The kitchen and bathroom are the two spaces that are easier to wet at home. Therefore, in most cases, these two spaces are ceiling with better moisture -proof effects such as aluminum gusset. In addition, there is a word in the decoration industry called ” “Golden Kitchen and Silver Guard”, so when making a ceiling in the kitchen and bathroom, there are quite a lot of questions that need to be considered.

Let me analyze the kitchen and bathroom ceilings, you can refer to it!

1. How to choose kitchen and bathroom ceiling materials?

The ceiling materials suitable for the kitchen and bathroom are mainly aluminum gusset and gypsum board. The advantages and disadvantages of these two materials are: the moisture resistance of aluminum gusset board is a more practical choice; the gypsum board can maintain the texture texture with the texture texture. Unity, more suitable for people who are pursuing beauty.

① Practical aluminum button


Aluminum gussetting has excellent moisture -proof performance. It is easy to wet and wet space like kitchen and bathroom. The ceiling aluminum gusset will be more durable.


② Beauty selection gypsum board


The ceiling of the gypsum board can be made in the same material as the ceiling of other spaces. Like the bathroom of many hotels, the gypsum board ceiling will be more beautiful.

③ Consider the open kitchen alone


Many people now do an open kitchen, so that the kitchen is connected with other spaces. This situation is more recommended to make plaster board ceiling.


2. How high is the kitchen and bathroom ceiling?

How high is the kitchen and bathroom ceiling? What are the problems of the ceiling height?

① The height of the window top

If the windows of the kitchen and the bathroom are high, the top height is generally at a height of 2.2-2.4 meters. This is suitable for the top of the ceiling to be slightly higher (or flat) the top of the window.

② The reserved height of electrical equipment

Electrical equipment such as aluminum gusset-sucking light (2cm ±), exhaust fan (10-20cm), Yuba (15cm+), and exhaust pipelines will also be related to the installation. In the case of nervousness, the size of these devices must be considered.

③ Whether there is a sink in the bathroom

If it is at the same layer of drainage, the sinking box in the bathroom will generally have a height of about 35cm. At a height of 2.7 meters, the height of the bathroom is only 2.35 meters. If you plan to install exhaust fans, bath and other equipment, then the ceiling will eventually end up It is estimated that it is only 2.1 meters. If the family is relatively tall, it may not be installed.


3. Problems of process connection:

The ceiling of the kitchen and bathroom space will have a certain connection with the wall tiles and cabinets. So how will it be better to connect?

① hanging cabinet and ceiling

Like the hanging cabinet in the kitchen, the seal of the hanging cabinet is covered with the ceiling, so that there will be no sanitary dead corner on the top of the cabinet.


② Wall brick and ceiling

The wall tiles in the kitchen and bathroom generally do not stick to the top, and the specific height can plan the height of the ceiling in advance.

4. Precautions for hydropower:


The kitchen toilet is more hydropower involved, and it is no exception in smallpox.

① Yuba wire

If you plan to pretend to be a bath, you need to plan before the decoration, because the battery power is large, leaving a thicker when staying in the electric wire.

② Hydropower separation

The layout of the bathroom is generally water and the ground, electricity, and smallpox, and the ground is too humid. It is not recommended to walk the ground on the ground.

The ceiling of the kitchen and bathroom can choose aluminum gusset board and gypsum board. I personally recommend that the aluminum gusset board is more recommended. Beautiful effect, then you can also choose gypsum boards.