There is such a sentence in the auto industry: buying a car is easy to hurry!


After bought the car, it is the end of spending, refueling, upper insurance, and maintenance, and every penny is hard to earn, and it is an essential project that can be saved, refueling insurance. These five maintenance projects are completely unnecessary, spend money, hurt, don’t waste money.

1 engine cleaning


At the beginning, no one will do the engine to clean this project. As people’s car consciousness is getting more and more heavy, the 4S shop began to focus on this project, saying that the long-term non-cleaning engine will cause line corrosion, increase fuel consumption, etc. Pile of bad, in fact, if the engine cabin is, you will wipe it with a rag.

2 Engine depth maintenance


When the oil is replaced, the sales will recommend this project. After entering the oil, it will enter the cleaning liquid inside and run for a period of time, then add new oil and protective agents, saying that it is possible to effectively clean the inside of the engine, in fact, Not large. There is no need to go clear.

3 tire maintenance

Many owners believe that this can be resistant to aging, resistance, thus extending tire life, which is sales used to fool those consumers who don’t understand the car, the tire maintenance is like a rubber shoe, just let the tire look look better. One point, this maintenance does not have any effect on the tire, and reaches a certain period of use.


4 air conditioning sterilization

Air conditioning If there is no cleaning for a long time, it is easy to breed a lot of bacteria. When opening the air conditioner, the air conditioner is blown out with heating or cold wind, and the health of our respiratory tract is healthy. The so-called air conditioning sterilization of the 4S store is to add a sterilizing agent to the inside. Just find you have hundreds, if you really feel that the air conditioner is not very clean, it is better to change the filter.

5 wax seal glaze


It is recommended that the owner should try not to make a wax seal glaze. It is only filling the scratches of the body surface, and there is no real protection, and if you encounter quality problems, it will cause damage to the car paint.