Search: “Lei Tong did not have a job?” Chen Min Rui said: “He is so many old father-in-law, which does not need to help? He is 12-year-old to handle it to help Chen Yifeng, he will break the case, break a case, there are cases When I broke a few cases a day, my brother helped him to solve the case. He brothers a temper. No matter the dead, he will help to help Baoding, otherwise, who give him the quarterly signs? The leaders did not obey the military order, and the generals entered the deputy will of Lei Tong, the Lei Tong tour camp put the leadership, this quarter, the second product is that he is in Weifang, which is promoted, and Lei Tong is so many inquiry, who does not need him Help? He likes to fight, take the fight to be a dislike. “

“The official, the official, the official, Taizong said, the water can also take the assembly, the official must be thin, such as the abyss, the official is a boat, this boat said where to be beach, for the official One party is very difficult, Yuan Shikai has been a half-year patrol in Shandong. In the past eight years, Shandong is a double tax. The tax cannot be less tax, Yuan Shikai cannot be less, Shandong Limin is hard, disrupted my repair City step. “

“Search for the government. I don’t want your family to dowry, my wife is in my family, I have a seven-day holiday, and my wife has to work. It is a month two or two silver, and the eclatural spirit is painting people. They learn medicine with me. I am going to let them learn the eye, my family has already done a hospital in Shanghai. I still have two daughters in France, and the Chinese students in France are very many, these people are definitely the backbone of China. “

“Ha ha ha, my family said China, I can’t say.” “My family never said big clearance, can you speak China?” “Thank you for your family, Liu Yifu makes you worry.” “” “Polite, warned.” “Empty, send your mother-in-law.” Yes! “

Question: “Mother-in-law, go to the boat?” “” It’s good. “The empty spirit said:” Bishi, take me to take the boat. “” Good! “Bilu ran.

Li Yifu said: “My family is very poor, I only sent a box of biscuits, your father will not blame us?” “You, the British, will also play soup? I am playing the piano in the morning, my father knows, mother-in-law Will send four hundred and two gold, four thousand two silver, father said: daughter, I sold four hundred and two gold, I sold four thousand two silver sons, don’t blame, you, you Don’t think about it, my mother-in-law will compensate for my family, who is not a gold jade makeup? The mother-in-law is more than heroes.

“I won’t evaluate Lei Tong, Lei Tong is fascinating, everything is accurate, doing things, decisive, Luke’s ability to explain his abilities. Father asked: What gift is given to your mother-in-law? I said that my mother-in-law doesn’t want to know Gift, you are willing to let me take away the stars. The father agreed, the father accompanied by the murderey sister, a Hetian jade furnace, got the boat to enjoy the fragrant fragrant. I like to fall incense. “

Yuxi Yulian Bilu Cuilian four Shantou Wanfu: “Grandma Wanfu, Miss Wanfu, Mrs. Wanfu, please go to the ship.”

Lei Tong said in the water: “Mother, I am steady, you can rest assured.” “Do you wear a pants?” “Mother, I forgot.” “Put on the trousers!” Yuan Yu The trousers thrown to Lei Tong. The Arctic Pavilion came to the sound, Yu Mu shouted: “Pin Street 锣? Vague! Visitor evaded!” Lei Tong said: “He is a business.” He threw his trousers, pushing the boat, Daming Lake is very shallow, Silt Very deep, he often came to Daming Lake from ten years old, he is familiar with Daming Lake.

A smashing ship gave birth to the big flowering, Chen Min Rui said: “Xiao Chun, Mother will deal with them.” Chen Min Rui had a six-foot long wire whip, which is the stainless steel whip made by Lei Tong. It is also what he made of garbage. The wire is very fine. Those 300 woven whips only have a pencil thick. It is very soft and not dry and humid effect.

The call and the lotus boat are similar, longer, thin, up to five, are all scull, no helmsman, there is a slight weng, the slogan is in the direction, and the 槁 is also a weapon.

Chen Min Rui said: “Golden Gas, you make people entered the shed.” “Mother-in-law, these people are robbers, people who are standing.” Two ships are more than one feet,! A shot, the bullet hits the right eye, the slim is planted in the water, Chen Min Rui shakes two people to fight water, there is only one girl in the boat, Lei Tong puts out the girl’s mouth, girl Say: “There is a bad guy who eats in the lotus area, my mother is on their boat.”

