Tianjin North Network News: A few days ago, the first -tier epidemic prevention personnel in Jinnan District received self -heating insoles one after another, and padded on the soles of the feet. This batch of 140,000 pairs of spontaneous heating insoles has gone through a warm journey. They move to Shandong, Tianjin and other places, which are transmitted by the relays of the society.

On January 21, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued information to send a self -heating insole for the first -tier epidemic prevention staff. After receiving the news, the relevant person in charge of Tianjin immediately contacted the platform merchant households to raise goods, but the retail merchants told that the inventory was limited. They immediately decided to directly contact the upstream manufacturers through various channels –

“Oh, there are too many pairs of 140,000 doubles, and there are not so many goods in the factory. At the end of the year, the logistics company is not easy to contact.” “Sorry, the factory has been on vacation, and the workers are home.” Three days, time is too late? “Local manufacturers are not inventory, and foreign manufacturers have been logistics for too long … Dozens of call calls have passed, and time is 4 pm. At this time, a call to Shandong made the collector who cried almost at joy. The other party said, “There are another 2 hours, we will take annual leave. In order to resist the overall situation, we will not take a vacation today. “

Next is a freight issue, Tianjin Jinyu Nong Trading Co., Ltd. took the initiative to take it down. “The 21st is the last day of our year before the year, and I am honored to do something for Tianjin.” Said Bian Yu, the company’s person in charge.

At 20 o’clock on the 21st, the truck with a full of 140,000 pairs of warm insoles departed from the Shandong factory. At 7 o’clock on the 22nd, the truck arrived at the Logistics Park in Xiqing District. After handling strictly in accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements, he drove to Jinnan to collect the warehouse. After several strict inspection and inspection, under the guidance of government vehicles, these warm goods finally arrived at Jinnan at 13:00 on the 22nd. At this time, Jinnan District has arranged relevant personnel and hungry, and the brother is waiting for the supplies of the material reserve.

From the 23rd, these insoles were distributed in the hands of the first -tier epidemic prevention personnel in Jinnan District.

Source: North Network