莫小在护肤课堂 I 秋的宠儿--莫小在原液系列

Indus listening to the rain, the moon star is sparse

Mo Xiaozheng makes life easier. In this Wuqiu Day, you have prepared the most natural skin care feast for you, so that you are intoxicated in seconds in seconds.

In this feast about Mo Xiao,

Each product is ingenious, contains the soul,

I believe you can’t wait, come and taste together!

What is the original liquid?

In the earliest source of the original liquid, it was used to describe the mother of a certain industrial raw material concentrated liquid. There are also applications in the brewing industry, which means that the brewing plasma is not blended with wine. After being introduced into the cosmetics industry, the raw liquid specifically refers to a skin care product.

莫小在护肤课堂 I 秋的宠儿--莫小在原液系列

The raw liquid in the cosmetics industry refers to adding a relatively single high -concentration skin care ingredient, which can give the skin more direct, safer, and stronger maintenance, so that the skin restores the best state in a short time in a short period of time Beauty products. It is also the most primitive liquid skin care products so far, known as “liquid gold”

—Baidu Encyclopedia

The reason why the raw liquid can become a new trend of skin care is mainly because the original liquid has the uniqueness that other skin care products do not have. It is the uniqueness of the raw liquid that allows it to start from the skin’s internal needs, directly hit the root cause of the skin problem, and bring the skin from the inside out.

1. Reinforced ingredients. The effective ingredients in the raw solution are high, can quickly retrieve skin maintenance needs, give the skin dense and powerful maintenance, and restore the skin to the best state in a short time.

2. Endogly. The pure raw liquid formula is very streamlined. It is added without multiple auxiliary materials, and it will not add fragrance, pigment, mineral oil and other harmful ingredients to the skin. Therefore, it can be used for safety and skin without burden. Matching, different raw liquids can also be reproduced. The skin care method is very flexible and saves time and worry.

3. Direct and effective. The efficacy of the raw liquid is targeted. Different raw liquids can improve the skin for different skin problems. High concentration ingredients bring direct and effective maintenance to the skin.

The difference between raw liquid and essence?

The so -called raw solution is higher and more pure than the concentration of the essence. Therefore, it is also known as the essence in the essence. The nutritional content of a bottle of raw solution is greater than 3 bottles of essence.


The original liquid is safer than essential oils, more pure and more efficient than the essence!

The raw solution is a pure water solution, without any emulsifier, mineral oil, and artificial pigment; the color is natural, almost tasteless or with raw material feature light fragrance; water -soluble small molecular system can help effective ingredients penetrate the skin deep and penetrate the skin, penetrate The strongest force, no oil ingredients, good skin affinity, can be absorbed instantly, and uses the material or natural plant in the human body itself to extract it as the raw solution, which is guaranteed. The efficacy ingredients are single, clear, easy to use, no burden on the skin, all types of skin can be used, there will be no allergies, which can be convenient to use other products to choose the most effective active ingredients, high activity content, clear function, clear function, clear function, clear function, clear function, clear function, clear function, clear function, clear function, clear function, clear function, clear function, clear function, clear function, clear function, clear function, clear function, clear function, clear function, clear function, clear functions, clear functions, clear functions, clear functions, clear functions, clear functions, clear functions. The effect is obvious.

Essence is similar to emulsion, and the ingredients are relatively complicated. Most of them contain emulsifiers, mineral oils or animals and plant oils, flavors, and pigments. Because it contains animal and plant oils, it is slow to absorb and easily lead to increased allergies and increase the possibility of allergies. Usually there are supporting products. It is necessary to use a whole set of products. It is not recommended to mix with other products. Use alone will affect the effect.

In addition, the raw solution also has the characteristics of versatile. It can be used for versatile with any creamy skin care products, and it can be used to get very significant effects in any skin care products.

One flower, one world, one leaf, one Bodhi,

Each plant is a gift of nature,

They all contain their own stories and emotions,

Four seasons rotation,

We extracted it,

Let you fully enjoy such a wonderful process.

Mo Xiao in the raw liquid collection

The chamomile liquid is suitable for sensitive, red bloody skin, soothing to repair the weak keratin, and strengthen the skin tissue, thereby achieving the effect of decreased red blood.


Gifts dedicated to the sun,

As bright as the sun,

Such as the elves in halo,

Like the touch of love,

The most gentle power —

Mo Xiao is in the chamomile liquid.

