Daily car, always need some car to help us, choose the right car to make us more comfortable in the process of using the car, the car is also more heart-should. Everyone’s use car may vary, and the choice of the car is also different. Here, the individual has been using or used in the past year. I feel that the more useful car is shared to everyone. I hope to give some friends. refer to.

1, green car vacuum cleaner

For all, the car vacuum cleaner is listed as an electronic garbage equipment. The reason is actually very simple. On the one hand, it is not very big enough, and it is the place in the car. It is too places, so most people have bought it. Idle. However, the need for vacuum on the car has always existed because there is a small space in the car, the corner, the child may often eat in the car, causing the gap in the car, it is inevitable. There will be a lot of food residue. Also, the dust accumulated in each corner groove of the car on weekdays. Although a good car wash will help you suck it, we can’t always count on the “big cleaning” when car wash, and everyday maintenance is still very important. However, it is obvious that the wireless vacuum cleaner is in the house.

However, this green-linked car vacuum cleaner that came in hand changed the impression of traditional car vacuum cleaners. Since it is first, it is a vacuum cleaner with a lithium battery so that its power is not limited to the vehicle power supply. And although its weight is only 400g, regardless of the size of the appearance or the weight and a bottle of mineral water, there is a lot of configuration on the conventional dust collector. The appearance is also very beautiful, and the Green Federation is called the shape of Koi, I think it is very appropriate. It is possible to put it in a storage product on the car and will not take up much space.


Accessories include brush heads, long brush heads, dust, 13000Pa suction and brushless motor per minute make it very powerful, the general car is generally used in basic vehicles. It can be easily sucked. Long press the boot key, the initial suction is 1 gear to suck the dust, and then press the 2 gear raw suction mode, used to suck the garbage of the particles. The high-speed mode is 15 minutes, low speed 30min, and there is basically no need to consider frequent charging in the case of 30 min.

The dust tank part is well cleaned, and it can be opened when the blame is opened. If you want a deep cleaning, you can remove it. Such a small guy also has a stainless steel mesh and HEPA filter, which can effectively remove dust. Slightly unfortunately I didn’t see the replacement HEPA filter in the green store, I hope to go to the frame, after all, the HEPA network is actually consuming, it is necessary to replace regularly.


This car vacuum cleaner uses a Type-C interface. It is very convenient to use the charging line chargeable to Android phone on the car. It is very convenient to use.

2, OBD look up + windower

I was bought at this time when I just bought a car nearly 6 years, I started a little uncomfortable, but it was really unable to open it. Occasionally, someone else will feel very uncomfortable. Now I haven’t sold this, but many brand new products are more rich than I originally functional. The effect of using the mobile phone is not good, actually displaying more clear than the photo.

Let me talk about its basic functions, speed display, you can use the accurate number to the windshield, so that you can know the current speed without bowelway. I have three display areas, and the routine display has the speed of the engine, which is more accurate than the value seen by the speedometer on the ordinary car. It can also be switched to the temperature of the water tank, the remaining oil volume and other functions. The right area shows the state of the car, the door is not closed, and there will be prompts when reversing.

When reversing, there is a distance of the original reversing radar to show the distance behind, and more than 40cm is basically accurate. This show is obviously more accurate, which can help us better judgment the distance.

The last one is automatically closed, the window will automatically turn off, and the lock button is pressed, and the four windows will fall together. You can press it again, it is very suitable for the car to get the car before getting on the summer. Used in the current 6 years, the window function has never been lost, especially if I like to lose the three fresses, I forgot the friend of the window, the automatic custom window function is simply necessary.

Finally, I have to say that I habits, I really have a little awkward when I started, because some high-end lifetime shows that it can be directly projected onto the pavement in the visual, and this is actually reflected in the wind block, but habits After that, it will not affect driving, everyone can be completely relieved.

Note: Different sets of head display features, the content of the display is different, I bought this has been discontinued, everyone can choose the right product according to their own needs.

3,360 driving recorder


The driving recorder is really not just buying one, it must first run stable, especially in the north, one year to the head to receive a high temperature and minus 30 degrees of low temperature in the car, followed by the next day, no matter whether it is day or night, Many low-end driving recorders can’t do this. When an accident occurs, the reapper accident vehicle can’t see the license plate number.


The most important thing is to be convenient for video guides. I also read this point of choice 360. The quality of the products related to the imaging security related products is very good. This driving recorder consumes 360 mid-end products, with front and rear cameras, you can shoot 1080p videos, in fact, it seems that the clarity of the day and night is not bad. It is very convenient to read the WiFi signals issued by the mobile app and the recorder when derived. In fact, everyone can also see the video of various traffic accidents on the Internet, with a video of 360 watermarks, this aspect shows that its market share is high, and it also shows that it is convenient for it. Occasionally, you will go to the 360 ​​app on the app to see the accident video you uploaded.


