In autumn and winter, nuts are almost fixed: gingerbread, biscuits, or fresh nuts are particularly popular. But how can people judge whether these nuts are fresh and delicious?

Autumn and winter is the peak season for nuts. Even if nuts contain as high as 70%of fat, they are not only delicious and healthy. Many studies have proven that nuts help reduce the risk of heart disease because the reason seems to be the fat it contains.

In addition, nuts are also healthy and good helpers: protein and fiber, contain a large amount of magnesium, iron, selenium, and zinc, as well as vitamin E, folic acid and other B vitamins, and many plant chemicals. As long as you eat too much, you will not get fat. Nuts can provide a long sense of satiety, and it is easy to increase energy consumption. Of course, we don’t recommend eating nuts every day. A healthy diet is always balanced.

How to distinguish whether nuts are fresh?

We don’t have idle kung fu to peel off the shells one by one to see if these nuts are fresh. So how should we judge their freshness? If the storage is improper, nuts may be corrupted, mildew, and even harmful substances. These can actually be seen when buying, the nuts are fresh, long -lasting or foreign bodies.

What should I pay attention to when buying nuts?

For example, do not buy nuts or use plastic packaging to store it. Moisture can be formed in plastic packaging to promote the formation of mold. Therefore, it is recommended to store or transport fresh nuts in a net or wooden box. You should also pay attention to the following article.

Look at

Whether the nuts are fresh, you can quickly find the answer by shaking. Through the sound of fruit shaking in the shell, the nuts are dry and moldy.

Look at the shell

If the peel looks “greasy”, the nuts may be broken. The shell should have no cracks or mold.

Black spots on the shell

There are usually small black spots on the unprocessed nut shell, which are harmless. But if the spots are blue, it is mold that must be lost.


If the nut smells or mildew, don’t eat it.

Look at

If you don’t want to rely on the sense of smell, you can even taste the nuts in the store in most cases. The rules are: the more white the nuts are, the fresher. In addition, there should be no stinky or bitterness, which may be a sign of the deterioration of nuts.

Pay attention to the shelf life

Nuts that are grinded, chopped or shaved have the shortest storage date to indicate whether the nuts can still be eaten. Machined nuts will deteriorate quickly, so consume it during the shelf life.


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