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There are more turtles. Every winter, it will not have the conditions to meet a few turtles in winter, so you need to warm the winter.

Perhaps there are many turtle friends who are familiar with the warm winter, but there will be some turtle friends, especially the new Turtle friends. In some aspects, it is not understood there. Essence

Heating of aquatic turtles

The heating of aquatic turtles represented by turtles, Brazil, and egg turtles is relatively simple, and a heating rod can solve the problem.

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Selection of heating sticks

The power should be determined first

The second is to choose the right brand. The power of the heating rod is very important, the power is too small, and the power is too much waste. Generally speaking,


1L water with about 2W power

Essence Secondly, the heating rod is selected. At present, the common heating rods on the market are two types of glass and stainless steel. The rest, such as quartz, ceramics and the like are relatively rare. I won’t say it here. In glass and stainless steel,

It is recommended to choose glass material

It is safer and durable, and the risk factor of stainless steel is large. At present, it is also gradually eliminated on the market. In addition, when choosing a heating stick, personal suggestion is not to save money, try to buy the best in your own scope.

Once the heating rod is wrong, it is often the price of the entire army. It may hurt the turtle owner itself, such as leakage.

Use of heating sticks

At present, the 99.99th of the 9999 is self -contained. When the new heating rod is bought, it

The first thing to do should be the school temperature

, Not directly in the cylinder.

Specific operation of school temperature

, Prepare an accurate thermometer, a container loaded with water such as a pot. After all are ready, put a similar amount of water in the basin, adjust the temperature on the heating rod to a preset temperature, and then immerse the whole roots of the heating rod to the water. After the temperature of the water is constant, use the temperature of the water. The temperature meter measures whether the water temperature is consistent with the preset temperature. If the consistency is consistent, there is no need to operate. If it is not accurate, adjust the temperature switch to monitor the preset temperature of the water body, and then see that the water body reaches the preset temperature. How much is to remember this temperature, the actual temperature of this indicator temperature is the preset temperature before.

School temperature simple process


Next, you can use it normally. When you use it, you must use it safely when you use it.

Completely immerse in the water body

, The temperature is generally constant


Around. The heating rod should be separated from the turtle with a protective cover or other objects to prevent the turtle bite from breaking the heating rod body. When the water body is heated, the water level should exceed the sun, ensuring that when the turtle can extend the nose and nose out of the water, the body can be completely immersed in the water while the turtles can be completely immersed in the water. Causes diseases such as turtles. During the warmth of the winter, the amount of water evaporation is relatively large, and we should pay attention to replenishing the amount of water evaporating in time.

Change the water during the warm winter

During the winter, it is also necessary to change water. Compared to summer, the change of water for warm -up in winter is relatively troublesome, which is mainly reflected in the temperature of the temperature.

In the process of changing the water, the new water should be adjusted to the same as the water temperature in the breeding cylinder, and then the old water in the breeding cylinder is eliminated. Add the new water in, and the turtle will not leave the water.

Halfwater turtle warm over winter

The semi -water turtles are more needed to warm the winter. Compared with the water turtle, because of the habits of semi -water, we need to warm up the overall environment.

Here we only talk about conventional methods, such as water baths, which are relatively limited. The conventional environmental heating method, the most basic preparation, one insulation box, a heating equipment, a thermostat, a temperature and humidity meter.

cooler box


If you do not consider the aesthetics and ornamental, you can just modify the foam boxes one by one. If you need to save trouble, buy the climbing breeding box directly. Most of the professional climbing breeding boxes are very complete, including lighting and heating interfaces, which are designed in advance.


Heating equipment, two types,

Heating pad and heating light

, The overall environment is relatively small with heating pads, and the overall environment is relatively large with heating lights.

About heating pad

There are a few points to say. One is that the semi -turtle breeding environment is generally laid in the pad material, so it is recommended to use the side warming method when heating pads are warm, that is, the heating pad is pasted on the side of the thermal insulation box, and the heating pad It’s not the bottom. Second, if the heating pad needs to be inside the thermal insulation box due to the heating box, it is recommended to add an obstacle such as a grid board to the outside of the heating pad to prevent the turtle from touching the heating pad. Third, there are some heating pads on the market with their own temperature control. These heating pads are relatively mature due to the limit of manufacturers’ production costs. At least, the temperature control I have used is not so accurate.

About heating light

It is roughly divided into two types, one with light, a light -free ceramic heating light. Personally, I recommend choosing ceramic heating lights. After all, the living environment of the turtle should not be bright for 24 hours. High, of course, if you say two preparations, light heating lights during the day, ceramic heating lights at night, and reasonable allocation of two time, it must be better. It should also be noted that if the environment is small, it is best to add a mesh lampshade outside the heating light to prevent turtles from accidentally touching burns. It is very hot when the heating light operates.


In simple terms, the temperature control probe of the thermostat is fixed in the thermal insulation box. When the temperature in the thermal box reaches the preset temperature, the thermostat will automatically power off to avoid the temperature in the insulation box continues to rise. When the temperature in the box is lower than the preset temperature, the temperature controller is automatically powered and started to hear. The temperature controller personally thinks it is an indispensable device.

Pay attention to Yuanyan Nature and learn more about natural related knowledge about the aquarium ornamental fish, shrimp, crab turtle.

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The picture originated from the Internet


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Selection of heating sticks