Every autumn and winter, a lot of tide men will put their eyes on the workfinder, and have a trendy shape by bringing the trend of the working style. In fact, everyone I also ignore another single product – baseball jacket.

The baseball jacket is always given a retro quality, but this does not mean out of time and outdation, but presents another fashion trend. This fall, don’t worry about the wind, try the baseball jacket, can also bring you unique fashion.


Although baseball jackets tend to be slightly retro trends, it has more appeared in young people, or it can easily show age and vitality, so that the whole person looks full of breath. This year’s autumn and winter, according to these ideas, you can make your baseball jacket shape more fashionable!


First, pay attention to the color of the baseball jacket


To put the baseball jacket, you must pay attention to the choice of color. Normally, the color of the baseball jacket is divided into two major types of low-key darkness and Zhang Yong color, and the styles of the styling appear are still different. At this time, you have to make reasonable choices to get the most suitable answer.

1 dark color


Baseball jacket represented by dark, Tibetan blue is more common in daily life, because this colorful baseball jacket is quite a hundred, no matter how we don’t have wrong. Don’t worry that dark jackets will appear calm, splicing double-sleeved design can make the light and energetic feelings of shape, so you can easily integrate fashion tide men.

2 bright colors and shame

If you want to create a bright shape through the baseball jacket, you can choose bright color design, so that the depressed feelings of the autumn and winter season are empty. In fact, for the baseball jacket, the bright color color will not become difficult to control, this is a baseball jacket with a 12-year-old effect, and the bright color will add more personal sex, so that the match is different.


Second, pay attention to the mating, presenting different styles

The baseball jacket of the two colors is indeed different, and the effect of color to the overall shape is indeed great. Therefore, when you match, you must first select the hue of the baseball jacket, followed by drying, thereby determining the overall shape.

1 jeans wear tide men’s breath

Jeans is always full of youthful single items, which can combine many elements to show a fashion style that is not annoying. When jeans meets with baseball jacket, it is even more unexpected.

Light color cowboy slightly new

Light-colored jeans will be higher in summer, but it will not be violated when applying it to autumn and winter. With a hot material combined with natural water washing, it is not lost while presenting a vitality.

Also light colored jeans, white jeans and shallow denims are different. Although the style design of white jeans is often very simple, many times people are difficult to wear fashion. In fact, this single product can be combined with the baseball jacket to make the sports wind and the freshness, showing a light and energetic shape.

Dark denim is more tidal

If you say light jeans is the first choice for vital boy, the dark cowboy has become a mature man showing a tide of coolness. Compared to light-colored cowboy, although the dark cowboy is much heavy, the man will be more winning, combined with the baseball jacket, will make the shape more cool.


2 casual pants present street wind

Of course, you can also use casual pants to show the street wind, and greatly highlight the vitality of the baseball jacket, so that the shape looks more different.

Casual pants represented by doing pants can be used as a good choice. Usually, casual pants have loose feelings and is mostly in direct version. The profile baseball jacket and loose trousers are formed not only with strong inclusiveness, but also to build a simple but not inverted.

Third, pay attention to the details, add exquisite model

It is determined that the above two wear directions are determined. Next, we will start from the details, showing a more exquisite match, with a plurality of aspects such as internal, wearing, etc., to create a practical and fashionable shape.

1 diverse


Don’t look at the baseball jacket has a strong sports style, but the style that is present is unique. Many common inside can be combined with it, add delicacy and fashion.

Basic white T is the simplest

If you don’t know how to match, then choose the foundation that will never go wrong. In general, no matter how dark or bright baseball jacket, the color existence is not too low, this time, choosing basic white T does not affect the fashion of the jacket, even if it is also very fashionable.

Shirt adds college wind

Compared to white T, this single product is more distinctive, and the shape of shaping will also be more similar. Loose baseball jacket coat is full, while plaid shirts are clearer, the two cooperate, not only make the results of age, but also highlight a few points of school atmosphere.


Hood sweater simple age


If you think that the autumn and winter season, the round neck baseball jacket makes the shape look too much “single thin”, then you can overlay a hooded sweater. Although this is very simple, it can make the level of the level increase, and the original age of the sweater will also be highlighted, and the trend of slightly retro trend is built.

2 Pay attention to waistline


If you want to show your body on a fashion, let the shape look more superior, not only choose to do, but also learn the combination of wearing.


As a coat, the silhouette, it will be slightly expanded, but it is not bloated. Combining the expansion of the top with straight tied trousers, it is also possible to present a waistline through a curve to make the shape more out of shape.


Of course, the most classic high waist wear is never time, in the internal income of trousers, and then cooperate with color to add a collision, you can create a natural long leg effect, wear the trend more obvious. .


Compared to the tooling pants, it seems that the shape created by the baseball jacket is more diverse, and the trend is also more retro style. This autumn and winter may try the item of the baseball jacket, through the above-mentioned ideas, showing practical and stylish superior shape.

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