Gelonhui on November 10 丨 Taijing Technology (603738.SH) announced that the company recently received the “Notification of the Implementation of Shareholders’ Holding Plan” issued by the company’s controlling shareholder and actual controller Wang Dan.Yu Xindong, Wang Dan, Yu Xinhui, and Yu Huiling are the controlling shareholders and actual controller of the company. Wang Dan is the spouse of Yu Xintong.》 The consensus acting.Due to the company’s implementation of the 2020 restricted stock incentive plan, the reserved grant of the company’s total shares increased passive dilution and active reduction of holdings, the company’s controlling shareholder, actual controller Yu Xintong, Wang Dan, Yu Xinhui, and Yu Huiling’s total shareholding decreased from 37.2934%to to reducing to 37.2934%to35.9375%.

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