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Are you spelling this life?

In the childhood, for the smoke card in Hangzhou brand cigarette, or looking around the road railway, or asked strangers around, and even cherish the money of dad to buy smoke. Such courage has gradually disappeared with the movement of the hairline, but the emerging marketing will always seize the psychological life of a generation of young people, and the cannons have made different “youth memories”.

In the 1990s, the smoke card in the Hangzhou Cigarette Factory.

In the new generation of “Youth Memory”, the blind box can definitely leave the most concentrated grilled.

The major series of IPs have gone, you said that you don’t like the original IP of the bubble mart. There is no relationship, there is a joint, Disney series, Harry Potter series … A complete set of dolls are placed in a transparent glass cover, attached to the background of the sunday, and the whole dream scene is in front of you, very It is difficult to make you feel.


KFC launched the joint blind box.

If it is a joint name, IP, the heart can also be added again. For example, January 4, KFC launched and Dimoo’s joint blind box. The little boy DIMOO of this head is the most popular five head IP of the bubble mart.

The limited amount is crazy, it is more crazy than “Crazy Thursday”. I want all 7 image dolls that have been launched, at least 7 sets of “bubble mart buildings”, the total is 693 yuan – the premise is that you are lucky enough, and seven coat can not repeat.

In order to cry for the children on the counter, you can’t get rid of KFC who advakened with the times after grew up, once again, for a doll box, stage “Human Comedy”.

“Terminal box”

Just get a blind box at the designated package worth 99 yuan in KFC. The package contains 3 hundred things Coke, 1 Sweet fries, 1 old Beijing chicken roll, 1 spicy chicken leg, 5 golden chicken and 2 grapes tarts.


It seems very sincere buy package to send blind boxes, in most fan eyes, buy blind boxes to send package. “Ice Snow Sheng Dynasty”, “Good Anti-Corn”, “Sweet Corn”, “It’s Coke”, “Hamburg”, “Flying Colonel”, “Hidden”, “,”, use a cute image to be striker What’s more, this package is limited to 263,880, and the probability of hidden purchase is 1/72.


In the IP introduction of bubble mart, Dimoo is a boy with a curious little boy with a world with a world. However, Zhang Wen (pseudonym) is old, he is more like a tender cow five parties returned from time to time, and it is a “slag man” of the appetite.

“But there is no way, they are too cute, I must bring them home.” Zhang Wen hated, while on the 10th point of January 4, there was a KFC door store downstairs in the house, and took it away. Three packages.

At this moment, Zhang Wen is very happy with his homework, a city that can’t be covered with a little tea and a little milk tea. Seeing Weibo and Xiao Hui books did not grab the netizens of the doll, she bowed her head touched their own. “仔”, did not hold back, taking a 24th photo of the day.

Three packages were eliminated by Zhang Wen himself, and two throwing parents. Zhang Wen took two days of KFC, only basically sweeping clean.

Obviously, Zhang Wen is not the most crazy player in this circle. On the social platform, there is a blogger out of the “10,000 yuan to buy chicken bills”, and spent 10,494 yuan in one time to buy 106 packages.


The bill of a blog show.

According to the full-family bucket of officials, these foods are completely enough to eat a three-day fifth day. But we don’t know this blogger who wrote “the world you have not seen before” in the home page, how to solve the food that cannot exceed 3 days of food in these shelf life.

It is said to buy a blind box to send a package, but only a few people will choose to put the package on the counter to let KFC’s own hand, more people choose to eat tears, or look at others, tears.

When there is demand, there is market. In this regard, the method is much more difficult, and it is always the wisdom of the Chinese.

So a service called “eat” start online.



Eat business.

“KFC professional generation to help you collect the bubble martial” “” “24 years did not eat enough to ensure that it did not waste at all.” January 4th, topic # 代 # # 冲 微 微 热

Although I don’t know what kind of professional needs to reach KFC needs, the business that I eat KFC even earned a toll is not lost. Selling water in the hot fever, everyone is deeply versed this is the most stable business logic, secretly pointed to make a big.

This is also the case in Hangzhou. Many of the links to eat, there is no racks now, when you ask, the other party’s trust is swearing to help you can help the order, the package belongs to him, the doll is attributed. However, in view of the current purchase of the package in Hangzhou, the so-called promise has also become a paper empty talk.

If you consult Hangzhou’s KFC to eat, you will find that behind the platform is high frequently click, it is the distress of unmanned order.

“We will sell it for sale in the same day, believe me, there will be no before the New Year.” The KFC Tianshui shop clerk said in the center of Hangzhou. She wrapped her mashed potatoes while describing the “grand events” of the snapped up on January 4.


If you come, you will bring a small cart and put the pile of packages to the box. It is also a baboating bag with a blind box because it is possible to solve a fan in place, and then bring the remaining home. “We have already preded that there will be a lining scenario, but it is still shocked by everyone’s enthusiasm.” KFC’s clerk said.

The skilled workers know the importance of the regional advantages in this wave of snapped up, but the social animals can only look at the KFC row up the KFC, and then rush down the building at the 12-year lunch. These behaviors often can only play the role of psychological comfort, want to really get a blind box, or to look at the errands and yellow cattle.

Many running legs are obviously a newbie. They don’t understand why it is necessary to go to the place to buy so far to buy, and don’t understand the wonderful blame of customers. For example, he wants him to bring an electronic scale, and it is called a heavy blind box.


The blind brother brother is guided online.

And the yellow cattle is a veteran. Zhang Wen remembered that when he was in KFC, there were many uncle to buy in the store.

Zhang Wen said to his enthusiasm – “Do they really like these cute dolls? Affiliate most of them are Huang Niu.”

