This week, the micro -album has been upgraded again!Let ’s take a look with Xiaobian, what fresh functions this week!


Album increases directory page


Existing albums can only display separate classifications?Can’t see Showgirls who want to be rough while looking at the car model?With the album directory, the car model and Showgirl are all small cases, and even the origin of the animal world and the universe can be seen at a glance

Provide three cool, exquisite typesetting methods

Single -column display, double -row display, and single -row display, each arrangement method is a new experience, a new impact on vision!

Three types of templates in the background correspond to the three editing modes.

Two simple parts, add a directory

Choose a classification and upload pictures, you can add one new category in just two parts!After connecting with graphic and text, is it full of surprises when turning on the phone?


What are the functions of spicy and greasy harm?Go to the official website to experience it!