What is the most “comfortable” fabric in summer?


I believe that most people are consistent with Ye Zi’s answer,



Essence But will you wear it? Most of the people murmured a few people. actually,

Linel is an extremely obvious fabric with advantages and disadvantages



It is comfortable and comfortable, but it is difficult to control the upper body, and the texture is lighter to the surface folds. It is difficult to wear the texture. If you are not careful, you will become a Buddhist department, and it will feel too casual and sloppy.


I wonder if there is a phenomenon?


Among most street trendy brands, linen fabric items are rarely appeared. It is not surprising to think about it. It is thin and soft, and it does run counter to the “tide, cool, and styles” that the streets want to pursue.

And the linen items that we have frequently exposed to daily contacts are counted

Linen shirt

Essence Today, Ye Zi is in the spirit of “humanitarianism”. Let’s talk about how to wear it naturally and decent, so that you are “handsome and comfortable” in the next few months of high temperature weather.

The strong breathability is one of the oldest fabrics in the world

If it is a designer partner with in -depth understanding of the fabric, you should know that linen has “

Wannian clothing ancestor

“The reputation. According to archeological discovery, as early as 10,000 years ago, people on both sides of the Nile of Egypt had been planted by people.

And the linen into the fashion circle is the natural and romantic French.

With the development and trade of the route, linen has been transmitted to France. Because the soil climate is very suitable for planting linen, France has become the main planting exporter of linen in the 15th century. Among them, the linen produced in the northern cities “Lance” is the most famous.

During the 17th century Louis XIV rule, the luxury industry in France developed rapidly, including many linsea fabrics, which were also regarded as noble fabrics.

There is also a “pure linen

Fiber queen


“It is said that it is made of natural plant fiber textiles. It has very good sweat absorption and breathable function. The heat dissipation is 9 times that of wool fabrics. Wearing the upper body has a good effect on keeping the air humidity in the body. The coat and linen are the main ingredients.

Many people still have a limited understanding of linen, and feel that they are just comfortable and breathable.

In addition to a bit above, its flame retardant fire prevention effect is also very good. Many firefighting and high -end hotel curtains and bedding will be added to linen. And because it is natural fiber, strong toughness, wear -resistant is not easy to tear.


But at the same time, this is also its “disadvantage”. The high toughness of pure natural fibers lacks elasticity. After wearing a walking, the folds cannot automatically restore the original shape. (Note: In addition to the wool, most of the anti -wrinkle fabrics will add formaldehyde, not pure natural)

If you are worried about a man with too many folds, you may choose a cotton -linen shirt, or the style that adds to other chemical fiber ingredients. The effect will be much better. Of course, you can also iron it after you wear it, it is best to hang it.


▲ Cotton and linen blend shirt


Linen shirt style


Everyone should still have an impression that in 2016, endless linen items have also swept for a while. The so -called “Wenqing” can be seen everywhere, without exception, with slippers, wearing Buddha beads, and wearing a linen shirt. If we have any little friends wearing this now, I’m sorry, let’s make a good deal.

Liney is actually a fabric that many brands with national style characteristics. From a certain perspective, it is a good thing for promoting the development of national culture. However, the distinctive design of the transition stacking is caused by people. Don’t choose the following “Chinese knot”+stand -up structure.


Choosing the right linen shirt is a very critical step

Essence There is also the following seven -point sleeve flax shirt, and a certain treasure will not be so OUT.


Ye Zi is recommended to choose long sleeves, or short sleeves, seven -point or five -point middle sleeves, which makes people look stubborn. Especially recommended long sleeves, breathable linen is not very hot, you can also roll a few times. Although the cuffs are rolled up with seven points (five points), the accumulated cuffs can bring you a sense of refinement that did not have.


“It is strictly forbidden” to open their minds like foreign bloggers, and don’t turn people into catching people.

The waist -effect linen shirt is easy to make people feel awkward, so Ye Zi recommends that you try to choose the style of loose and waist, and have some chic charm.

In terms of standard matching, in addition



In addition, you can also try



Essence The diagonal -based khaki pants will have a more weight compared to the upper linen, which can neutralize the shirt that is too lightly transparent. The slightly rough surface will look hard and stylish.

When pairing with trousers, the linen shirt is best stuffed into the pants. In addition to highlighting the proportion, it also creates a sense of capable, making the soft texture look full and energetic.


In the first impression, many people think that linen shirts have only pure white styles. But in fact, this is not the case. The more common element design has stripes, and there are more other bright colors.


Compared to pure white,


Dark linen shirt


The visual texture will be deeper and more prominent, and folds are not easy to see. So for the pursuit of coolness and obvious white flax folds, this style is undoubtedly your excellent choice.

And different colors also bring us more possibility of matching. E.g,


Light pink linen shirt

It escaped the sense of oldness. In the summer, a touch of colorful colors and double sports shoes formed a younger and active atmosphere, so that the linen shirt was rejuvenated.

In particular, many streets have no linen items on the leaves, but this does not mean that linen cannot be worn on the streets. A pair of chic Sneaker with a linen shirt is definitely the first choice for the comfortable street youth.

For mature men, Ye Zi has another recommendation, I hope you get to a loose

High waist pants

Come and match, it is also extremely comfortable. High -waist pants can give full play to your legs, and flowing clothes can also make you look very high -level lazy style.

The lower body cannot be selected for work pants. It is not concise to match with fold -filled linen shirts. It will have a strong sense of conflict and cause visual messy.

Except for trousers,

Liney shirt+shorts


The cool combination of coolness is also a combination of styling that should not be missed in summer leisure. Ye Zi personally does not recommend that you choose short -sleeved flax shirts on your upper body. Short -sleeved and shorts, or linen texture, will inevitably be casual, far from long sleeves to be decent.

The last thing to pay attention is


Linel LOOK

, Whether it is linen pants, or as a linen suit. Although many people wear it like this, in general, they test their own control ability, and men must weigh when choosing.


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