Owner needs


The owner of this case found designers through the network, making this minimalized design. When the owner talks about demand, it is straightforward that the kitchen space can be bigger. At the same time, we want to be a soil wall. After many attempts, it will eventually be implemented in the living room.


Primitive type


The original apartment of this case is positive, and the north-south is transparent. Since the overall material is a glass curtain wall, the lighting and ventilation performance is good. However, there are some shortcomings. For example, the living room is small in size, the public space is slightly small, the kitchen area is also crowded, and it is impossible to meet everyday use.


Structural transformation


The designer will turn away by a wall of the kitchen door, increasing the operating desk, thereby expanding the use area of ​​the kitchen. Then, the whole wall opposite the master bedroom, the large-scale landing glass is added, and the space is more transparent. Finally, the two small rooms are turned on and make a large coat room.

Case explanation


living room


The living room uses a warm white as the main tone, and the painting of the soil wall and the art temperament is embellished as a dotted, and inserted into the ornaments with natural atmospheres from time to time. The vertical lines outline the three-dimensional feeling of the TV wall, and a playful floor lamp adds a bit of lively impact on the space.

Wooden floor with years old, high and low-combined wooden coffee table, beige soft bag sofa, enable people to feel the calm peace of home space, warm and comfortable.

The open layout filled with natural light is very happy, and the floor space from the garden to the living room forms the peripheral space of the kitchen area. The owner personally flesworms the art glass made by the knife, and becomes a touch of the eye.

The living room is connected to the garden. On the other side, the living room is a harbor, and the other is the small space of life. It is moving quietly, so that the boring life has more pleasant fun. Bubble a cup of tea, or take a nap, feel the most realistic look of life.




Linear chandeliers, gray black seats, straight large plates, with simple beauty. Long “L”-shaped console and large-scale floor-to-ceiling windows, breaking the inherent pattern, making meals and cooking a pleasure. At the same time, the echo of natural landscapes and indoor spaces is transmitted.

Master bedroom

The designer throws all the complicated designs, making the rest of the rest into a solid color space, bringing the feelings of clean. Sunshine has changed violent individuality through the blind, so that the space is more soft and charming under its line.

The cement wall becomes a glass wall, which is the designer’s whimsy. Turn the bedroom with the garden area into a transparent space, introducing the scenery of the garden into the bedroom, making the entire space smart jumped.


White space, symbolizing children’s pure and innocent child heart. There is no décor, and the designer uses the simplest and exquisite furniture to create a quiet space atmosphere.



White wall, black desktop, laid a stable tone of space, jetting green joining, so that the room is very fresh, full of youthful dynamics.


Marble texture brings natural breath, dark and different tone constitutes the color level of space, dry and wet functional partitions, and the two in the same room have different life experiences.




Falling with a chair, accompanied by a breeze, putting light tea in your hand, accompanied by fish in the water, staying from the outside of the outside world, enjoying this rare tranquility.

Designer: Lambo

Design style: modern minimalism

House area: 145m2

Housing Type: Private House (three rooms and two halls)

Total decoration: 700,000

Project address: Longhu Character

Design company: Yuanbook is boundless


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