roof. So when we want to install the sun room, which materials are used for roofs? In fact, at this time we generally consider the characteristics of materials. For example, the insulation performance of materials, the sound insulation performance of the material, and the stability of the material itself. Therefore, in this regard, I personally recommend the following choices of the top panel materials of the sun room.


① Use double -layer aluminum plates as the top plate of the sun room.

Because we now use the steel structure as the main framework. For example, the side of the sun room is a dragon skeleton made of welded steel, and then the glass installed around. The roof is also a dragonal architecture made of steel. Therefore, when we install the roof, we can use keels for installation. A layer of insulation board can be pasted on the lower side of the aluminum plate. On the lower layer of the thermal insulation board, we will install a layer of aluminum plate to achieve the two -layer aluminum plate roof. This roof durability is very good. And its insulation and sound insulation performance is also very good. The only disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high.

②, the roof of the sunflower of the color steel insulation board.

In fact, it is very common to use color steel insulation boards to make sun room roofs. And this material is very cheap and convenient for installation. But the advice here is that if we want to use the color steel insulation board to install the roof of the sun room, we must pay attention to the choice of materials. At this time, we can choose to fill the heating plate of the rock wool internally. The thickness of the rock wool plate must be guaranteed at 20cm. Because it is too thin, its insulation and sound insulation performance is not good. Then we choose this kind of board to install on the roof of the sun room, and the effect is very good.

③ Install the finished resin tile.


In fact, the use rate of finished resin tiles is still very high. The thermal insulation performance of the finished resin tile itself is very good. The disadvantage is that the sound insulation effect is not particularly excellent. But for the sun room, many friends may not be particularly high in sound insulation, so we can choose this finished resin tile. The installation of the finished resin tile needs to change the structure of our house on the basis of the keel. That is, re -increase the keel according to the requirements of the resin tile, and then install the resin tiles on the increased keel we added. In the end, you can also complete the installation of sunny houses, and the effect is also good.



If we are preparing at home or are installing a sun room, then the choice of roof materials is really cautious. The first problem that I will prompt here is that the roof of the sun room should not be made as a flat roof as much as possible, but it must be made into a more traditional oblique roof. Because the oblique roof is very favorable from the perspective of rainproof. For the choice of the material of the roof, the choice should be based on the effect of our actual sunshine room. For example, we can choose some insulation and sound insulation materials on the roof for installation. However, if you plan to choose glass, everyone must be cautious, because there are many problems with the roof of the glass. I also made a brief introduction to everyone above, and everyone can understand in advance.


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