#What to wear today#




Basic classic clothing will run through the wear of many people, and it brings it


Generally high. The combination of a sweater and jeans is simple and direct

Basic clothing.

What fashionable sparks will be released when they are together? How to wear a sweater


The feeling of warmth and cold stacking is omnipotent.

And jeans also seem to have these characteristics, when the two meet

Sense of fashion

And which one should I write

Fashionable charm

And the beautiful women, come and see together.

Many times, everyone’s dress is combined with a top and lower dress, so that we can wear a shape


In addition

Difficulty decline




The combination of sweaters and jeans will change its shape a lot because of different colors, or simple or handsome or

Fashionable and full of personality

These can be cited in hand, and then watch it together.

Sweater style selection

This winter, “sweater+jeans” is popular, and the western style is reduced. The little girl is wearing the housewife. In terms of style, the sweater has many different points, which can be based on

Different length

, Or the width of the body, etc., and so on.

Wear different fashion styles, and use sweaters to play some hundreds of changes

Style and attributes,

It seems that it is also possible. I feel a little omnipotent. I wonder if you feel the same?

Round neck cut, comfortable and free

The round neck -shaped sweater, it looks slightly slightly some


, Soft and resistant to look with some


And also

More foreign

Essence It is also possible to wear it simple, and it is also possible to use it as a coat cotton.

It also shows the youthful style, but it can make the wearer become

More young



Big T -shirt inside

, The dew point hem is even more unique

Style and personality.

Hooding sweater, highlighting the level

The hooded sweater may be due to


, Bring some changes in the style, compared to the shape of the round neck, look at the more youthful adversity, and you can also


It is well displayed, and it becomes on the match



When choosing to match it, you can wear it appropriately

Slightly slim

If a little shape is matched with a vest, then this problem can be ignored.


Small foot style, simple and casual

Slightly with some


You can make the compactness of the sweater, and the visual compactness becomes

More concise and refined.

This is for the little girl

Quite friendship

And the fashion degree will not be bad, choose some fashionable ones


, The street trend is also full of local display, and it has also reduced a lot



Jeans of Jeans


Don’t wear sweaters this winter, now popular sweaters+jeans,

Exquisite age and foreign.

After understanding some styles of the sweater, there are differences in the choice of jeans.

Only by fully understanding its style can we match the ideal with the sweater

Style characteristics,

Enrich everyone’s

Wearing concept

And the fashion feeling released, it has become more upper level, it is easy to get everyone liked.

Straight tube style, trimming and slimming

The straight -cut jeans will not only modify the straight leg shape, but also

Make a good figure

Essence The leg shape is not a very perfect woman, and you can easily wear a long and straight.

Chopstick legs.

And the width of this kind of pants is average

Not too exaggerated

It presents a moderate feeling, and it is also the type of pants that everyone is willing to accept, so there is a high probability in daily life.

Jeans designed by small feet,

Simple and casual

And there is no taste of muddy water at all, it looks like


Essence In ordinary days, the rate of lensing is quite high, and

Do not pick people or pick age.

Women of all ages are common. If they are matched with a sweater, then the old age


Youthful atmosphere

It will also look stronger.

Wide -legged shape, chic atmosphere

Wide -legged jeans,

Child and atmosphere

The charm is directly displayed, creating a big woman’s style. But because it is made of denim, it will be leisure and

Minimalist style

The taste of chic and righteousness is also easy to breed.

Therefore, the fashion charm released by it also becomes

More advanced,

It is easy to get everyone’s love.


Sweater+jeans to wear


Swears and jeans are matched with some places that need to be paid attention to, but they often seem not obvious, but they want to wear


One point, these

Detailed optimization

Do not let go, otherwise it is very likely to wear the lightning area on the shape.

The color ratio is appropriate, creating youthful style

If the color of the sweater is very colorful, then the jeans are directly matched with

Classic blue

OK, this will not feel like the noise, and it will also look like

Full points.


As a combination of modeling, in the wardrobe of a youthful woman, it should be very common. You can wear your own

The trend is eye -catching.

If you are afraid of making mistakes, just match the classic color

If you are worried about the disadvantages of color, it is recommended to use the classic

Basic color,

No matter how the color area is allocated, the color will generally not appear

Chaos and errors.

Like a combination of black and white,

Classic is not afraid of time

The most important thing is not wrong, this is worthy of those

Dress Xiaobai.

Sweater+jeans wear guide

On the final matching of sweaters and jeans, you still need to refer to the specific shape to analyze it.

A sense of intuitive visual.

And it can also be easily grasped

Wearing skills

This is also the most practical, I believe it will bring some of the girls who do not understand

Inspiration of wearing.

Martin boots, handsome and chic

Both sweaters and jeans are


More casual

It looks like a Martin boots into a shape,


The feeling of instantly attracts attention.

And the comfort of wearing is not diminished at all. Such shape matching,



The degree of fragrance is really enviable and jealous.

With sneakers, vibrant youth

The combination of sweaters and jeans and sneakers, the youthful atmosphere released in front of it was presented.



Comfortable foot

It is also easy to capture the eyes of many women. No matter what kind of leisure scenes, there will be a place, which is really true.

This issue of sweater and jeans



So far, I believe that the younger sisters I have seen will have more or less gains in their hearts.

If you like it, come together to get your own fashion and style on the beautiful street,


Small foot style, simple and casual

Youthful atmosphere