After entering the summer of August, the temperature continues to fall. Of course, the dress is still the first choice to dress up the beautiful items. Several brothers and brothers brought by Xiaobian, elegant and charming design style, see if you like it!


Brother’s slim stitching dress

The long brother in the summer dress, the knitted fabric is very thin, and the skirt stitches white knitting to create a layered sense. When you walk, you have a flowing beauty.

Brother off -the -shoulder dress

The A -shaped off -the -shoulder dress has a good tolerance effect. Even women with a slightly fat body can wear a thin effect, off -the -shoulder ruffled design, small sexy little femininity.

Brother v -neck high waist dress

This brother’s women’s V -neck high -waisted dress, the elegant collar design highlights the temperament of women, the waist design is very thin, and the vertical skirt creates a tall effect.


Brother’s sleeveless slim dress

Summer new brother’s sleeveless slim dress, the relatively loose version is worn to hide the meat slim, such a simple and versatile little black skirt, is also the one that every female wardrobe should have!

Brother’s contrasting stitching dress


The classic black and white dress, never match the wrong match, the large color collision creates a geometric visual effect. The round neck is very versatile, and the sleeveless design brings a coolness of summer.


Dress is always good for women. The recommended brothers women’s dress, if you like it, you may wish to start!