However, I looked at the professional level selected when buying the box – “Shake” “掂 一 掂”, can write this from this to this, then throw a bunch of blind boxes in the face In the black big plastic bag, Zhang Wen began questioning that he is not enough.

“They are too powerful, shake, call it, basically can guess which.” Zhang Wen felt, sometimes the temptation of money is more driving than hobby.

On a second-hand trading platform, there is also a shipping labeling “KFC”, which seems to enhance the credibility of the transaction, and exposed the sellers’ identity.

Babe, a part-time college student in a KFC, occasionally earn a good overstate in KFC, this time she takes directly to the interior. “I am not a professional blind box player, but I have no resistance to cute things.” She said.

Babe is decided, other KFC internal employees must have a lot. “We are also purchased in the original price. As for someone else’s price, we will take someone to sell, see individual. Even if you earn a difference, there is nothing worthy of criticism. After all, there is a market.”

Babe did not pummers to the favorite style. After selling, she knew that her favorite Coke, is actually the light weight. “I knew first to see the Raiders and bought it again.” She has some regrets.


In fact, in the small red book, all things have Raiders.


Pumping Dimoo can bring an electronic scale, Cola 78 grams, 95 grams of fries, 93 grams of aircraft, 100 grams of Hamburg, 90 grams of corn, 92 grams of Shengdai, 97 grams of hidden models. According to this standard, which baby you want, which is to draw.

“In fact, the bubble mart shop is strictly forbidden to bring electronic scale.” Zhang Wen introduced. But good, this blind box is on sale in KFC, where the rules are not so dead.

In order to get the favorite style, there is a fan directly to select high-tech advances. Take the blind box to the subway station, and the staff of the invitation will help sweep X-rays and see the shape of the doll inside. If you are not your favorite, take the box back to the KFC, ask the clerk to help change one – this if it is in the bubble Mart shop, the clerk will be gentle and firmly tell you: “Blind box Once the product is sold, there is no refund. “

Before the bubble mart shop, Zhang Wen will sneak the clerk when he did not pay attention, but now it is more and more strict, and the high-tech means cannot be used, it can only return to the most original “hand artist”. Rule – Make the box, look at the hand, and you can heart.

“But even if you are shaking, the clerk will tell you in a professional but indifferent tone. If it is righted, it is necessary to buy a blind box.”

Due to different dolls and accessories, there will be different tollings when shaking. The master will distinguish the one you want from the thousands of blind box according to the characteristics of these mysterious. If it is true, then in the heart, there is a difficult intellectual crushing.


“At least proved that I have worked hard, I got a harvest.” Zhang Wen summed up, if she smashed it according to the Raiders, then she would try a few times again, “

For Zhang Wen, the blind box is the flavor of her life, seeing a beautiful little doll, a bad mood will disappear.

Zhang Wen purchased a series of bubble Mart, and I also bought a glass cover at home, giving the doll background and layout. Zhang Wen also purchased a wooden cabinet and specially used to place these scenes.

There are also some favorite dolls of Zhang Wen, always follow her, “Where are I, they follow me there.”

Referring to bubble mart, Zhang Wen’s mentality is particularly complex. “I know on the one hand, they have a lot of marketing behavior is the money in the circle; on the other hand, I think that these dolls are too cute, I still want to have “

However, like Most of the fans, they will not choose a low price to buy a blind box that has been opened unless this style I like very much.

“After all, the biggest pleasure of blind box is to tear open the instant of the package.” Zhang Wen concluded.



“Is love bean is not good, or the blind box is not enough, do you want to fall in love?” Xiao Min (pseudonym) hanging this sentence in the mouth is a girl who born 00 years, this time KFC’s joint name is not stamped Her mind, but does not hinder her a thousand gold in the blind box.


Xiao Min has a very strict aesthetic standard – “It’s too cute and dislike, too standard is too ordinary. There is a personality, it is best to look at it.”

As for how to define “stress”, Xiaomin feels that this is also related to the “metaphysics”.

“Take my favorite SP Blood Rose Example, I think it is too amazing, I will make people immediately make up a picture: a red-haired girl is washed on the waterfall, and her side is full of blood. The rose. She has a simple enough to be glamorous, there is a contradiction and contrast in it, very moving. “Xiaomin explained.

“Blood Rose” doll.

The market carnival of those bubble mart is listed, and the high-priced game has nothing to do with Xiaomin. She doesn’t care if she is not criticized, even in turn, “” Life itself is enough, is it simple? “

This year, Xiaomin, who has already enacted this year, has already put the “unwanted social” “invalid communication” “ineffective human”, and it is discharged from the world.

In addition to playing tide, Xiamin is also chasing stars, as well as “golden gold” in the favorite game. “For my own happiness, how is it spent some money? I am not a mess, I don’t like to drink, then I will never spend a penny in the wine. I can have a choice of freedom, I choose to do one Happy children, rather than become adults who are being taken every day. “Xiao Min said.


“Many times, two sentences can solve most of the problems, that is, ‘It’s not your business’ and ‘is not my business’.” Xiao Min smiled.


Xiao Min rarely worried about the unrelated matter, in her world, I saw that love beans shine on the stage, and smoked the heart of the blind box to quickly jumped in the bubble Mart shop, and in ha The Ten Potter mobile games like the skin’s moments like the skin … These make her life more fulfilled, rich, and interesting.

“Happy way, there are many kinds, some people love smoking, some people love to drink, I love the blind box, I am even more healthy than they.” Xiaomin concluded.


But how long can it last for a blind box? The dispute has never stopped, and there is a media that the merchant is false propaganda, excessive marketing, and the quality of the blind box is uniform. The relevant departments should formulate and improve the regulatory rules to maintain market order and consumer rights – ” Although the blind box itself is opaque, the product and marketing model must be transparent. “


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KFC launched the joint blind box.

Eat business.