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My name is Jin Cao (



), Born in 1956, is a pure Shenyang. I got off the post and made clothing cuts, and opened a printing material factory. After the business failed, I went to the Netherlands alone to work hard. I tried to buy a house for my son and myself, and harvested a happy old age.

I have always believed that women should be self -reliance, do not rely on home, and do not rely on men.

I was about the family portrait of the year when I was one year old. My mother was holding me in her hand. My father hugged my sister and stood in front of me.

When I was a child, my dad was a worker of the railway printing plant. The mother was a construction worker. There were four children in the family. I ranked third.

At that time, Chinese families were both male and female, and their family property was left to their son, and they would not give their daughters. My mother often tells me that good girls do not wear her mother -in -law, and good girls do not eat her mother’s rice.

My parents are very hard -working and strong. I have a personality like them. I have a strong self -esteem since I was a child. I always want to break through my own sky.

In 1975, I graduated from junior high school and went to the countryside after four years.

In 1975, I graduated from junior high school. The second on the left side of the first row, the one on the grid shirt is me.

At that time, I didn’t know what the countryside was. After I went, I was old. As soon as the adobe was built, we let us sleep, all of which were beads underneath. At the beginning, I did n’t finish it, and there were too many young people, and they slept more than a dozen people on one cymbal. The corn noodles sent to us are moisture and deteriorate. They cannot be eaten for the livestock, but people will not die. The hair cakes cooked by corn noodles are like cement, and they go to a few tooth prints.

Don’t look at me short, one meter five two, but I am particularly capable. Generally, the young people go to the countryside do not insert seedlings in the first year, but I work quickly, and the members of the first year will let me insert seedlings with them.

In the mud, there are four feet on the ground. After inserting seedlings, the legs can’t stand up. When he hit the wheat, Mai Mang pierced his neck, and it was old and itchy, and it was not enough to wear a hood.


At that time, I swear that I don’t want to do such a job in my life.

Later, I was selected as a group leader of a group of young people, leading more than forty people. Do everything, make a board, dig out the toilet, follow the agricultural technicians for breeding, and artificially pollite it -that is, cut this must be cut, and the powder on the must be on another corn must be. At night, when will everyone calculate when to return to the city? It is difficult to return to the city.

I often had nightmares at that time and dreamed that I was in the city, but the hukou could not come back. Who wants to stay in the countryside?

In 2015, the photo of the educated youth we went to the countryside was behind the house we lived. The third one from the left, me wearing a red jacket.

At that time, some dads were cadres, so they tried to arrange to arrange to be a cadre to go to the city early. After I resumed the college entrance examination, I went back to the city myself. Our youth points more than 170 people and come back to two people. In 1977, the state resumed the college entrance examination. At that time, the intellectual families asked their children to go home to review and prepare for the college entrance examination. My parents were workers. There was no vision, so I missed it.

As soon as winter, the rural areas need to be human, let us go home for cat winter. In the winter of 1979, when my brother was already in the eighth grade, he could take the exam. My mother said that you stayed anyway, so you can review it with your brother, and go to the exam with your brother. I lived downstairs, and I was an old college student. When I reviewed, I asked him and asked him what it was a combined price? He said that if you don’t know anything about the price, I really can’t coach you. No one can counsel, you can only rely on yourself.

In 1970, I asked my sister and brother to take a photo. In order to save money, the three of us took a picture together and cut it again. This is my certificate photo.

There was no book at that time. The mother’s trustee brought me a physics book from Shanghai, and there was only the book. I have a relative. At that time, his neighbor had a small black and white TV. We often went to his neighbor’s house and watched a middle school teacher in Shenyang. Get up in the morning, check back politics, carry history, do questions during the day, and rest when you are tired.

After reviewing at home for a month, I went to the exam.

