The college entrance examination is getting closer and closer in 2018. Parents and candidates may be most concerned about the score line, such as what kind of schools they can apply for in. Maybe if you know the situation of the score line in advance, you will probably know where you are, which schools are you located. This article summarizes the relevant knowledge of the college entrance examination score line, and the summary of the 2017 college entrance examination score line of the college entrance examination in various provinces and cities across the country, for the reference of the parents of the Candidates of the Broadcasting University!

These 4 college entrance examination score lines need to be followed!


1. Provincial control score line (provincial control line/batch line)

That is, we often refer to a line, two lines, etc., which are uniformly planned in the province according to the number of candidates, college entrance examination results, and general universities’ enrollment plans in various places. This is the score line that everyone is most concerned about after the college entrance examination. Because this is an important reference indicator for you to choose the previous one or two books.

The minimum admission control score line is generally determined by professional categories and batches. Professional categories are generally divided into literature and history, science and technology, as well as music (literature, science), art (literature, science), sports (literature, science), etc. Each professional category is divided into undergraduate approval, undergraduate batch, undergraduate, undergraduate, undergraduate, undergraduate Two batches and so on.

2. Set the score line (submitting line/adjustment line)

The transfer score line often takes a certain percentage of the number of enrollment plans for admissions and colleges in enrollment colleges, and naturally formed by the first volunteer submission process (the first round of the first round of the parallel volunteer volunteer) to the college The minimum submission score.

Each college has its own submission score line, and the submission line is just the minimum score line that colleges and universities take away your files. When you fill in the volunteer, your score line can be submitted, but it may not be accepted.

3. Actual admission score line (actual recording line)

After the college reviews the candidate files invested in the provincial admission venue, after the comprehensive selection and completion of the admission, the minimum score of the admission candidates is the university’s record line.

For example, although the submission line of a college is 560, you can exactly 560 can be cast in, but the number of people who may invest in this college is more, and finally the best admission, the person in front of you may be recorded. The last one was admitted to 564 points. Then this score is the actual admission score line.

4. Professional admission score line (professional line)

In accordance with the professional distribution principles of the inlet candidates stipulated in the “Admissions Articles of Association”, the college has arranged the professional arrangements of the candidates in the files. The minimum submission score of the candidates admitted to each major in the school is the admission line of various majors of the school. In other words, how many enrollment majors in the school, that is, how many professional admission lines will be.

31 provinces and cities in 2017 college entrance examination batch score line