As the weather heats up, the summer is silently coming. When it comes to the most versatile items in this season, it must be a “half -body skirt”. Matching can make you easy to earn enough back rates, and you have a charm. Let us follow us to learn some practical half -body skirts with fashionables to see if you have a more heart -hearted style!

1. Fashionable skirt style

1. Basic color skirt


Basic color skirt is the most conservative choice. If you don’t know well, then I recommend that you start one to prepare from time to time. The black half -body skirt is restrained, the tolerance of the legs is strong, and the fault tolerance rate is relatively high. If you take a low -key route, try the dark color matching of the whole body. It will make you look more slim and tall. A little calm temperament.

2.A -character skirt

In terms of version, the A -shaped skirt is the most classic. It is loose and chic, comfortable to wear, and also breathable. For women with poor figure, they start with the style of the length to the calf. The line line does not make people feel procrastinating, but it can shape a level. Visually, your waist lines will look slender.

3. Hip skirt

The hip skirt is also loved by mature women. It will use high waist tailoring, soft fabric and smooth lines, which can perfectly wrap your hip curve, thereby modifying the waist and hip comparison, so it is very suitable for it Forty women will make you look more beautiful. Women with good figures can learn from the blogger shape and match a navel top, so that they can also show a small waist, especially suitable for sisters with pear -shaped figure.

4. denim skirt

The denim skirt is particularly youthful. Its texture is slightly tough and has a sense of shape, so it will make your body curve look smoother and not feel delayed. The denim fabric can be matched with various colors, but the gray and blue denim skirts are the most classic styles. They are almost wearing and not greasy, and it will not look single. A little unruly wild charm.


5. Printed skirt


The printed skirt is full of design, and it can show a completely different style through different types of prints. Take the following two skirts as an example. The former has a lot of colors and adopts an abstract style design. It looks very artistic. The latter is based on blue as the main color, embellished with a printed law. It looks fashionable and foreign, and it is not messy at all. It is also very regular.


2. The matching skills of the skirt

1. Green skirt

The green skirt is a relatively unique style. In recent years, it has become more and more popular. After all, the weather gradually becomes hot. It is not recommended that you try a warm color skirt to avoid visually sultry. Light green is cool and age -reducing. Even if the brightness of high brightness will not be black, it will look more cute if you embellish some floral elements.


2. Shirt+skirt


The combination of shirts+skirts is relatively classic, and it is also a very conservative option. The classic stand -up collar design will modify the neck lines, and the button element will also inject the temperament of the overall artistic style. The shirt will modify the figure, and it also has a good cover effect on the fat. After the lower skirt, it will look heroic and gentle.


3. Printed skirt+white top

When mating with a printed skirt, pay attention to the “combination of simplification” at all times. It is best to match a white top, so that you can form a good reconciliation, and it will not make your whole person look too fancy. Fashion is not a blind accumulation. Be sure to pay attention to the coordination of the overall effect. If you use printing items up and down, it will inevitably feel the feeling of glory, so that there is no advanced temperament.

4. Shape the waistline

When you choose the skirt to match, you must also know how to shape the waistline. The design of the high waistline will make your person look taller and can also improve the visual focus. Putting into the waist, this can avoid procrastination and easily shape the supermodel ratio.


This issue is over here. If you have the style you like, you may wish to start with the same paragraph and find the skirt that suits you. Let’s see you next time!

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