I am impressed by the Chinese exam. Composition is “unforgettable”. I wrote the story of our team when I was playing with rice, picking up the remaining rice ears. There is also a family, my nose bleeding halfway, the teacher led me to wash, and then continued to take the test. At that time, the medical examination line of the technical secondary school was 245 points. I took 250 points. The score was enough for the physical examination line.

The country has a policy to take care of the knowledge of knowledge. I have not admitted to the technical secondary school, but I can go to the technical school and learn the mechanical major.


After graduating, I was assigned to a state -owned enterprise for drawing. Which machinery was broken, I took the design drawing to repair it.

At the age of 26, I got to get married. At that time, I picked up the objects taller. At that time, I was thin and small, one meter and five children, more than 80 pounds, and it was difficult to find objects.

Later, I got married for getting married, and I got married in a hurry. After the marriage, there was a son. Six years later, because of her feelings, I divorced, and my son sentenced his ex -husband.


I often warn others not to get married because of my age.

I was in my twenties.


1988 was the lowest valley of my life. I divorced and laid off. I was a national employee in the unit, and I was very incredible before, so I was particularly lost during laid -off.

I remember that there was no one at home, so I stood beside the gas stove and wanted to open the gas, but I thought I still have children, alas …

A few years before I laid off, my father went to the sea to open the printing factory, and the conditions at home became quite good. After laid off, Dad gave me two hundred dollars. At that time, the monthly salary of heavy industry employees was 38 yuan, 35 light industry, and two hundred yuan was a huge sum.

Dad is the boss, but I spend his money in this life in this life. It may be two hundred yuan.


There is no shortage of me at home, but I just don’t want to rely on my family.

On the second day of laid -off, I saw the information of the “Liaoning Radio and Television News” with the information of Shenyang Workers’ University recruiting clothing and tailoring students. The next day I went to sign up.

I have been interested in making clothing since I was a child. I have diagram technology, and I learned this quickly.

Others learned the same skills in one day. I learned two a day, learned during the day, and learned it at night. One month later, I rented a small shop of others and opened a clothing store. The two hundred yuan given by Dad, the tuition of the tailoring class fifty or sixty, and the rent was paid by more than 100.

I live close to the market, and sometimes my parents gave me a little food in the morning. During the daytime, I went to bed until 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. At that time, there were fewer individuals. I earned a thousand dollars a month, and I didn’t need to spend money at home. In this way, I soon became a 10,000 yuan household. But the landlord also worked out of clothing. There were competition between us. After more than a year, the landlord did not rent a house for me.

When I was cutting cut, I also made the first trading.

At that time, the wool was very tight, so I entered the wool and borrowed a circle of friends and friends money, about 10,000. This client also said that he would order, that he also said that he had to order, but he did not pay the deposit, and then he did not want it. The more than EPPA of the goods was smashed. At that time, more than 10,000 dollars were terrible, and others were anxious to ask me for money. I tossed for almost two years before I took the money back.

I was too busy during the period of business and left any photos. This is after I went to the Netherlands in 2004, to sell jewelry on weekends, and did a little business.

After three or four years after the clothing store was closed, I also did a lot of other businesses intensively.

In 1990, the pleated skirt was very popular, and girls were full of girls in a pleated skirt. I partnered with a friend. He came out of the design picture. I found someone to process and made a pleated machine. A piece of folds of the skirt, plus the waist on the skirt, collect about fifteen yuan, and can connect ten eight pieces a day, making money. We control that machine called “Mint”, put the skirt in, “Pong Ping Pong”, one minute, there are folds when you come out, just like printing money, come to money quickly. I did a summer and autumn in this business. In winter, this was from time to time. I sold the machine and sold it for 2,000 yuan.

About 1993, I worked with my friends to do business. He has a store in the Shenyang Wuai Wholesale Market, the second largest market in the country, second only to Yiwu. At that time, there were more girls’ children’s clothing on the market. I was unpopular and made boys. On the eve of the Spring Festival, the children’s clothing I designed was very sought after. In an hour, I grabbed all. Most of our goods are “boutique houses”, they can sell a high price when they buy them back.