The full name “eat it again” belonging to a martial art of five bucarish evolution, and there is a mix of fish dragon, there is a special abduction woman, there is a hobby, they are a black horse white ball egg, robbery, robbery The financial life, the fight is all eaten, there is a casino, the kiln, the kiln, and Lei Tong meet all the people who eat and teach, and the Lei Tong climbs the “Tonghua to the lotus, Daming Lake four lotus three water, girl said East, the lotus in the east is large, and Zhu Gongzhu is all lotus. There are not many places where you can walk, Lei Tong listened to the woman’s roar, Lei Tong’s ship was approached to the sound, and Lei Tong found a talent. Two eats forced a woman to hand over Jin Yanzi, Lei Tong frown, Jin Yanzi It is the letter of the head of Yanzimen. The head is a golden cut, he has not seen Yan Yun, and Yan Yingyun has encountered trouble? No way? Yan Qing Yu has sweeps the end of the earth.

Lei Tong slipped into the boat, the next to eat, only one feet were in the mud, and the other did not understand why people were also planted in the mud, and women shouted: “To save my children!” “Demon, you don’t don’t Excited, Jin Yanzi? “” I don’t know! “” I didn’t say it clearly. Yan Qingyun was cooking in my family. Everyone said, the mother said that the wife is not a good thing. Do you understand? “” Your mother is Chen Pharmacist? “” Ran. “” My daughter is coming! “

The girl shouted: “Mother, he is Lei Tong!” “Lei Tong? Are you Lei Tong? Lei Tong is monk?” “I don’t understand, let the mother tell you.” Lei Tong really said that he follow Dao Gu Zililian Grandma student, learning monk.

Song Jin just took a lotus boat, Song Jin Gang, said: “Hua will have a good thing, and the blink of the eyes and pack it, I have taken it again.” “Do you use the lotus boat?” “Don’t mention, four The series was stealing by these dog thieves, and there are two people to eat, you don’t worry, I will let the city defense owners have strictly investigated, and the dried dog thief will be killed. “” You are personally to kill? “” I didn’t fight for a few days, and you see that I have a lip. “

Lei Tong took a woman on the big flowering, mother and woman secretly talked, Yuxu let the girl drink tea, eat snacks.

Yulian, Cuilian gave the lady, the empty buns, Lei Tong looks at the meteorite, this is the iron meteorite, the Raiwu mesh is more, not Laiwu often falls, Laiwu is ancient times, and the meteorite is concentrated to Lai Tuo.

The shape of this meteorite is good, there is a meaning, burning the flow in the boat, Lei Tong will also do the fragrance, fragrant food recipe: Sandalwood adds a little plus a little slurry, reverse flow incense is also a vertebral body There is a through hole in the middle, and the empty cigarette is fragrant, and the white breast flows from the mountain. The meteorite of a feet is like floating in the smoke of the white, and the white smoke flows from the small hole under the sandalwood. On the sandalwood.

There is paying attention to the incense, respecting the Buddha can not use the fragrance, the celestial soldiers are the fragrance, the high incense is the shackle, but it is not a high incense, the cypress, the cliff is the ghost, home unless the ancestor does not burn Baijiaxiang, home burn sandalwood, flowers, no matter how you can use musk, creating malic sores is smoked than musk, and thk is easy to prepare, and several files are sufficient.

Empty play “Luang Dan”: “Jin Zhong Xia Girl Hua Zili, night fog galloping Taihang Mountain. Roses like ghosts, heroes jade 殒 子 关. Cardamom, loyalty.

The horse is dead and tears, the main servant loves.

The soul of the soul is a plum, and Dan Heart is also cast. “

The red heart is reported to live.

Lei Tong played: “Eating apprentice meat does not spit bones, playing rogue black peers. The thief account is abused under the account, the horses are hooligan. Plagiarism plagiarism, Guo, the rumor, not studying the inspection department. Do not study non-school, Ming Dynasty More reading. The essence of the pilgrims, eight pieces of inspection, Tao Tao. Qingzhengcules, Dragon Qiang, grouped, and a mess. “