Chocolate taste, will you choose, which? Or exchange another gentle, sweet junk food, bitter healthy food, which one do you choose?

The game between rationality and sensibility is not 2 election 1. You clearly know that you should take a pickled tomato, but you can’t help but take a bag of potato chips. The thirsty cool white is on hand, but you open the refrigerator to take out the fertilizer house.

When is the intelligence to defeat your tongue? To see the answers to the Jerre ‘s Neuroscience Research Team. Neurologists did not use “perseverance” two words, but they will definitely tell you that he can make your brain make correct choices every time.

The team’s experimental object is fruit flies, there is sweet and bitterness receptors on the feet of Drosophila, helping it distinguish between the feet, the sweetness is nutritious, and the bitter taste is toxic. Drosophila’s food is a rotten fruit, and there are various bacteria, fungi, viruses in the rotten fruit. Drosophila tastes the sweet taste and bitterness, it has to weigh the integration of these contradictory information, and then do the choice of this flesh.


The research team has configured sweet drinks in the fruit flies, and dissolves sucrose in the water. The higher the concentration of the sugar, and the more fruit flies, in a few cups of sugar water, all fruit flies choose the sweetest cup.

Now the team gives another sweetness of the fruit flies into the bitter drink, dissolving sucrose + quinning in the water. After adding bitter quinine, the choice of Drosity begins to change. Some fruit flies have only sweet tastes, there is no bitter low concentration sugar water, as long as they don’t suffer, the sugar is nothing to do. Some fruit flies choose to have a sweet high concentration of sugar water, only high sugar is high, and it doesn’t matter if you have a bitterness.

According to the different tastes of Drosophila, the team is configured 2 kinds of beverages A and B, A is a 10% concentration of sucrose water, and B is a 50% concentration of sucrose + 1% concentration of quinine. The fruit flies of the experiment, half of the fruit fly love A, half of the fly love B, the pure sweet taste and the sweet and bitter tribe of the mouth each occupied half.


Now start the experiment, control the eating of these fruit flies, eliminating their hungry time, see if the taste of the Drosophila will change?

The experimental result is that with the increase of the hungry time, the fruit flies have a bitter sweetness. Drash is hungry, the more likely to endure the bitterness, get more calories.

It is confirmed that the taste of the Drosophila is not the ultimate goal of the experiment. The experiment is more discovered that it is possible to change the brain awareness of the fruit flies, let the love of sweet, change the taste, choose the bitter food.

During the foraging, the animals will choose according to the internal and external conditions, such as internal: can endure hunger, exterior: Get food is difficult. Foraging conditions are like the parameters in the computing program, through the brain operation, the calculation results are obtained.


When the parameters change, the results will change. You can get the desired results without changing the external conditions. This is exactly the god opera of the team’s control soul made by the team.


The team uses neural imaging technology to observe the activities of neurons in Drosophila.

Drosophila will pass the sense signal to the sectoral area in the brain, where the signal is integrated, and make a choice. Drosophila is based on physical condition, and has eaten food experience, and taste the food taste to build food choice program. When adding new food selection, the neuron activity mode in the sector area will automatically adjust according to the new food, let the fruit flies do not want to eat.


If the new food is bitter, it stimulates the activity of the gods, and the fruit flies will refuse new food. However, when the dilanous time is hungry, when you eat bitter food, the activity of the taste gods is significantly inhibited. In other words, after hungry, it is not so bitter, so hungry fruit flies will suffer.

Neurologist manipulating the activity of Drosophila sector neurons can change its choice of food. For example, inhibition of hunger-perceived neurons, the fruit flies feel that there is not so hungry, and the fruit flibroes that prefer high bitter tastes will refuse the taste of habits, and drink simple sugar water.


Neuronal activities in the human brain are similar to the fulcrum brain, subject to the regulation of neuropeptide and neurotransmitter. If we choose food like fruit flies, as long as the secretion of neuropeptides and dopamine can control the activities of the neural network, you can change our preferences to food. In other words, it is not reason to determine how you eat, but a variety of neurons in your body decide you to eat. When you lose weight, use perseverance to fight hobbies.

Ok, return to the beginning: Chocolate taste, will you choose, which one do you choose? The neurologist who feeds fruit flies gives you the right answer: Of course, it is the latter. Because neurologists can deceive your brain, let you eat chocolate taste.


A neuronal ensemble encoding adaptive choise