At that time, we could sell more than sixty sets a day, and it was not effortless to get more than 1,000 yuan a day.

But then because of the contradictions, this incident was yellow.

After that, I made counters at Tiexi Commercial Building in Shenyang and tailored it outside. Other counters are willing to cut suit, because the suit is good or not, but I dare to tailor everything. They call me a “professional household”, and all others dare not pick up to me. I picked up a large travel bag during the day. When I went home to the middle of the night, after finishing the materials, I hired someone to send me a living and sent it to the family where I processed. I will do it the next day. Good clothing takes back to the counter. Just do this for a while. Later, if the commercial building was not rented, I rectified a “pouring donkey” (manpower inverted tricycle) and received goods on the side of a road. My aunt helped me watch the stall. Later, my family moved the house, and the “pouring donkey” was stolen outside.


If the business fails, I immediately go to find the next business opportunity. I don’t have time to regret it. I just want to change my destiny by myself and don’t want to rely on my family.

My dad was opened by a printing plant, so I knew that the printing version was very profitable. Printing requires a version, such as a magazine, the front and back of the cover must be made to make a color of the machine color. I haven’t done this, but my understanding is particularly strong. At that time, there was a big sister who worked at the large printing factory manufacturer in Shenyang. She talked to me how to make a version while walking, and I learned.

In 1996, I started a printing business, which was the most profitable business in my life. The entire hard plastic board, one meter five, one meter wide, one meter wide, five or six mm thick, engraved with fine grooves, put a thin piece on it, like the bottom plate of the photo, a vacuum pump under the board, a vacuum, and then using a red light and white light to light and white lights. As soon as the exposure, the shadow of the shadow, just finished. The version of a magazine is 800 yuan in the opposite side, making two sets a day, very easy.

There are many unable to make versions in other places. In this year, I made more than 60,000.

But soon, the version of the version was on the computer, and the social development was fast, so we didn’t need us.

Around 1998, I took the lead in handling the printing material factory. I invested more than 100,000 and almost invested the money I had cut and made the version. My dad also invested more than 100,000. I was responsible for operation. His two thousand pieces of dividends. But the layman really cannot do internal banks. When we bought the equipment, we were cheated. The equipment was bought by more than 100,000, but it was eliminated by others. In this case, I played my own technology and transformed the machine by myself. After this machine, it maintained for four years. The manufacturer said that we are the only merchant to transform.

Our more than a hundred customers at the time distributed all over Liaoning. About every month, I have to go back to the customer with the car. On the way back to the customer, snow was snowing, the golden cup van hit, and almost hit the railing next to it. Later, I felt that the industry was getting narrower and narrower. If we did not invest more funds and updated the equipment, we will eventually be eliminated. I just wanted to exchange the factory, and my dad did not agree. I was carrying my dad and exchanged the factory out. I didn’t lose money anyway.

In 2002, when the factory came out, I was 46 or 47 years old.

At that time, the business was not easy to do, and I had to raise money to pay the workers everywhere. I was very worried; the investment was so large that the output was not much. out.

I would tell my friends that I would never want to be a boss anymore.

There were many national units in the north, and many large factories in Shenyang closed down. There are many laid -off people who go abroad a bit. My dad’s daughter of an old colleague went abroad. I heard that she was doing a car to repair a car outside and made money. My friend and I also went to his house and asked some situations to go abroad.

In 2003, my niece went to the Netherlands to see me. This was the first year I went abroad.

Even if I do n’t go abroad, I wo n’t be shorter at home. But as a daughter, I still want to go out for myself. I think I have the ability to change my destiny.

When my son junior high school, I took him to live with me. By 2002, he graduated from school and was twenty years old. When he saw the growing son, I still wanted to fight and want to make more money. Buy your son to marry a daughter -in -law. In the past, the money I made by making a version could have been bought, but in that era, people were lacking in their eyes and did not have that thinking. If I bought a house at the time, I might not go abroad.

