A lot of northern cities in the first two days are snowing, and the Guangdong, which has become frequent in winter, and suddenly falls more than ten degrees, and the cold winter begins to “freeze the feet”.

Many sisters have already opened crazy buy buying model, but shoes wearing shoes are always worthy.

The snow boots on the market are the end of the beef tendon, wearing a heavy feet, the whole person looks up.

Bloated and awkward!

The friends of the South prefer

Wear cotton drag,


But the sky is cold


Can’t wear out of outdoor,

Otherwise it is easy to freeze your feet! As the saying:


“Heat warm body”,


Especially in autumn and winter rain, we should do a good job of feet.

Today, I recommend you a home outdoor, and it is warm and beautiful –

Snowy sorcerer cotton boots!

This cotton boot


Stylish style,

High-top, can also go through, all-round warm, more than cotton sloping!

The rice is imitation rabbit, wearing a feet,


Like stepped into the small stove ~

The outside is a felt,

Windproof and anti-wrinkle,

One pair can wear a few years ~

Boots are lightly soft,

There is no weight on the upper foot, it is easy to walk, you can run quickly in the snow!

5 kinds of color matching, parent-child, men and women, get 100 times better than snow boots!

Winter cotton boots wear


Very bloated,

I want to find a pair of beautiful boots to buy a pair of beautiful boots, clear water

Snow boots are really ugly!

Today this snow-cotton boots


Not only the value is online, but also warm, home outdoor,

I believe that many sisters can fall in love with it!

Not only is the same as the male or female, but also a parent-child style.

A family can wear the same boots out, must be very happy ~

High-top bag with design,


Ability to keep your ankles and feet, do not let the wind snow is organically multiplied, shoes are warm like a stove ~


A pedal design,

Wearing shoe thief is smooth, lazy people think about it is super happiness ~

Like us usually

Shop, walk the dog, buy vegetables


Can wear it out, don’t worry about freezing feet at all ~

The weather now,

I can put it on it with my baby;

If it is snowing, you can also wear it to take your baby downstairs to step on the snow ~

Just wear to work, take a day in the office, don’t be cold!

If you feel that hot, you can also turn over the hair in front of the boots. When doing normal cotton boots, you will not be a foot ~

Cook, stir-fry, chase it wear, warm, warmth, warm ~


The home can wear outside, the foot is warm and comfortable, so the cotton boots, my sisters are particularly like!


Cotton boots on the market,

Buffle and not breathable, easy to be stinky

And there is a pleat, very ugly!

This cotton boot is not the same as that I bought it.

The windproof felt is used outside, the imitation rabbit used in the end.

It may be rare to use felt to do boots, but in the Russian area, winter felt boots are everyone must have a must have a must-have!

Most of my country’s Mongolian Bags are made of felt. People who have been to know,

The temperature inside is warm with the small fire furnace!

This is because felt has


Warm, insulation, shock, rebound

Waiting for performance, so the cotton boots are warm and better.

The felt excellent rebound performance makes this snow-cotton boot have certain

Anti-wrinkle, even if it is bent, it can also recover quickly ~

There is no pleats on the upper, how long to wear, the same,

PU in the snow boots to be resistant ~

Felt is breathable but does not leak, we put it on it

Don’t worry about the foot sweat,

Leading the feet problem ~

Inner miles

Soft flexible fleece, delicate fluffy fluff is very textured, and will not drop hair ~

Adopt drying technical support, to create a microcirculation air layer in the shoe,

Effectively lock the temperature on the feet, circulating the air in the shoes, the more wearing warm ~


Put on this cotton boots, equivalent to bringing two warm “Mongolians”,

The foot is warm, it’s warm, it’s warm ~


I bought cotton boots either thin, not warm, or the shoe is heavy, and it is more tired!


This snow-cotton boot’s soles make me very surprised, though

Big bottom thickening 3.5cm, but very light,

I feel soft in my feet.


Thick bottom

Effectively isolate cold air on the ground,

All-round protection feet ~

It uses

Sports shoes, else EVA,

Fully assume the light extent of the sole ~

Spend strong rebound, even if I force it,

It can not be 180 °, and it will not be broken for a long time!

This material is made of soles that wear resistance,


One pair can wear a few years ~

In addition, in order to wear more comfortable, the soles also have a special 5-story sole:

Shu cotton velvet, silent sponge, non-woven, 60D high-elastic sponge and 15mm EVA gasket.

Shu cotton velvet has a good breathability, wearing it in your feet, not afraid of squatting ~

The EVA gasket and the 60D high-elastic sponge are full of elasticity, wearing it, just like stepping on the sofa, soft rebound.


Non-woven pads on the top of sponge, can protect cotton boots

Intraque is not deformed ~


More than 5 floors compared to normal cotton boots, step on the foot is more soft, but also

Slow down the impact of walking exercise.

Sole production uses a mid-bottom technology, so that it is a walk or exercise,

Can buffer the pressure, not tired at all.

More important is that it is very light,

Only 180g,


More than the snow boots on the market ~


Such cotton boots are wearing super comfortable,

“Soft mud stepping” foot feelings, every step is to enjoy ~


The autumn and winter rain is more, the road is slippery and slippery, and the kitchen washing is easy to stay, washing, cooking is not safe.


People who have old people in our home, children and pregnant women should pay attention to safety ~


This cotton boots are made

Sliding design,

Pumping the shape of the tire gear

Increase grip, and friction in the ground!


After wearing it, stand firmly,


Even if you walk the slope ~

After I passed it myself, I immediately bought a few pairs to my family.

The weather now is warm and cold outside. Everyone put it on it, sitting on the office all day, not cold in the foot ~~

The parents are older. I like to visit the morning market. In the morning, the road is slippery and sleepy, send two pairs of snow mountain cotton boots, anti-slip is more peace of mind ~


And the small red books have a lot of fashion bloggers and treasures have been put on it, take the child a very good art photo ~



No need to lace, your baby can wear it.

Can also exercise independently hands-on ability ~

Whether you go to the kindergarten or go to the park, the baby put this cotton boots, absolutely fashionable ~

This pair of cotton boots have 5 colors, divided into men, women’s models and children’s models ~


Male: Navy Blue, Crash, Size: 40 ~ 45 yards.


Women: glutinous rice white, rust red, jungle green, size: 35 yards ~ 40 yards.

Children’s models: jungle green, rust red, glutinous rice white, size: 24 yards ~ 34 yards.


The cotton boots are worn in the foot of the scene, the size is just right; if I go out of the door, I suggest it to buy a big one.


The cold is frozen, and the brothers and sisters are better to their own feet, and the warm cotton boots are all-line ~

Or a pair of home, the company put a pair, where to go, where you can warm, a little better to yourself, life will be happier.

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Excellent snow-sor tampon boots

¥ 69.8