Hello everyone! I am the owner of the Accord. The model is “2018 260Turbo Elite Elite VI”. The purchase price is 180,000, and it is currently 3,400 kilometers.

1. The journey of my car selection


I used to pay attention to the German car, Magotan, Passat. I have always been concerned about the problem of dual -clutch electrical unit. The oil of 95 has a small problem in the later period and the maintenance cost is high, but it is crooked to open. I simply went to see the tenth generation of Accord directly. They all said that Honda bought an engine to send a car. It was really true. The maintenance cost was low. Essence Japanese cars have left the issue of national plots. The designs of people are very practical. It is convenient to use it. Maintenance workers say that the most popular Japanese cars are very simple. Sheet metal spray paint is definitely not as good as Germany, but now the body structure is almost that the Accord crispy must have not been exposed to Japanese cars. In simple terms, home useful and durable Accord is definitely right!


2. Feeling and interior feelings


It ’s just looking at this appearance. The value of the face value is 100 points. It is said that the Accord is not as good as pushing into the sea. I just like a vegetarian car. The lighting design is the bonus item. I like the appearance of the headlights. It is more than 200,000 helpless high beam to get a halogen lamp. It is not bright at all. The wheel design: 17 -inch tires are okay. The wheels without Accord oil and electrical hybrids are not very good.


The problem of odor abnormal noise has not been encountered for the time being. After all, it is only more than 3,000 kilometers. The central control screen is the radio function. The interior material is okay.

Third, ride experience


Because this body design is a person with tall head space on the back design of the slip -back design, it seems unsatisfactory. The design of storage space is a highlight, which is very practical. The advantage of Accord is that the space is large, which is very suitable for the middle position behind the home. It is very comfortable to ignore the back row without German. Box volume: The trunk is also a big highlight. The rear seats are soft than the B -level B -level, that is, the rear no sound insulation glass can feel the obvious tire noise after 80. There is no high -level in the site. It really turns the support of the site very softly, which looks loose. It can be configured well. The keys are very sensitive, simple and clear, humanized configuration. Yes, there is no USB interface bad review in the back row. The seat seat is very comfortable and can be compared to the seat of Teana. I feel that it is more comfortable than the B -level B -level. I opened the 2021 Audi A6 for 5 consecutive hours of pain and stiffness. The noise/odor in the car: The noise in the car is too large is the common problem of this car. It is recommended to buy everyone for sound insulation. Anyway, I can accept because my first car was the Moriya S80. This car was not a grade than my previous car. Anyway, I feel that I feel that I feel myself. The back row is not good in the front row. Air conditioning effect: It’s great, it feels very cold for a while, it is much stronger than German cars. I don’t exaggerate what I said. I will try it myself. The suspension shock absorption suspension is very soft. It is suitable for home high -speed turning sites. It feels that it does not have a strong sense of driving in a German car.


Fourth, power and control experience

For those who do not pursue speed, it is good to turn on the air conditioner/full load. It is about 1 second delay. It is still possible to run. Because CVT is basically linear, it is very suitable for home girls. The steering wheel is very light and flexible, and the speed looks very stable. The sound insulation effect during high -speed driving is not good. Turn to light, and the control of the chassis is very good: Generally speaking, it is very good. In terms of fuel consumption, the full -load air conditioner is basically about 8 in the urban area. The high speed is about 5 to 6, which is not fine. Anyway, it is very saving, and it is only possible to add 92 oil.

5. Summary

The favorite is that the sound idle speed of this car is particularly small. It is basically maintained at about 600 rpm. The body design is very satisfactory and the appearance is good! Wherever you go is the focus of everyone’s attention, pull the wind! Suitable for young people! The steering wheel is very stable, drives very well, and very good home car. The seats in the car are much softer than German cars, which are very comfortable. The air conditioner is very cool and powerful. Sometimes it blows very cold in one gear. This is that the German car air -conditioning system is not done well without Japanese. The oil is very good for the oil. The fuel consumption is very good. In the summer, the air conditioner is basically between 7 and 8. The best thing is the preservation rate of Japanese, and it can still drive safely for 10 years. This is not both German.

The most disliked is the vehicle system. There is no mobile phone interconnection. Even the touch screen is not a simple radio function. There are 4 speakers, but the sound is generally calculated. It is recommended to modify it with high tone requirements. With such a large car, the elite version does not have a reversing radar. The rearview mirror must be folded by the switch to turn off. It is very inconvenient. The rear compartment cannot be played. It is inconvenient to drive it by itself. The car paint is very thin, and a small stone must be seen. The sound insulation effect is okay below 80. The speed of the rear tire is high in the speed of more than 100. In short, the front row sound is better than the rear row. The site is a bit low, and it is not suitable for driving the road often! Why do all the cars now have the engine start -stop system. There is also the pedestrian protection system of the Accord. According to it, it is very sensitive. It is necessary to hit a small animal. It must not be replaced by about 10,000. The near -light light day running lights are all LEDs. It is always said that the tenth generation Accord is not configured.

Basic 4S normal maintenance is around 400, very cheap! That is, the elite version of the configuration is too low, and you have to modify everything yourself. If you have money or luxurious maintenance and maintenance: The advantage of this car is later maintenance. What costs are low in maintenance and it is true.