I have to spend money to go abroad. I heard that it is more than 600 euros a month in Europe. At that time, the exchange rate was very high. Sometimes one euro could be exchanged for ten yuan, and one year could be returned.

I originally wanted to go to Spain, but the visa was done for a year and couldn’t get it. At that time, the people who wanted to go abroad ran all day and revealed the news. Someone has been to the Netherlands several times, tell me that you go to the Netherlands and the Netherlands. Then I drew a meant.

When I tossed the visa, my dad said that there was no one in the workshop in the printing factory at home. You go to the management there. I went to the workshop for him.

After a month or two, the visa came down. My parents didn’t want me to let me go, but I gone and stomped my feet.

In 2003, I brought more than two thousand dollars to Europe.

On the day I set off, there were more than 20 days of the Spring Festival. The visa was not easy to come down, the ticket was booked, I had to go, I didn’t have the Spring Festival at home. I took the train to Beijing for eight hours and then transferred to the plane. I brought a small suitcase, a Nike backpack, and my family sent me to the train station.

When I got in the car, I saw my son and family’s back, and my heart was particularly sad. I do n’t have a companion, I do n’t know myself in the Netherlands. I do n’t know what I will face. The future is too slim.

When I first started studying Dutch, I would not read it, and I was pronounced in Chinese.

I entered the country in France. On the way through Belgium, the car stopped at the transit station for one minute. My backpack is placed on the seat next to it. One person knocked the glass outside, and when I turned around, I rushed to grab the bag away. I don’t know English, the car stops so short, and I can’t get out of the car to chase.

Fortunately, I used to have a business trip before. I have experience, and money and passports will not be placed in my bag.

I first made a nanny in the Netherlands, at the Chinese house.

I have a good psychological quality, from the boss to the nanny, there is no gap in my heart. To survive, you can be a boss or a nanny.

When I was a nanny, I started with a patient with cancer patients. This is a job that no one wants to do, but I have a single shot, I do n’t know people, I do n’t know how to find a job. I can only rely on intermediaries. I took good care, and he sent me a Dutch book before he left.

The cancer patient I cared for me to study the Dutch language.


After that, I brought their children again. The child is more than three years old and does not speak Chinese. The boss asked me to speak Chinese to the child and not allow me to speak Dutch. Their family did not let watch TV all day, nor did other entertainment, but this became me.

After 8 o’clock every night, the boss is going home from get off work. The child does not need to control it. Once, the relatives of the boss came, and I asked how to read in Dutch words? Afterwards, the boss knew it and told me that you can’t ask others in Dutch.

They do n’t let me learn Dutch, but I do n’t think it ’s okay,

When I go to this country, to change my destiny, I must pass the language level and not become dumb. And once the Dutch language, I can find a better job.

After doing it in the Netherlands for a year, I made this earlier and paid a down payment for a house in China.

When I first arrived in the Netherlands, I didn’t make money, so I spent money to buy these two dictionaries. Later, I met Nick for the first time and used these two dictionaries to communicate.

I met with my current husband Nick.


After I divorced, someone introduced me to the object. When I was about 40 years old, someone introduced me to me. It was very tall. The salary was one hundred and one hundred, and he spent a hundred to buy a watch for his daughter. If you have no money for a month, you will ask me for money. There was no heating in his house in winter, very cold, and the child’s clothes were not washed, so I hugged a large pot and washed his children. Later, facing us together, I led my son over. But from entering the house, I didn’t lift my eyelids. I didn’t say a word to my son, and I immediately divided him.

When I went to the Netherlands, in addition to making money, I gradually wanted to find a companion, one person, how lonely.

Photos in the United States when Nick was young.

From the end of 2003 to the beginning of 2004, the Nick and I introduced it.

