Underwear is important as a close -fitting clothing, but it is important to change to washing, but many boys are unwilling to replace because “the underwear is too difficult to conquer.” In fact, the right panties can be conquered easily.

Next, I recommend 6 new trendy underwear brands, designing fashion and environmental protection, comfortable and breathable, self -use or sending people is a good choice.



Comprehensive score 86

Inside a banana


Banana is a representative brand of the rise of local brands in recent years. Since its establishment in 2016, it has maintained a surprising industry growth rate. Its sales have increased by 100%for three consecutive years. Compared with some traditional underwear brands, the online channels are very strong.

The underwear is mainly divided into three series: 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, which correspond to low, medium and high -end product lines, the higher the positioning, the more solid materials are used. The 3 Series is an entry -level product. It is mainly comfortable, the foundation is based on the price, and the price is high. The 5 Series is the product line of the Zhongjian. The underwear is a classic model. The material is better than the 3 Series. The number of fabrics is mostly 60 and 80. It is matched with a trace -free belt and pants feet. The 7 Series fabrics are more advanced, such as Egyptian long velvet cotton and mulberry silk. Most of the underwear lined with silver skin antibacterial technology, full of quality. In addition, there is a series of migrants specially created for sports. Underwear products take into account elasticity and hygroscopic sweats.

All banana underwear uses an external markless label, replacing the traditional sewing label, which is more comfortable to stick skin and is favored by young people. Most of the specifications of 2 and 3 installations are sold. The price of the 3 Series is the most affordable. The unit price is about 30 yuan. The unit price of the 5 series is about 50 yuan.


Comprehensive score 85


A-DAM Underwear

Founded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 2014, it was jointly created by the Cannes Creator and the front -line luxury men’s clothing management team. It is currently selling well in 25 countries around the world and has swept the fashion circle. The product is positioned at the mid -to -high end, focusing on the fashionable and young underwear market. The price of a pair of underwear is about 160 yuan. It focuses on fashion, environmental protection, comfortable and light luxury. At present Mid -socks and so on.


In order to pursue the ultimate comfort experience, A-DAM underwear creates 8-piece three-dimensional splicing tailoring, which is comfortable to wrap. Its ingredients are the EU GOTS certification organic cotton, soft and breathable, and conforms to the trend of environmental protection in recent years. A-DAM’s belt of each panties has an exclusive embroidery love internal standard, adding a lot of ambiguous atmosphere.


A-DAM pays special attention to the personality of its products. The overall color is bold and lively. Men’s underwear is basically a series of theme printing models, mostly packaged in gift boxes. The IP co -branded series is a hot -selling model, such as astronaut gift boxes, Schorem joint names, etc., which have different features in packaging design. It also launched a boyfriend gift box product to meet female users’ gifts.



Comprehensive score 77


Have a tree

There is a tree brand from Hangzhou, Zhejiang. It has been established for less than 4 years and has accumulated millions of fans on the e -commerce platform. Emphasize the comfort and cost -effectiveness of clothes.

The style of men’s underwear is basically flat -angle underwear, which is stronger than triangular underwear. At the same time, it can also reduce the friction of the inside of the thigh and private parts during exercise. It is conducive to maintaining the temperature of the private part. Essence The Morandi color system is used in design, and the overall view of the overall view is low -key and not deep.

The fabric uses environmentally friendly printing and dyeing technology, the color is stable and not easy to fade; it is basically cotton and Modal, mixed with 5%~ 20%aminotomy fiber, which makes the panties elasticity appropriate and not easy to deform. Some men’s underwear increases the crotch space. The maximum size can reach XXXL, and the fattest people can also buy it with confidence. Generally, there are 3 installations, the price is about 70 yuan, and the price / performance ratio is good.


Comprehensive score 76


Founded in Shanghai in 2014, focusing on men’s underwear, focusing on the fashion design of products, with men’s underwear as the core category. He is good at visual marketing, and has made a stunning appearance at the 2016CHIC Spring China International Clothing Fair. He has a joint style with many young and popular IPs such as Fart Taojun, Sweet Westward Journey, Old Master, and Uncle Tao.

The biggest feature of the brand’s underwear is the richness of the pattern, which has attracted many young people to buy with the pattern design of the human eye. The hot -selling model of men’s underwear in the shop is Fart Taojun’s named underwear. The whole panties are printed with pink fart -lord patterns. It is not easy to produce marks, with quite good elasticity and breathability.

In addition to the style of the full seal pattern, Mon2FRI underwear also has a funny pattern design on the crotch and hips alone, adding more fun to the underwear, and it is suitable for the purchase of young people who pursue fresh Z generation. In addition, Mon2FRI’s many hot -selling underwear has launched couple models, exquisite packaging and very suitable for gifts.


Comprehensive score 75

Blue inside

Founded in Shanghai, it is a men’s underwear brand focusing on the needs of Asian men. Blue Internal focuses on the experience of underwear technology, and is committed to bringing “technology comfort” to different body type men. The purchase channel is mainly online, with multiple installations and sale, which is costly high, and the price of 3 installations is about 120 yuan.

Most men’s underwear on the market is designed according to the standard body. For many non -standard persons, it is difficult to choose a comfortable and personal underwear. Blue Inner seeing this user pain point, it created the nine -survey measurement method. Through the large database of Asian men’s body, combined with the details of ergonomics, focusing on the tailoring of the pants version, expanding the size of the underwear, to meet the people of different body types to meet different body types Demand.

Its star product “big V pants”, for the human body’s abdominal muscle group tissue and its easy accumulation of fat, innovatively designed a V -shaped waistband with abdominal effects, high -elastic soft materials, which are more fit. Another hot product split pants, make a small split on the legs of the trousers to solve the problem of coarse men’s legs and improve the comfort. Some underwear uses Perfect-FIT thermal sticker technology, and the fabric is connected with high temperature. There is no obvious seam on the surface, which can bring a comfortable and traceless dressing feeling.


Comprehensive score 74


At first glance, it looks like a Japanese brand, which is actually the Shandong brand founded in 2011. As the first brand of pro-fabric collection stores in China, Sakura House focuses on providing a high-quality pro-wearing experience. The main sales categories include socks, home clothing, underwear, accessories, etc. The product is positioned as a young consumer group 15-35. The store has exceeded 600.

Men’s underwear is one of the small categories, which is simple in design. It is mainly solid -colored and flat -angle underwear. Pay attention to the comfort of the product. The more high -decoiled Modal fabrics, the tall the number, the more delicate, and the number of styles of fabrics even reaches 120 rare, plus a small amount of spandex blending, the feel is soft without elasticity. The front crotch bag of the underwear is a U -shaped protruding type. With two -way interweaving technology, the private space is large and breathable, and the seamless tailoring of integrated formation makes the underwear more smooth and comfortable.

Underwear online stores and online flagship stores are sold simultaneously. The single -loading price is mostly 79 or 99 yuan, and the price of 3 installations is about 140 yuan. During the e -commerce promotion, there are more preferential activities for flagship stores.