Different items can play a role in different seasons. Its versatile items like T -shirts have a high frequency of wear. Most women concentrate the T -shirts in high temperature season. Rare, it can be cool and breathable to the greatest extent. Secondly, the T -shirt does not pick the crowd and has a strong tolerance for the female audience.


Therefore, at this moment, the T -shirt was re -re -reinstated, and recaptured the status of wearing overlords. And everyone knows that there are more people who wear items, and there may be rotten streets. So how do you make your T -shirt wear more in such a situation?

Below we have three suggestions to share with everyone. I believe that relying on these three points to share, no matter what kind of woman, women can wear them at the moment.

Key points: according to the figure and selection of single products is the basis


What kind of figure determines what kind of items we choose, only the choice of items that complement each other,

Only our wearing can be able to show their personal advantages and avoid their personal advantages


Therefore, the first point shared today is based on the figure and selection of the items. The following explains the four main types of women’s body, everyone can make a reference.



Women with pear -shaped figure are slender, but their hips and crotchs are wide. When wearing single products, I want to hide this problem.

You can cover your hips by selecting long loose tops, or select A


Put on the bottom to hide the meat

Because the middle and lower parts of A -shaped items are relatively large, it will not close the lines of women’s hips, so that it will not highlight everyone’s figure problems.



Hourglass -type women are quite advantageous. The overall meat distribution is evenly distributed and the front is raised. It is simply called S -shaped figure. This kind of female breasts and hips are very ingredients, and the waist is very slender. Therefore, when wearing it, you must focus on high

Choosing tight items, including the beautiful curve of the pig itself, can make your dress with sexy and charming temperament.


Apple -type figure and pear



There are similarities, but the female meat of Apple -type figure is mainly concentrated in the waist and abdomen.

So hiding the waist and belly meat has become the top priority of our wearing

Essence When we are wearing, we recommend that you try to choose a wide top to cover the waist and abdomen, or dresses and jumpsuits. Remember to avoid the choice of short tops and low -waist under the low waist.



Women with H -shaped figure are relatively slim,


The biggest shortcomings are the lack of feminine curves

The whole person seems to have a sense of “dryness”. At this time, you can choose straight -type items,

With the smooth cut lines of the single product, your curve is more three -dimensional

Even if they cannot create a sexy curve, they also weaken their own figures. This kind of woman should avoid loose items, otherwise it will look neutral.

Key points: Positioning yourself, grasping the style to add points

Lady literary style

: Elegant temperament is pursued by every woman. Ladies literary style women set off more gentle, making the image of everyone more and more softer. This style is very decent and natural.

Especially suitable for women who usually take elegant routes or mature routes


Leisure sports style

: Leisure sports style belongs to youthful dresses, which can inspire the female sunshine and lively side, although this style seems neutral,


But in fact, it is the most suitable for student party or wants to show young women

Retro rural wind

: The retro rural style is more and more popular with everyone. The special temperament with a sense of age makes it more unique.

Women’s wearing retro style can improve temperament more advanced

This style is more suitable for women who take the lightly route.

Japanese playful style

: Japanese style can make everyone’s image more cute,

The playful tempera

This is so cute but unintentional style reduction and fashionable

Key 3: Matching items, which is simple according to skills and templates


1. Tips

① The same color skills = simple and generous


Combining the two single items with the same colors together as the same wear. Because the color is the same, the appearance of the same color is very coordinated and unified.

This makes it very simple and generous to wear the same color skills

Essence This kind of skill is simple and easy to learn, and it is highly disclosed everywhere, which is very suitable for novice choices.

② length technique = significantly tall and thinner

Long -term skills refer to the combination of long single items and short items. The advantage of this technique is to help women, create a high waistline or optimize the proportion of upper and lower bodies. ,,


Long -term skills can help everyone visual correction curves to achieve a significant and thin role.

③ Stacking skills = clear levels

Overlapping the two items is called stacking, and the combination of the two items inner and outside can highlight the layering of wearing, making the sense of dressing more strong and unique. However, because the two -piece suit may be sultry,

Therefore, the stacking items that you choose to choose should be as thin and breathable as possible.

2. Template

look1: T -shirt + plaid pants


The solid -color T -shirt fabric is special, and the translucent material makes the T -shirt looming the female skin. Such a hazy sexy makes the dressing more mysterious. In addition, such a thin fabric will be cooler to wear. Choose a pair of plaid pants to match with it, the grid pattern allows the dress to have a trace of retro flavor,

However, because the two single -products are relatively loose, the style of wearing through the penetration is relatively lazy and casual.

look2: T -shirt + pleated skirt

The original simple white T -shirt became colorful because of the addition of the letter printing. The irregular letter pattern enriched the appearance of the T -shirt.


The overall loose version of the female bone skin is more and more stronger

We combine a pleated skirt and T -shirt. The length of the T -shirt just covers 2/3 of the pleated skirt. It is similar to the wearing of the lower body disappearance method, revealing the slender legs of women, making everyone wear and show High and sexual Japanese.

look3: T -shirt + back skirt

Take a pure -color T -shirt as a base, and then use a denim strap skirt to form a set of wear. The small V -neckline shows the female slim collarbone and the swan neck, making our dress more feminine. ,,

But the original retro denim skirt became princess wind because of its overall and well -behaved design.


And this kind of dress is very suitable for campus girls.

Okay, the above sharing three focuses on wearing T -shirts. These three sharing have very important reference significance. If there are still women who do n’t know how to wear a T -shirt, then you can try to find some inspiration from it. We also believe that we also believe that As long as you follow the above learning, these sharing can definitely help everyone.