Nick is a Chinese fan and understands Chinese history than me. He loves to watch Chinese TV series, read Chinese books, and even read “Dream of Red Mansions”. His favorite city is Xi’an. The furnishings in our house are all Chinese elements, all of which are put on. The tablecloth at home is Chinese red satin. Chinese fans, Chinese fans, all hung on the wall. When he first returned to the Netherlands, when he met Chinese in the supermarket, he would definitely leave a phone number to others and let others introduce him.

Nick likes Chinese red silk very much. I brought him back from the country and the tablecloths, and he placed himself.

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When he was young, he worked in the United States and worked as a lobby manager of the Hilton Hotel. He earned $ 67,000 a month, but he felt that his home was not there and did not buy a house. Thirty or forty years later, he returned to the Netherlands. At the beginning, the Netherlands used the Dutch Shield, and later changed the euro, and the Dutch Shield shrinks half of the euro. He is not the kind of person who is willing to be aggrieved. He rented a good house, which is very expensive, seven or eight hundred euros a month. He brought back tens of thousands of dollars and tossed, and it was gone in a few years.

Some people say that when I marry a foreigner, it is his money and house. In fact, when I knew me, Nick’s deposit was almost spent.

He liked the paper cutting on “Dream of Red Mansions” by others, and he liked it very much.

The first time we met at Nick’s house, he rented an apartment at the time. As soon as the apartment entered the hall, there were rockery fake water, really orange trees, tables and chairs, and some elderly people.

The introducer went with me and went in for five minutes. I talked to Nick. I was not in good Dutch at that time, I could read it, but I couldn’t listen and speak. I talked to Nick with the dictionary. Nick told me a word, “Cultuur”, he wanted to ask me, can both of us have cultural differences? I said yes. We talked very shortly, and soon I left.

I rest once a week and we meet at the train station. Now some people leave a message in my watermelon video that he is handsome,

But for the first time, I didn’t feel anything, just a little old man, wearing a jacket.

When I met for the second time, I forgot what he looked like. He ran over at me, and I knew it was this person.

Two or three months after I met Nick, I had a long time of blood pressure and headache. Relatives have children with brain tumors. My mother was unwilling to go abroad. When I heard this, I called me back to China. I had bought a house in China. When I left the Netherlands, I didn’t plan to go back again, and my luggage was taken away.

Before returning to China in 2004, I took a picture of the house I rented in Nick.

After I returned to China, Nick called me every day. I talked to him in the most dutch Dutch. It was not enough. There were nieces at home, and the next generation of English was very good. Just talk about what you do today, what to eat, nothing more than that.

I stayed in China for more than five months. He called me every day, and the phone card was thick.

He was really sincere, and I was moved. He recovered me back to the Netherlands. At that time, my visa was invalid, and he gave me identity.

Nick divorced his ex -wife in the United States, but the Dutch household registration was still married. He asked his ex -wife to do notarize the divorce, mail back and forth, and handled it several times. Nick said that in the third time, his hand was stunned, and he was afraid.

At the end of 2004, half a year after I returned to the Netherlands, we registered to get married.

This is a photo taken by my friend’s wedding with Nick in 2005.

Since the work card came down, I have started working. At that time, a Chinese friend worked in a vegetable factory in the Netherlands and introduced me. I work very fast, stick trademarks, each second. Continuously packaged the tomato box on the machine, I can continue with my left and right hands, and it will not let it break.

After working in a vegetable factory for three years, the contract expired, and I found the work of the flower factory. It is the second largest flower factory in the world. There are one of the orchids there, and many flowers in China are imported from this. I inserted seedlings over there. We cut the knife with the scalpel, and then inserted the seedlings. The flower seedlings could not be folded. After inserting, the machine promoted the flower garden. The flower garden was sterile and could not enter. The person who inserted the seedlings said that I inserted faster than the machine.

