Covering power is also called coverage or quilt


Power refers to the ability to cover the background, and it is also the ability to prevent the light from penetrating the product (the transparency of the color agent).


The color of the color rubber products, the greater the covering force of the color to prevent the color of the rubber, which makes the product not bright.

The greater the transparent product, the worse the transparency. The size of the cover power depends on the difference between the refractive index of the color agent and the refractive index of the raw glue. The greater the difference, the stronger the cover power.

仅需4步——色差宝 ColorMeter 轻松测量遮盖力

Colormeter uses the app to calculate the cover power by measuring the color by measuring the color on the black and white background. It only takes 4 steps to easily get the data.

仅需4步——色差宝 ColorMeter 轻松测量遮盖力

Step 1: Connection device

仅需4步——色差宝 ColorMeter 轻松测量遮盖力

Open the COLORMETER App to connect the corresponding device according to the SN number.

Step 2: Select parameters

Enter the personal center and select “cover power” in the “display settings” of “Instrument Settings”.

Step 3: White bottom measurement

Click the white bottom measurement of the APP color measurement interface to measure the color of the coating on the white bottom.

仅需4步——色差宝 ColorMeter 轻松测量遮盖力

Step 4: Black bottom measurement

In the end, we concluded that the cover force of this coating was 94.72%. It is as simple as measuring the cover power with color difference Colormeter. Have you learned?