Non -woven wallpaper is one of many wallpaper, but this type of wallpaper is called breathing wallpaper by the industry. It is the first choice for many high -end people. How to build this wallpaper?

① Measted the wall surface of the construction, the height of the wall surface is measured, and then the wallpaper is cut according to the measured data. It should be noted that the height of the cutting wallpaper is 10 cm less than the actual height. When cutting, it must be once once. Sexually cut a roll of wallpaper to prevent quality problems later.

② The requirements of the wall should be flat, cleaned, and dry. These are all to prepare the basis of the wall or (varnish).


③ When sticking non -woven wallpaper, the glue on the wall is used. The glue is evenly brushed on the wall. The thickness is about 2mm. The glue should be brushed in place at one time. point. The non -woven wallpaper is different from other wallpaper. Its glue is thick and thick to reduce its liquidity.

④ Small places that are not easy to brush on the skirting, ceiling, door cover, etc., and apply small brushes to ensure that the rubber is painted in place and the brush is evenly brushed.

⑤ Paste the non -woven wallpaper in the order of better than before.


⑥ When sticking the wallpaper, you also need to use the side to cut the construction. The specific method is to put it on the side during construction. Methods, after ensuring the alignment of the flower type, pressing the ruler at the overlapping point to cut the cuts to avoid tailoring at the corner of the yang. In order to avoid the wallpaper on the corner of the yang. Ensure that the knife is sharp, you must not have a hair edge. You must also pay attention to the strength of the knife, and ensure that you cut it at once, but be careful not to transition from the transition and hurt the surface of the wall.

⑦ After the construction is completed, a short brush or feather dumplings on the surface are gently brushed away, and it cannot be wiped with a wet towel, which will expand the pollution of the wallpaper.

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