Each year Valentine’s Day dependencies

The neck suddenly transformed into



Choosing a gift for 8 hours is still unsuccessful …

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Britain as a big country of desserts

Default option so many chocolates for you

What do you have no object

Buy yourself a box! Intersection

In the new year, isn’t it better to yourself! Intersection


The neck is long today to recommend a few models for everyone

Treasure chocolate suitable for Valentine’s Day


You will close your eyes and send it off.


Never make mistakes!

Hotel chocolat.


As British

“National Chocolate”


, Hotel Chocolat. Physical stores are all over the United Kingdom, and online shopping is also very convenient.

Hotel chocolat.

29 species

Chocolate, each one is different. In addition to the most basic dark chocolate white chocolate, there are caramel, princess, fruit, wine and other flavors.

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This year Hotel chocolat.

Valentine’s Day Limited Gift Box

Don’t be too romantic ~

Pink gradient gift box, color heart -shaped chocolate, multiple packaging options

I want the neck too long!

Hotel chocolat. It is also very “close to the people”! Classic chocolates all year round

3 for 或 10 or 6 for £ 20


For discounts, you can enjoy the offline purchase of the student ID

10% off


Charbonnel et Walker

As a tradition

British chocolate

, Charbonnel et Walker

Burst chocolate

Famous, even more

British royal

One of the chocolate brands.

In addition to the value of the face value,

Victorian retro packaging

It is also the main reason for Charbonnel et Walker to love!

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Where there is Charbonnel et Walker, it is inseparable from



Essence This year’s Valentine’s Day limited gift box to be stable

Red gold color


Velvet outer packaging

Hold down on the high -end atmosphere!

Image source Charbonnel et Walker

In addition, I won the International Award

Pink champagne truffle

Pink Marc de Champagne Chocolate Truffles

It is their signature items. When you bite, you can feel the less sweet and just bitterness.

Whether you are a queen or princess now, you can’t escape the chocolate magic of Charbonnel et Walker!

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Pierre marcolini

Pierre Marcolini is a few

Bake cocoa beans in person

One of the chocolate manufacturers. This also means that the chocolate you bought in his house is definitely



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This year, Pierre Marcolini’s Valentine’s Day limited to make the neck have a taste of Dior perfume spring and summer. The design is inspired by Tile de Jouy, saying that it is a chocolate box packaging, which is more like it is unable to refuse

“Scent Temptation” ~

Picture source Pierre Marcolini

In addition to the gift box, Pierre Marcolini also prepared the pink that is most suitable for Valentine’s Day

Strawberry love chocolate

Strawberry crush

Wait for you to do “stealing thief”!


The whole pink chocolate with dry strawberry tablets

Strawberry Crush Tablet

It’s worth trying!


Paul a young


Paul a Young’s chocolate is compatible


Artistic and experimental

Essence Bold seasoning brings people

New taste experience


Chocolate production itself is even more delicate.

Picture source Paulayoung


For Valentine’s Day, Paul A Young recommends this

Sea salt caramel love chocolate

Sea Salted Caramel Filled Heart


, Combine 64%of Madagascar chocolate with sea salt caramel and decorate gold foil.

chocolate brownie

It is their ace of their family, with affordable prices, crispy chocolate, and the taste of Browni in it is very dense, and the combination of the two complements each other. The small pattern above is also very attractive with Valentine’s Day ~

Chocolate Brownney picture source Paul a Young

Said dal 1923

SAID DAL 1923 from Rome with the “blood” of Italy

“The best hot chocolate in London”


Well -known, making real chocolate rather than cocoa.

So if you don’t have time to prepare chocolate gifts, you might as well go to the store to have a cup


Italian hazelnut heat cocoa

Essence The rich and rich mouth makes people unforgettable after a taste ~


Image source Squaremeal


Chocolate strawberry,

“Chocolate Waterfall” cake

, “Sweet Honey”, constantly lingering, here is one of the best dessert shop options for Valentine’s Day ~

Image source Instagram@insaf.bennis/@saiddal1932ae

Rococo chocolates

The most unique part of Rococo Chocolaters is that it has been there, always

Find the perfect match between flowers, fruits and cocoa

Essence This kind of love for chocolate also makes it in

In 2014, I won the honor of the Queen of England



Image source RELISH

On Valentine’s Day, Rococo Chocolates “Swordsmanship” and made chocolates into unique

Lip shape


The sweetness of chocolate melted between lips and teeth.

Valentine’s Day Limited Gift Box Picture Source Rococo Chocolates


The whole chocolate of mixed fruits and flowers and plants

It is also very suitable for the atmosphere of Valentine’s Day ~ colorful and cute!


Image source Youmagazine

Prestat chocolates

The first sentence on the Prestat Chocolates website is–

“I do so adore chocolate truffles as impstat makes them.” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “”

Each chocolate has its own small ingenuity.

Photo source Christopher Brown

This is also integrated into every chocolate of its Valentine’s Day limited gift box. The inspiration of the box comes from

Queen Victoria’s own private chocolate box

It is said that the royal kitchen will regularly supplement chocolate.

And the taste includes

Ren Monan and Fud chocolate

, Almond


Nut chocolate


Of course



Valentine’s Day Limited Gift Box Picture Source Prestat Chocolates


Truffle chocolate

It is the main product of Prestat, there is

Classic sea salt caramel

, Pink champagne and piano wine flavor

The taste of wine can be brought out of the fragrance of chocolate beans, which is very special!


Artisan du chocolat

Artisan du chocolat is known as

The best luxury chocolate manufacturer in the UK

One is enjoying a high reputation worldwide. Based on passion, innovation, and impeccable technical expertise, it creates distinctive chocolate products, which are both beautiful and delicious.

Image source ThegroCER


On Valentine’s Day limits this Artisan Du Chocolat, I definitely understand everyone’s heart! Simple outer packaging, but the content is super rich–

Raspin, passion fruit, cream strawberry,

Truffle, oranges, champagne …

Every one will surprise you!

Image source artan du chocolat

in addition,

Rose strawberry champagne chocolate

It is also the first choice for their family! The crispy skin is happy when you encounter the soft glutinous filling!



Godiva originated from a well -known Belgian chocolate brand. Most of the physical stores are opened in the center of the centralized traffic, which shows its popularity. The product is not only rich in taste, but also many derivative chocolate products-


Ice cream, hot, ice rotation …

Image source Wireimage for Alison Brod PR


And gift box! It is Godiva’s masterpiece ~ It is just a loving model limited to Valentine’s Day this year.

2 kinds of colors

Intersection Among them, the golden hollow love also has different SIZE options, which can form a new match, which is super heart!




There are various shapes of love on each separate chocolate


This wave of surprise neck is full score!

Valentine’s Day Limited Gift Box Picture Source Godiva


Every chocolate has its own story

These stories also become unique flavors

Favorites this chocolate recommendation list


Come a sweet Valentine’s Day ~

Picture source Hotel chocolat.


Picture source Pierre Marcolini

Picture source Pierre Marcolini

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