Golden Autumn October, the autumn is getting deep


Just a cup of hot tea

Warm into the heart

Help you get rid of a cumbersome boring

Let life become stronger

However, for workers in the office


Want to live so delicate

It is not an easy task.


Work gap picked up a rustic mug

How to see is “like a cow drinking”

Speaking of computers, notebooks, and water cups are the “three sets” of the workplace.


So don’t look at the cup of drinking water.

It not only reflects personal taste

A high-value cup


You can also release pressure




There are a lot of water cups in various markets today.

But it is undoubtedly necessary to say the best.

“Crystal Glass”

Crystal Cup originated in Egypt, prevailed in Italy

Millennium has been a treasure in human handicrafts

Today, Xiaobian should recommend a simple and exquisite shape, and a cold-stained double-layer anti-hot glass cup is full of appearance.


Hill | humsle

Double-layer anti-hot glass

Cold Cup · Beautiful drink

Recommended reason:

1, delicate and elegant, fashion design; clear and clear, crystal clear. Double-layer anti-hot design, holding temperatures in hand.

2, use high-strength cold-resistant high boricon material to be made, can resist -20 ° C ~ 130 ° C

The cold and thermal temperature difference is not easy to fry.

3, the large diameter design of the cup, is more convenient. More 400ml and 250ml of two glass cups can be selected.


“Life must taste, you may wish to taste life”

People living in contemporary urban have a special understanding and preference for design. Today, this cold double-layer anti-hot glass is recommended, and smartly through the design of the simple and fashionable gather together. On the one hand, it is true to the simulation, and on the other hand, it can feel the unique design aesthetics from the details.

Clear and translucent glass cups, not only add points to appearance, but also more beautiful when using it. You can also see coffee and milk water into a piece of oil, you can also look at the tea dance in the water. Let “drink water” this little thing, also become a landscape in life.

Such a “crystal glass” design is designed. Whether it is on the desk or a table of tea, it will not be uncomfortable, easily control different use scenarios in your life. Whether it is to drink tea, or a milk tea, it is not a sense of violation.

Double-layer anti-hot design, the temperature you want to do

Ordinary, there is no glass cup, and the cup body will become hot after pouring the hot water. Only after the water temperature is getting cold, you can touch it.

The cold glass is intimate with double-layer anti-hot design, and the space in the inside and outside is used as the heat insulating layer. Can effectively isolate the temperature inside and outside the cup.

Even if you poured a boiling water at 100 ° C, the temperature conducted to the outside of the water cup will not be hot. Instead, in the cold autumn and winter season, the cup has become a “hand warmer”. Hold your hand in your hands, help you sooth your feelings.

High borosilica material, safety and fur

Everyone knows that although the general glass material is very beautiful, a lot of inferior glass manufactured, there will be high temperature and frying accidents in the event of a large cold and thermal temperature difference.


The holly double anti-hot glass is made of high-strength cold-resistant high borosilicon material, which can easily withstand the cold and thermal temperature difference of -20 ° C ~ 130 ° C, which is not like a conventional inferior glass.


For small friends who like to drink ice coffee, I don’t have to worry about the hot coffee in the cold glass of the ice.

Large diameter cup, easier to clean

Usually we have easy residual tea stains and dirt on the teapot cup of tea coffee. And many cups have been narrow in the cup, and the cup is deep, and it is very troublesome to clean up.

The cold and double anti-hot glass is intimate with a large diameter cup design. When cleaning, just use a soft sponge to clean and clean. It is also necessary to remind everyone that do not place the cold double-layer anti-hot glass into the dishwasher.


At present, this colorful explosion table is a double-layer anti-hot glass.




Two capacity specifications for users to choose:

It is said that “small cup drinking tea, big cup drinking”. When you think about 35 friends on the weekend, share the gathering time. Did tea, take out this forter than a cold glass. While the atmosphere is, it can demonstrate the master’s taste.


Not only that, manufacturers also have high-grade exquisite packaging for this cold double anti-hot glass. When you go to visit and visit friends or business, it is also a good choice as a hand.

Such a cold double-layer anti-hot glass, which is absolutely worth having! Now buy a limited time, you like it, hurry!

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Double-layer heat-insulating suspension glass

¥ 129