This morning, the “Red Road” platform was officially launched. How do citizens use the “Red Road” platform, how to apply for the “Hongtu” platform account for the “Hongtu” platform, the district committees, and the love education base? Look at the “Hongtu” platform to use tips.


“Red Road” platform uses tips

1. How do citizens go on the “Red Road” platform?


method one:

There are two entrances on the “Learning Power” platform.

Entrance 1: Select the regional sector as Shanghai and enter the “Red Road” platform;

Entrance 2: Click “My” in the upper right corner, enter the “strong country application”, and select “Red Road”.

Method Two:


Open the “Portable” APP, “Into” WeChat, “Portable” Alipay applet, and the homepage enters the “Red Road” platform.

2. What are the rich contents of the nine functional segments set up by the “Red Road” platform?

The “Glory City” is divided into 16 administrative districts in Shanghai, drawing smart electronic maps of the city’s love base, the old site of the revolutionary site and commemorative facilities in the city.

“Red Tour WeChat” brings together the positive energy short video of the entire network, tells the red story and witness the original mission in the original heart with vivid lens language;

“Urban Reading” is aimed at different people with different people, customized red -seeking offline walking routes, searching for urban memory and experience walking party lessons;

“Four History Education” brings together the city’s high -quality four -history learning resources, and the menu -style dynamic releases related learning content and high -quality courses;

The “venue appointment” realizes the one -stop appointment of the red venue.

You can view the special experience experience of the dynamic update of the red venue in the “venue activity”;

“Red Tourism” concentratedly shows the story of Shanghai’s outstanding preaching talents, telling the story of the birthplace of the party;

“Maritime Cultural and Creative” focuses on displaying high -quality red cultural and creative products in the city;

The “Centennial of the Party” concentratedly displayed the special planning content and important news reports of the party.


3. How to apply for the “Hongtu” platform account?


Download and fill in the “Application Form for Backstage Management of Hongtu Application” and settle in the “Hongtu” platform.

The “Red Road” platform also has “exclusive customer service” to provide services. It is reported that at present, all the units involved in the early period of the previous period have been equipped with independent account numbers and passwords, and corresponding upload and management authority has been set up. The person in charge of each unit can contact the corresponding contact person in the address book and receive the account. If you have any account use, you can also scan the code into the group and consult the group administrator.

4. What does LOGO mean?


The “red journey” means “red journey”, which is not only a review of the glorious journey of the past century, but also the expectation of entering the new journey and making progress in the new era. The main visual elements are “red bottom” and “pentagram” as the main body, representing Shanghai’s rich red cultural resources. The shape of the map pointer in the “Pentagon” emphasizes the function of the practical red resource guidance of the platform. The design of the zebra crossing in the “Pentagon” reflects the concept of “long journey, starting from the foot”.

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Source: Author: Cao Fei