Sexy and hazy

Mesh element

Many girls like it, embellishment on clothing, creating a different

Trendy charm

Essence The matching randomly shows different things

Women’s style

You can show you on all kinds of occasions

Different temperament

Essence And the most popular “mesh” element this summer,

Sexy and charming

Who wears it! Favorite girls, let’s take a look together


1. Net yarn dress+sandals

Fresh white dresses, especially good matching, and also wear it


Essence With mesh and ruffled embellishment,


Not lost

Elegant beauty

, One less than the design, create it


Sexy and charming

The breath. With the thick bottom slopes on the feet, wearing sandals, showing a slim figure, a light -colored chain square bag followed, showing the elegant and romantic



The three -dimensional flowers are embellished on the skirt,

Fashionable and sweet

, Perfectly fit the round neck port of the neck to modify the neck

Slim curve beauty

Essence Retro horn sleeve


, A contrasting waist design, shaping the slender

Linglong Xiaoman waist

Essence Elegant skirts combined with light mesh, interpreting a strong


The open -toe thick sole sandals on the feet are wearing, showing the difference


Modern style

2. Net yarn skirt+shirt

Simple white T -shirt on it, decorated with fashion letters, printing,

Visual eye -catching

Essence Simple round neck mouth, modify the neck

, Loose version, suitable for all types. The lower body is paired with a elegant net gauze skirt, showing a tall figure. The bottom of the clothes is tied into the skirt and looks like

More capable

, A ball hairstyle, bring a little bit

Young atmosphere is permeable

The white shirt is wearing as a base, fashionable and simple and concise

Visual eye -catching

, Also set off skin tone. Take a black coat outside, and the hem flowing soveree embellishment,


Essence Riam decoration of the neckline,

Dazzling eye -catching,

The black net long skirt with the lower body, combined with the ruffled side embellishment of the skirt, shows the romantic and gentle lady’s tenderness. The black single shoes on the feet, as well as the black small square bag, further improve

3. Net yarn skirt+small white shoes


Light -colored shirts are not worn at all. The neckline is modified, which can be used as a bow that you like, which looks sweet and fresh. Cusher contraction treatment,




Be unattended

, The lower body long skirt stitched by the lower body mesh and printing

Women’s flavor

Essence The small white shoes on the feet follow, bring a little bit

The breath of casualness,

Put on a handsome sunglasses and interpret the thick

Street style

The loose straight skirt is suitable for a variety of different figures.


Essence The sweet and sweet blue net yarn is covered on the skirt,


Beautiful and moving

The middle and long skirts are suitable for the shape of all kinds of girls, and they also show tall long legs, beautiful and charming. Little white shoes on your feet,

Leisure full score

, And also show strong

Youth Girl Tenderness

Sexy tube top dress,



The bright three -dimensional large flowers are embellished on the skirt, creating a different kind of little femininity. The blue tone mesh is used as a skirt, dreamy and again

Full score

, Bring a copy

The atmosphere of fairy beauty

Safety. Take a short jacket outside and wear it


, The thick heel boots on the feet follow the same, easily create a different kind of

Fashion trend feeling

The contrasting stitching mesh long skirt,

Charming and moving

The crushing folds on the waist outlined a slender figure. The pleated skirt adopts irregular design,



Foreign temperament

Essence It looks like a gray tone double -breasted suit, which looks like


, With a small chain bag,

Elegant lady

Essence Wearing a pair of black short boots, it is extremely suitable to go out of the street or go to work

Black tight shirt,

Fashionable and simple

The cross design of the collar, combined with the use of off -shoulders, exposed a large neck


Essence High -waist version, shaping

The figure, with a white tone mesh skirt,


Fashionable and concise

, Platform dressing, the beauty of agile and elegant. The black off -toed high -heeled sandals on the feet and the red tone handbags are full

Light luxury mature woman style


The small crushed flower full of idyllic atmosphere stretches on the small shirt,


Be extremely moving


Essence Pink dresses outside the outside, the skirt uses a pleated design,

The sense of hierarchy rises

Essence The three -dimensional flower embellishment on the waist,


Exquisite and beautiful

, And outlined a slender figure. The elegant long skirt swaying the body, with the floral boots on the feet, it looks more

Unique and eye -catching

Different colors spliced ​​mesh dress,


Fashionable and elegant


Sexy atmosphere

Show is undoubted. The flower case and net yarn in front of you show looming beauty, elegant bubble short sleeves, and modifying the arms.

