Western -style long tables are covered with white tablecloths and placed on beautiful table flowers, simple, comfortable, romantic and elegant, giving people unlimited imagination. Therefore, many people also arranged long tables (square tables) to the restaurant based on longing for Western -style long tables. However, it was found that various inconveniences were found in the process of use. The most direct trouble was that the table was too long. After careful analysis, it was discovered that the foreigner’s diet was mainly self -service or meal system, and the use of long tables was in line with their eating habits. And we Chinese are accustomed to the dining system, that is, put the dishes in a dining basin to enjoy together, so that we are required to gather around the dining basin, otherwise the problem of ca n’t be caught.

However, this does not mean that the Chinese use a round table from the beginning, nor does it mean that the Chinese cannot use long tables (square tables). In fact, due to specific culture, the origin of the square table is earlier than the round table. And today’s table or round tables, there are specific fans. So how do we choose the dining table for us?

In this issue, the thick craftsman come to talk about the choice of square tables and round tables.

Square table and round table and culture

The square table has angles and angles. The meaning is rules. In the arrangement of the banquet seats, China has the tradition of respecting the east of the Qin Dynasty, which are recorded in “Ritual · Shao Lao Fantasy” and “Special Avalents”. At the end of the Ming and early Qing dynasties, Gu Yanwu said: “The ancients sitting in the east are respectful.” Ling Tingkan in the Qing Dynasty preached in the “Ritual Interpretation Example”: “The east of the room is respected, and the south of the hall is respected . “In the marching camp, they all respect the east.

The round table has no corners, and the nobles between people are cut off. The essence of round table culture is “equality” and “freedom”. However, the round table is likely to be in the West, and it may appear in China, which may be “imported”. After the First World War, the international conference mostly adopted the form of a round table. The “round table meeting” has been used to this day.

The advantages and disadvantages of square tables and round tables

The advantages and disadvantages of the square table


Advantages: Do not occupy too much space area, suitable for small units.


Disadvantages: Can’t accommodate multiple people’s meals.

The advantages and disadvantages of the round table

Advantages: can accommodate multiple people’s meals.

Disadvantages: Large restaurants suitable for apartment type, high requirements for space, suitable for large units.

Selection requirements of square tables and round tables


1. Look at the apartment

The restaurant units are rectangular. You can choose a square table. If the restaurant area is large, or a square can be selected for a round table.

2. See the number of people


The number of people in the family (greater than 8 people) choose the round table, so that it is convenient to sandwich food. If the number is small, you can choose a square table. Of course, if you like it, you can also choose the round table.


3. Seeing the living habits of the family

The family likes to sit around and eat together. If the family likes to sit and eat together, it is recommended to choose a square table


If you choose the square table, but you are worried that your relatives and friends will not be able to sit, and they are tangled with the round table. At this time, you may wish to consider the folding table. The folding dining table can usually be used as a square table for area. If you come to the guests at home, you can also start the folding board into a round table to accommodate many people to eat, which is flexible and convenient.

The above is the opinion of the table and round table of the thick craftsman. I wonder if you have different opinions?

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