Darinko PRO headphones, English name Falcon Pro, is a dynamic ring earbuds that have not been listed at the end of this year, with an official price of 1399 yuan. Dayinko’s headset Soomal has indeed been evaluated and used for a long time. Thank you netizens for providing a sample machine. Although many netizens also want to see the battle between Da Yin’s Eclipse speakers and Softears Turii, we still put this part to the end, first look at it as a thousand -dollar non -multi -unit small earbuds, What is the performance of PRO? Here is directly entering the core content …

Dunu dunu o Pro in earphones

10 PRO headset uses 10mm Eclipse [how to fight against E? ] The speakers unit, this speaker unit is similar to the technical points on Softears Turii, a subsidiary of Shuiyue Yu: Including the design of the external magnetic circuit with the use of the magnetic circuit and reaching the magnetic flux density of 1.6 Tesla, the use is almost not guided Magnetic copper bracket. The top of the diaphragm ball is DLC material, and a week is a flexible independent suspended polymer material.

Dunu Dunu o Pro in earphones-headset structure schematic diagram [In addition, refer to the patent number] -A official picture

Of course, PRO has its own shell design, the double -layer cavity processed by the internal CNC, and the design of its own stomach. In the in -ear pipeline, Darinke made a replaceable catheter design. As shown in the figure, at first glance, there are differences in length and shortness. In fact, the caliber is also different. The duct length is transparent, monitoring, and enhancement of the atmosphere. In terms of the headset connector, Darinke has its own Q-LOCK LITE interface. It is a 4PIN plug-in socket connector, which is convenient for replacement of different sizes. The PRO of the PRO will standardize the 3.5mm non -balance, 4.4mm balance and 2.5mm balance interface. In addition, Darinke should also have accessories with 3.5mm balance interfaces and impedance accessories.

Dunu Dunu o Pro in the earphones-replaceable catheter

达音科 DUNU 隼Pro 入耳式耳机测评报告 「SOOMAL」

Back to the headset to wear and use itself, the PRO headset uses polished stainless steel shells, and the light surface is also very detailed under the macro lens. The shell has made a special decorative process, and the surface of the frosted surface is made of brightly carved printing. The decoration of the 隼 Pro can see the careful design. The earphone single weight is only measured by 9.6 grams [with a large white rubber plug], which is equivalent to similar headphones with metal shells. Wearing comfort and satisfactory, after all, potential users who can play such headphones should be used to such weights for such weights, right?

Dunu Dunu PRO in the earphones-air guide pores

达音科 DUNU 隼Pro 入耳式耳机测评报告 「SOOMAL」

Dunu Dunu o Pro in earphones-beautiful decoration

The headset is officially nominated 26 ohm impedance@1kHz, sensitivity is 112DB, THD distortion 0.3%@1kHz, it seems that Turii is the same THD nominal nominal 0.1%@1kHz. Here is directly entering the subjective listening part.

In this test, we chose to use the sound of MR1 and Lotoo Paw S1 as the main reference. The R2R2000 is auxiliary reference. [Considering that this player seems to withdraw from the market due to stability? ]. We did find a Turii comparison, but at the end of the article, we came to talk about the difference between their sense of hearing. The thousand yuan level will also simply refer to the Sonic Memory SM2 configuration of the ring iron.

达音科 DUNU 隼Pro 入耳式耳机测评报告 「SOOMAL」

Overall impression:

When we just got the PRO headset, we had no Turii reference for a long time, and the memory of it was not accurate. Of course, the most impressed by the first impression of the PRO is the overall quality of the mid -frequency, especially the dynamic, which is not surprising. Not only is we in the Turii test, we are most satisfied with the overall performance of the frequency. Circle earplugs have improved the core technologies of the past. For example, Vsonic R04, R07, GR07MKII, GR07C, GR09, etc. Although the dynamic circular speaker technology of the PRO has theoretical advantages in theoretical performance, it is still impossible to compare with the multi -unit extremely high -frequency moving iron in the extremely high frequency. In fact, the low frequency is also a multi -unit advantage item. In addition to strengthening the advantages of a single dynamic ring earplug, the use of new technologies has also continuously improved the performance of high -frequency and low -frequency ends, and the characteristics of the smooth lines of a single unit sound. At the same time, in the past few years of multi -unit, it is also happy to see a competitive dynamic headphones. After all, because it is a multi -unit matching, it is like a multi -frequency speaker. The most uncertain factor in design.

We compared the three sets of tube mouth, and finally selected the shortest through the pipe mouth for the main evaluation reference. In addition to the frequent sounds, the shorter tube mouth is mainly directly and high -frequency parts, which also makes the whole sound more compact. As for the sense of atmosphere, it seems that it seems not very useful. In addition, the small earplugs tested this year can be felt that they are more sensitive to the sound of sound sources.