Slim curve

, And the activity is even more unrestrained. The pinch modification of the waist shows the posture


, With the blue single shoes on the feet,

Modern atmosphere

, With an explosive head, pull the wind and look very high

European and American Tide Faner

Black is wearing as a base, echoing with the outer mesh dress, creating

Romantic and beautiful

The visual vision is visible. The ruffled edge of the skirt

Light and elegant

, Loose version, suitable for various figures. It is paired with a long coat, the bottom of the cuffs and the neckline decoration, and easily improves the overall body.

Fashion index

Essence The charming and charming black silk and black single shoes are worn, perfectly interpreted romantic and elegant


On the ground’s mesh skirt, a little white gauze modified, it looks like

Warm and comfortable

Essence The white flower case climbed around the skirt, bringing fresh and beautiful visual feelings. Sleeveless design,

Comfortable and generous

, The white gauze embellishment on the skirt,



Essence The tailoring of temperament and waist shapes a slender figure, with a black base inside, and don’t worry about glowing at all. The black bow on the neckline, exuding a little more

Sweet and playful

Taste flow

The sexy mesh is stitched on the top of the skirt, fashionable and stylish

Elegant and generous

, Simple round neck port, modify the neck

Slim and soft

Essence Black flower case modification, building

Three -dimensional aesthetics

And the yellow black stitching color of the lower part of the skirt creates a eye -catching visual sense. Skin -pinch skirt tailoring,

Fashionable and elegant,

With the fashionable single shoes on the feet, easily step on the fashionable foreign gait, wherever you are

Very colorful

Sweet and fresh flowers are wearing as a base, which brings the gentleness of the little woman to spread. The designer of the court style brings noble

Ladies temperament

, Aesthetically and light mesh design,



Essence The pink flower belt around the waist outlines the slim and charming

Waist and limb curve

Essence Elegant long skirts are fashionable and touching, with beautiful shoes with floral decoration, wear out


Unique beauty


The thin black mesh dress with a thin visual is dotted with a white flower case, which easily breaks the dull and monotonous atmosphere of solid color. The stylish collar is suitable for a variety of different faces.

No sense of restriction

Essence The semi -transparent mesh design,



, Hand in a delicate silver small bag,

And the black thick sole heels also show the full

Modern breath is filled

The black mesh and streaming lingers on the skirt, it looks like


, Adopt a classic round neck port design to modify the slender curve beauty of the neck. Sleeveless design,

Comfortable and comfortable

, The skirt is cut, set off

Tall long legs

Essence Follow the fish net black stockings and black boots to create an overall coordination feeling. Take a black handbag, suitable for different occasions such as party catwalks

The gorgeous contrasting color is embellished in the skirt body, creating a eye -catching visual feeling.


The mesh skirt body is 100 % charming, low -open V -neck, modify the neck

Essence Slim version, outline the posture

Slim and slim

Feeling, the long skirt of the ground,

, Change to temperament high heels, easily wear unique and eye -catching

Don’t wear the skirt in summer, try the “net yarn” element that this year’s super fire,

Elegant and generous mature woman temperament

After seeing these different styles of net yarn clothing,


Sexy enchanting


, Create a different one

Essence And it is also suitable for different occasions, the favorite girls, hurry up, to interpret your unique beauty, easy to go out on the street

Eye -catching and sultry

Trendy charm




Not lost

Not lost

Not lost

Elegant beauty


Slim curve beauty







Light luxury mature woman style

Fashionable and elegant

Slim and soft