In fact, after the vegetable factory is not done, according to the regulations, I can get an unemployment fund for a year, but I hurriedly find a job without finishing it. As soon as I went back to work, others said that I was stupid, and I did n’t get an unemployed.

We Chinese are diligent and fast, and their foreigners stand by.

Nick also said that there are foreigners on the street for money, but how can there be Chinese? No Chinese.

When I go to work, Nick will serve me.

Nick sent me to get off work, and I was in Dutch in the car. This was my note at the time.

Before getting married, I said that for me, it was too late to meet at ten in the morning. Now I know that if he wants to go out in the morning, he is going to die. But when I was at work, he got up at four o’clock in the morning to make breakfast for me, and I went to wash. He helped me wipe the jam in the bread, pour soy milk in the glass bottle, and drove me to get off work. I had breakfast in the car and learned the Netherlands. What he said I don’t understand, I asked him to write down the letter and tell me. I must write to say. I just write it down, go home and check the dictionary.

At that time, I had to receive compulsory education in the Netherlands. I went to school at night and twice a week. Nick will bring the food in the car, drive me directly to school, and pick me back after class.

After two years of work, we paid for the house we lived together.

Because I have been working and deemed to have a long -term contract, otherwise I couldn’t loan by Nick himself alone.

In 2011, a photo of my colleagues in the Huayan Laboratory. The first one in the right row was in black clothes.

In 2012, I found that the body was abnormal, so I went to check. The initial breast molybdenum target, later do pathology,

The doctor said, not very good, breast cancer. I was scared. He told Nick that he was also scared and kept dragging my hand.

I have a relative in a large hospital in China, and my family asked me to return home quickly. But after returning, I regretted it. Son daughter -in -law filial piety, but after all, they have their own families, and others cannot take care of you specifically. The hospital is all myself. In the Netherlands, these are Nick, I don’t need to care about anything.

In 2014, I finished surgery and vacated with Nick in Austria. My hair was shaved before chemotherapy, so my hair was short.

After the operation, my cancer is fine. However, it turned out to be a good thing before finishing the unemployment.

The Dutch’s disease was not particularly good, but I took it for more than nine years. The disease was because of the loss of labor, and the state issued money according to a certain percentage of previous wages for living expenditure. They look at your record that you have been working before, and the unemployment money is not finished. It is not a lazy person. , Intermittently, the sickness may not be given to you.


Around 2012, I and Nick brothers and sisters. This is the only photo they have gathered.


Nick is 87 years old, and I am twenty -one years old. I discovered it later. When we got married, we handled authentication materials in the Chinese Embassy. I said you filled wrong, he said right. I asked a few times, and he said yes. I accept it.

Many people say that he is gone first, what do you do? If I don’t think about this, I will live in the moment. Who knows which one will arrive tomorrow and the accident? Consider so many tiredness?

Recently, I watched some elderly marriage channels. For a while, I was all asking for a house, a car, and how many risks? I think my life has lived to this extent. It is not the first marriage. Why is there no higher understanding? Are you happy if you have money?


Money is not important, it is important to laugh every day.

I live with Nick now, and I laugh every day. He is a very humorous man who respects women very much.

I just started cooking in the kitchen. Nick felt embarrassed and always came over and asked if she wanted to help. I said, what I do is Chinese food, you can’t help help. Later I cook, and he brushed the bowl. After the meal is ready, he will not eat first, always let me taste the first. He did garbage, sucking the ground, and washing clothes. He did it.

Sometimes I boiled ginger water and forgot, the water was boiled. He never blame me, but asked me with a smile, did you forget what did you do? Let me think of it. He then said that he had been dealt with. I went to the kitchen to see, and he had soaked with vinegar.

In the past, I sometimes remitted money to my son and asked Nick to remit. He never said the word “no”. I asked Nick once, what would he live if he didn’t meet me? He said that there was no room, no car, renting a single room, but a lifetime. He made me all, and I became all.




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