Tea tree liquid, suitable for oily and acne skin, helps clean acne, remove dirt in the skin, keeps water and oil balance, and relieve acne and acne formation.

The magical power of Cedar Clamps can quickly repair damaged cells and promote the energy of regeneration.

莫小在护肤课堂 I 秋的宠儿--莫小在原液系列

Legend has it that the cicada -greaty grass that grows along the Indian Ocean has a magical repair magic. Even if it breaks to only a small section of roots, it can achieve lush rebirth. It stimulates deep -layered skin cells and accelerates collagen formation.

莫小在护肤课堂 I 秋的宠儿--莫小在原液系列

Clear grass: Clear grass is commonly known as plant collagen, also known as long -lived grass.

It is said that in ancient China, a herbal doctor survived more than 200 years of life because of taking this herbal medicine. He also used this plant to save the lives of many people. Therefore, it was also called “medicine for miracles of life”. Essence Clampstrokes can promote skin collagen regeneration, enhance the vitality of cell base layer of cells, maintain skin elasticity and firming; antioxidant, inhibit free radical activity, regulate skin immunity; dilute melanin, update skin cell regeneration; increase skin water preservation degree , Repeat the update of skin cells; anti -allergy protection effect, protect the skin from external damage

———“Baidu Encyclopedia”

莫小在护肤课堂 I 秋的宠儿--莫小在原液系列

Tea polyphenols, strengthen the ability of skin lock water and antioxidant

Tea polyphenol is a water -soluble substance. It can remove the greasy, convergence pores with its face, and have disinfection, sterilization, and anti -skin aging, reducing the effects of ultraviolet radiation in the sun.

莫小在护肤课堂 I 秋的宠儿--莫小在原液系列

The tea soup is beautiful, green and tender, yellow’s pure, red festive, brown calm. The essence is strong, light and eagerly. Camellia polyphenol. Tea, gifts of nature. How can we let it go?

Camerophenol has strong antioxidant and physiological activity, and is a cleaner of human free radicals. According to research on relevant departments, the effectiveness of 1 mg of tea polyphenols to remove harmful free radicals to human body is equivalent to 9 micrograms of superal oxide dismissal enzyme (SOD), which is much higher than other similar substances. Tea polyphenol has the effect of blocking lipid peroxide reactions and removing activated enzymes. According to the results of the Japanese Oda Takuya test, it is confirmed that the anti -aging effect of tea polyphenol is 18 times stronger than vitamin E.

莫小在护肤课堂 I 秋的宠儿--莫小在原液系列

In general, the effect of tea polyphenols is as follows:

1. It has a strong role in eliminating harmful free radicals.

2. Anti -aging effect.

3. Anti -radiation.

4. Inhibitory effect on cancer cells.

5. Antibacterial and sterilization.

Jingye Shujuan,

莫小在护肤课堂 I 秋的宠儿--莫小在原液系列

“Tea” Qinfang,

Li Fanghua,

The moment of leaving skin is tight,

莫小在护肤课堂 I 秋的宠儿--莫小在原液系列

Bright movement,

Let the skin inside and outside,

Natural hydration

莫小在护肤课堂 I 秋的宠儿--莫小在原液系列

Seven -leaf tree can slowly repair the original liquid, which is suitable for any skin, but the skin and other problems with allergic skin and hormone face are the first choice. The ingredients are more milder.

This model is added to the natural moisturizer hyaluronic acid, long -horn beans, seven -leaf trees, and calendula extracts. The skin feels light, promotes skin cell regeneration, and makes the skin refreshing and translucent.

Autumn wind rises,

Let the delicate skin come to a natural lingering,

Where the mind is, clean and pure,

We are not exaggerated, restless, vast,


Talk about the wind,


Chi Weiyu, the years are often

莫小在护肤课堂 I 秋的宠儿--莫小在原液系列



Let the years of the vain, the passing of Qi Qi Yuan,

Appreciate leisurely clouds, pick up brushes, Pinxiangyu,

A long volume of years, reading without words, is the situation;

Smiling with a smile, sitting at the windy moon, listening to time,

Ruosuke, there is no time for years.

Return to flatness and simplicity, Fang Jian’s heart.

Mo Xiaozheng, find a simple self.