What will I do in the future, I will not consider it at all. If you think about it today, what else is there tomorrow, what else does it mean? It is something that is bad, I want to always have a way. – Machi “shackles of life”


Recently, Ms. Ye, who leased a single family of Xi’an, a unit, reflected, the community “provisions”, I will enter and exit at 11 o’clock in the evening, I will give the opening fee of 5 yuan. Ye Ms. Ye told the reporter that she has a late class every week after her work. Only “open the door” per month will spend a lot. The property fee is clearly given, why also give “opening the door”?

每日最陕西 | 小区夜间开门收5元“开门费” 怕不怕?

Uncle Uncle: Is this old community different? Give a piece of two pieces.

Zhuyao relies on temperament: This tree is me, this door is me.

A man’s hovered: I want to want to be crazy.

Goodbye — 小时: The method of the property disk peeling the owner is endless.

每日最陕西 | 小区夜间开门收5元“开门费” 怕不怕?

Playful drawers: The charging fee is full of flying, and it is reasonable to make money.


Li Qing, 29-year-old this year, 2014 graduate graduated in Xi’an a company in Xi’an. I found uremia last April last year. She searched in Baidu Yanta Qikang Intersection Hospital. The hospital used a variety of “exclusive secrets” treatment, hospitalization and post-discovery, and took about 300,000 yuan, but her condition became more and more. After Wei Zhi West incident, she sent himself to a friendly circle, and the hospital retired 20,000 yuan “sealing”.

Shaanxi Yang Zhibo: Do ​​not earn money, do not do a doctor, do not open the hospital, Baidu is an help.

每日最陕西 | 小区夜间开门收5元“开门费” 怕不怕?

子 2004mengxing: Now I don’t know what it is.

Cucumber myxhg: Do not go to formal hospitals, search online, blame, this hospital is a person who tricks these hearts.

Stupid beast: I think she is a problem, so the big illness is at ease to see this small hospital?

Xiao Wei Maximus: Both is in Baidu, why no one says that the medical regulatory system is in shape? It is this kind of pheasant hospital. Is it simple now?

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A few days ago, the Xianyang police had a gang in Shaanxi, Beijing and other places. Since September last year, 5 Hubei people have made a lot of cases in Xi’an, Xianyang, and Weinan. The suspect said that they have clear division of labor, will fracture of an arms in advance, then ride a bicycle and tricycles. “They already have experience, often hit the arm to just fracture, is not very serious.” The police said.

I am Aki: In order to touch the porcelain, it is also enough.

每日最陕西 | 小区夜间开门收5元“开门费” 怕不怕?

Lovely 丶 hongy: The actor’s self-cultivation hahahahaha.

Mengtian: Can cultivate the tricks of the trick to this point … is professional!

每日最陕西 | 小区夜间开门收5元“开门费” 怕不怕?

Please call me Sirsir: I don’t have your professional.

Natural stood in 1986: Life is like a play, full relying on acting. They are exhausted with their own life, but they play a ridiculous drama!

Most speechless

The girl Xiaomei (pseudonym) is “shakes all shakes” in WeChat. After each meeting, the two were re-emerged at the remarcothing of Jiamou, and the two had sex in a hotel in Taoyuan Road. After that, two people went to the 3rd floor to watch the performance. During the time, Jiamou returned to the room, took the small beauty to the mobile phone and gold necklace in the room bedside, escaping the scene.

每日最陕西 | 小区夜间开门收5元“开门费” 怕不怕?

MA Wen Wen: Is this not alive?

Bei Mountain Doll: Just, this is still a face.

George Wahran Prince: I just want to say it is quite playing.

Leprechaun ZFF: Live. The girl is not self-respecting, this is the punishment for her!

People are thirsty: too unfair, I usually leave hundreds of dollars will go hahahaha.

每日最陕西 | 小区夜间开门收5元“开门费” 怕不怕?

