As the temperature rises day by day, summer has come to us, how can we guarantee the baby’s sleep quality in summer? Get a comfortable sleeping bag is the key. Today I bring you a few comfortable pajamas to make babies wear more comfortable and sleep more fragrant ~~

Summer sleeping bag recommendation:

Yikyak sleeping bag


Cutelife baby sleeping bag

little tiny baby sleeping bag

Mile fish baby sleeping bag

Keyi Baby sleeping bag


嫚 袋 嫚 嫚 嫚 嫚

Net designs baby sleeping bag

ibaby constant temperature baby sleeping bag

Wilbelu sleeping bag

Domiamia sleeping bag

babycare baby sleeping bag

Griny sleeping bag

Next, give my mothers a little science

The main functions of sleeping bags:

1. Prevent your baby kick and catch a cold

2. Protect the safety of the baby and prevent the risk of asphyxia caused by the baby’s face to cover. 3. Simulate the uterine environment and give your baby more sense of security ~

Types of sleeping bags

Surveying, 0 投 (0-3 months)


One-in-one (3-6 months)

Vest type (all ages and summer)

Splitted legs (6 months. On the longest, the use time is the longest)



Choose sleeping bags of different thickness according to room temperature

26 ~ 30 ° C- (summer) two layers of bamboo cotton gauze sleeping bag

24 ~ 28 ° C- (spring) four-layer bamboo cotton gauze sleeping bag or pure cotton material

18 ~ 23 ° C- (autumn) thin cotton

12 ~ 179c- (late autumn) thick cotton cotton

0 ~ 15 ° C one (winter) thick cotton model

Just buy the baby’s height and the age of the moon ~

Pay attention to the size table before ordering, and buy according to the baby’s height CM (the medical examination doctor will give it)

It is not recommended to buy too big sleeping bags.


I personally prefer Yikyak’s sleeping bag. Their materials are comfortable and delicate, and the workmanship details must not be said. And the cost performance is relatively high ~

Because different room temperature requires different thickness, I will have 2-3 sleeping bags in summer, with different thickness and short sleeves and long sleeves.