With the development of fashion, although small white shoes are classic, they often look tired, so different shoes matching will have a different sense of design.


So how to match it has become the top priority of the whole, it is almost summer. It is time to wear shoes to take pictures. I do n’t know how to choose shoes. You can try to see these three.

You can try these three single shoes


1. Maryzhen shoes


With the development of the times, Maryzhen shoes slowly appear in everyone’s vision. The simple strap design. Although it looks simple but a bit of a sense of design, it will look good with skirts or shoes.

2. Mueller shoes


Mueller shoes are a very casual type. There is no heel design behind it. It is easy to wear at any time. It has a convenient dressing effect. If you are anxious to go out, it is right to choose it.

3. sandals

There is nothing more suitable for summer than sandals, especially the types of sandals are also very much, such as high -heeled shoes, flat shoes and other designs. Each dress will feel different. High -heeled shoes are sexy, suitable for attending the party or formal occasion, the others are more suitable for going out to play to take pictures.

The matching of three single shoes

1. Maryzhen shoes+skirt

Maryzhen shoes can try to wear a skirt. The solid color match has a very simple design effect. With the skirt, it is stylish and a bit princess.

2. Mueller shoes+checkered pants

Mueller shoes and pants are very casual. Mueller shoes have the characteristics of directly wear and take off. It is more appropriate to choose cropped pants when pairing with pants. This can expose his leg shape and attach vitality.

3. Sandals+jeans

Sandals can also be matched with jeans. The two are classic together, youthful and fashionable. At the same time, a small suspender is wearing, cool and youthful.

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