The most “accident”

The Li Feng couple in Guili Village, Heyang County, Heyang County, Shaanxi Province, recently encountered a difficult situation, but the second child did not expect premature delivery of tri-tires, the smallest boy even less than 1.5 kg, three babies, lived in the supervision room of the Provincial People’s Hospital The high ambulance fee of nearly 6,000 yuan per day makes this family. According to the attending doctor, three children currently have a stable vital signs, and they need to be further treated.

Yi Zhang Bai Paper’s Commitment 55547: I hope that the child can live healthy.

Su Mu: I want to say that when I do a checkup, I can’t find a triplet?

Flowers Red Leaves: It is not a checkup.

Prairie Water God: Hope the government, good people can extend their assistance.

Wonderful Jesus: Multi-child pregnancy is not fully considered, and does not consider our own economic strength.

每日最陕西 | 小区夜间开门收5元“开门费” 怕不怕?


每日最陕西 | 小区夜间开门收5元“开门费” 怕不怕?

On May 16, Li Luo Water Cao Ping was in the jurisdiction of the masses, and his daughter (16 years old) was in love with his distant house, and left home. After receiving the report, the police got in contact with Li’s daughter through a variety of ways and advised them. Then the police explained the law and moral ethics on both parties, and the two sides expressed their proper treatment.

Lazy Peak Daren: Is there a close relative?

Cloud Baby KK: The distant uncle should not be close to the close.

每日最陕西 | 小区夜间开门收5元“开门费” 怕不怕?

Im-Elfin: Forget it, it is not a three-generation.

How much love can be Light: This is a sad story !!!!

Most forced

Tongchuan men Xu Xu and girlfriend Liu are divided by divorce, which is originally prepared. After Liu made a breakup, Xu bought suicide together with the pesticide requirements. Liu did not dare to go home, and Xu immediately took the pesticide and filmed a video sent to my girlfriend. Liu timely alarm, Xu has been rescued. Liu said, Xu was rescued, still threatened to kill her child.

Shaanxi 006: This man is destined to have no woman.

One or two three sorrows and sorrows: should not be saved. . . .

每日最陕西 | 小区夜间开门收5元“开门费” 怕不怕?

Love back to the millennium: such a disgusting man is not as if it is dead.

Xiao Li’s flying knife: I don’t know why, I feel that I can’t save him!

每日最陕西 | 小区夜间开门收5元“开门费” 怕不怕?

I love you: I used to drink pesticides for my girlfriend. I originally scared my girlfriend. As a result, I died on the spot, more ignorance.

Most awkward

Yulin’s first girl met with QQ to meet Huang Mou (16 years old), after Huang Moumou met with her a few times. On April 16, Huang Moumou lured the round circle to a hotel in Suyang District, and then Huang Moumou, Zheng Moumou (15 years old), Li Mou (15 years old) three people with speech intimidation, shoot nude Phase threats, many times will be round. At present, 3 people have been detained.

每日最陕西 | 小区夜间开门收5元“开门费” 怕不怕?

Human children know that people know that they are minors, know they are protected by law, not intended to make a crime!

Dust do not disturb 11: getting more and more “early maturing”, knowing that action, no thinking.

Jacky marshmallow: something is not as good as the beast, and it is also a scourge.

Weeda Theorem 198605: The case should be repeated, according to laws and regulations, can be severely punished, and the social harm is extremely harmful.

Most popular

As a millennium history, Xianyang is convinced with its majestic history, and a large two students in Xianyang use her own brush to paint 8 Xianyang representative attractions, the building’s pounds is quaint and watercolor. Let people look bright in front of it. It turns out that Xianyang can be so beautiful.

Copper watt memories: the hands of the hand!

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Xi’an 1982: Qingyang Zhenghong, 水 东; the building is far away, the Weiyi is four!

每日最陕西 | 小区夜间开门收5元“开门费” 怕不怕?

路 Bling: Beautiful ancient capital. .

_o Quiet Night Flower O_: You can make a postcard.

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