Hightone performance:

The high -frequency interpretation force of the PRO is good. In the sound source such as MR1, the player’s own high -frequency modifiers can be displayed. Compared with the ultra -high -sound iron treble of the iron headphones, the extremely high frequency extension does not extend without the extension of the high frequency extension. What is comparable? Under the loud loud, the treble of the o Pro will show the “horse’s foot” of the circle, and some of them will occur in a high frequency band with a high frequency. However, because the dynamic ring treble itself will not be as high as the moving iron treble, this distortion will not let you listen to the music obviously. It is worth mentioning that under the high -sound style of AKM DAC [may not include AK4499], the style with weak density but better resolution will make the treble density of PRO a lot, and the high frequency will become a high frequency will also become a high frequency. More softer. Perhaps this matching scheme can be considered. On the whole, high -frequency quality alone, compared with extremely high -frequency moving iron, has no absolute advantage in quality. Of course, we did not come to this.

达音科 DUNU 隼Pro 入耳式耳机测评报告 「SOOMAL」

Mid -sound performance:

The mid -frequency performance of the PRO is good, the sound is dynamic, the lines are clear and clean, and the vocal performance is like a three -dimensional and good details in the small earplugs. As a small earplug, its biggest charm is to give full play to the advantages of the mid -frequency, and further, it is the advantage of exerting human sound music. In terms of female voice performance, the sound of the PRO is relatively mild, but the trend of different sound sources is slightly different. It is not very soft -type under MR1, and it is soft under PAW S1. The female voice did not deliberately sweetly. The performance of the male voice is better than the female voice. It is mainly reflected in the dynamics of the sound and tension, especially under the better intermediate frequency sound source, such as the R2R2000 can better reflect its advantage.

Classical music individual music or editors in music performance, the connection of mid -to -high frequency is smooth, and the transient control is slightly fast. If it can be stretched, it seems to be a better trend. Under the loud sound, there are similar high -frequency problems, and the sound is slightly tight. In the high -frequency dynamic performance, there is a level that meets a small earplug, and in most cases, there are very stable and clean performance.

Bass performance:

For the low frequency sense of PRO, as a single dynamic ring unit in -ear headphones, basically adheres to the neutral setting, the low -frequency connection is balanced, and the performance of the cello and other instrumental music is in line with the performance of a high -quality dynamic ring earbar. Level positioning should be regarded as a part of its more colorful performance. The design of the extremely low -frequency part is still restrained under transparent and monitoring catheter. However, if there are higher requirements, the transient control of the low -frequency part is weaker, and it seems that there is a relatively losing loss to take care of the elasticity of the sound to take care of the sound of the sound. Traces of transient control. The overall listening bass performance is relatively clean, but when large dynamics and deeper depth, the quality may be relatively reduced.

What does it look like Turii?

达音科 DUNU 隼Pro 入耳式耳机测评报告 「SOOMAL」

If we look at our description of Turii’s evaluation text, it can be found that the evaluation at the time was quite harsh. After all, it was required by its 9,000 yuan price. So Darinko Pro and Turii really like rumors, it sounds very similar? From two perspectives: If two of hundreds of earphones on the market are randomly selected, then the performance of Turii and PRO is really not low; The difference between the two is also easy to recognize. As for the comparison of various test curves and the microphone to record, it can only be said that there is a reference side, but the limit is greater. Let’s talk about the differences between the two.

达音科 DUNU 隼Pro 入耳式耳机测评报告 「SOOMAL」

The sound of Turii in the mid -to -high frequency is more stretched, the human voice performance is slightly richer, and the biggest difference will be slower in the middle and high frequency parts, and the sound sounds more natural. Under high frequency loud dynamics, Turii is even smaller, and of course it is more restrained in style. The greater the dynamics of music, the more obvious advantages of Turii in terms of stability of transient. It can be understood that distortion is indeed smaller. In terms of mid -range and low -frequency, the two are the highest similarity in terms of the lines and dynamic standards. When listening to pure male music or low -frequency and mid -frequency low -frequency instrumental solo, the editors compile classical music, the two are higher. In terms of large dynamic symphony performance, the low -frequency style is still not controlled enough, and Turii seems to be a bit overwhelmed? In terms of quantity, Turii should be less. However, considering that there are too many factors that may be different from person to person in the low -frequency part of the ear -in -ear headset, only reference here.


In recent years, there have been some small earbuds from the 10,000 yuan -level dynamic circles in the market. Persuading everyone is worthwhile, nor can they be a benchmark for measuring the sound level of the product. If you have to put the logic of “a thousand yuan -level price in exchange for nearly 10,000 yuan performance”, it is neither established nor meaningful.

However, this did not deny the sound performance of Darinko PRO. From the sound performance of the headset, it gave users a good choice at a price of 1,000 yuan, a non -circle iron headset. In particular, the intermediate frequency table now represents a higher level of sound dynamics, resolution, and likes that can be presented by better dynamic rings technology.

Finally, Darinko’s 10mm Eclipse speakers unit patent [incorrect number of CNIPA numbers provided by the official PDF] and the technology on Softears Turii did be objective disputes, and more details were not announced. I believe that the law can bring us the truth in the future. Respecting and protecting intellectual property rights is the foundation of China’s towards an innovative society, changing the innovation environment, and creating the image of “Chinese creation”. I hope that between these small headphones, no one will finally become synonymous with “cottage”.

Dunu dunu o Pro in earphones