4, rearview mirror small round mirror


This is really driving artifact, so that there is no small round mirror, when you turn or change, I will have no bottom. The reason is that the rear view of our car will have a blind spot in the back of the side. This blind spot is very dangerous when we change the direction, and therefore there will be a traffic accident. The presence of small circles makes up this blind zone.


Although some have some shortcomings of the small round mirror, such as the image distorted object, it is difficult to accurately determine the distance between the side rear cars. However, individuals believe that it is mainly the complement of the main rearview mirror. It is said that the distance is mainly handed over to the main rearview mirror. The rear view mirror and the small round mirror are actually 2 vision. Generally, the people will ignore the human brain when they look at the main rearview mirror. Information in the small circles. Mid-mirror is mainly used to judge whether the blind spot has a car.


Because small round mirrors are generally rotatable, manual adjustment can help us see some original rearview mirrors are not easy to see, such as car tails, such as cartridges, for some narrow roads or crowded parking lots very useful.

About the paste position of the small round mirror is placed below the near-car side, this location can minimize the invasion and impact on the main view of the rear view mirror, after all, we have to distinguish the master, give priority to the main mirror. The advantage of placing the far car is convenient to see the situation in the back of the car, especially the rear wheel, and the view is larger, and everyone chooses the installation position as appropriate according to their needs.


5, rain eyebrow


The eyebrows are not necessarily suitable for everyone, but I feel very suitable for me.

Here, the rain is two, one is on the window, one is on the rear view mirror. Let’s talk about the window.

The biggest disadvantage of the rainbrow on the window is indeed affecting the wind of a little car, increasing a little noise, increasing a little fuel consumption but actually when I don’t feel it, I don’t feel its existence. But it is really irreplaceable when it is useful. It is when it is raining, the car content is easy to fog, and if the window is opened, it is easy to rain. At this time, the ventilation can only be used to breathe and blow the wind.

But in the case of rainbrows, open the door glass, and the rain will not come, and the car will not be on the frost. At this time, it will not be bored in the car. The most important thing is when it is raining. The air is very good, it is really comfortable when you blow it. In the actual rain, I am very happy with the rain.

In addition, when parking, the engine is waiting, or sometimes it is directly sleeping in the car, and the window opens a seam, and the eyebrow can increase a certain sense of security.


Write here, I specially checked it. Now I don’t seem to be uniform about whether it is loaded. It has an increase in the A-column blind area outside of the previous mentioned, and it is indeed a disadvantage of driving safety. Can be used as an invoice. However, according to my observation, including my own car, the top of the front of the front of the front of the front of the car door, the position of the front of the glass border of the front of the car, does not form a blind spot for our observation, and look at the observation map of my eye perspective. . This so-called “blind zone” does not affect driving. But the specific situation is different from the model.

In addition, there are not many opportunities for my daily opening, so for me, the rain eyebrows are artifacts, but it may not necessarily fit everyone.

As for the rearview mirror rainbrow, I think there is no shortcoming, which can greatly reduce the impact of rain drops on the field of view of the rear view, it is recommended to buy a set. For example, this is just right with the car, which is much higher than the general purpose.


6, car refrigerator / incubator

I only have a car incubator, but you said it is no problem in the daily ordinary incubator. It is impossible to refrigerate, which is equivalent to the weakening version of the car refrigerator, it is necessary to put itself with ice bags to heat the insulation.


Its role is mainly reflected in travel, so it is usually placed at home or in the garage.

When you play, especially the summer weather is hot. If you can drink a little cold drink or ice, you can drink it. In addition, some of the easy-to-corruption foods with you, there are also the most important diabetic insulin, in fact, you need to be stored at any time. If you don’t have much demand, you can buy a car incubator like me. If you travel frequently and a long drive, you can consider buying a car refrigerator.

7, Chevron fuel cleaner

This goods are really crazy in the past two years. I haven’t bought the last bottle before, I haven’t thought about it, I will continue to use it or change my home, because listening to the value of Chevron Tronter PEA before The concentration is reduced.

Regarding the vehicle, do you want to use the fuel additive, this is actually some discussion, but for some direct injection engines, plus frequent urban low speeds, and the carbon is mostly very normal, and the addition of some additives in daily use It is right to maintenance. Looks like a recent friend starts to get PEA stock solutions to alcohol?

It is mainly to prompt everyone to properly use it. As for the use of Chevron or BASF or the red line or gold tigers, you choose.


8, cool oil


What, cool oil is also a car? Yes, because when driving, you often encounter difficulties, cool oil is a comparative original and more fast to let yourself awake. Of course, if you are very sleepy, the suggestion is still looking for a service station on the side or high speed.


In general, the car is a little reficed, after all, the harm of fatigue driving is indeed very large. Personally also bought a smell of this muscle grass according to the online recommendation, there is a slight effect in two fragrances, and there is a very effective. So I suggest not to buy, after all, there are many more expensive, and there is no cool oil effect. Oh, yes, the wind oil can also replace the cool oil, you can smell, you can also wipe the temple.