After a few weekend, this Saturday’s balloon is ushered in a very lively day!

Several new products have a good focus, and it is not difficult to start.

今早你抢到哪双?Kobe 5、Yeezy 篮球鞋、藤原浩匡威

Kobe 5 Protro Eybl

This morning, there is a Nike Kobe 5 Protro “Eybl” Tmall Wars, and the sale of Nike Tmall flagship store is naturally hot.

Offering price ¥ 1399 RMB

Based on the colorful color of the stabilized main tone, it is the theme color of the Youth Classic, which is resistant to dirty, even if the weekday wear is also very good.

今早你抢到哪双?Kobe 5、Yeezy 篮球鞋、藤原浩匡威

Yzy QNTM Quantum

Yeezy basketball shoes are ushered in today, which is different from the “anti-season” operation of the previous color, this time, the sale of the season has attracted more players’ eyes.

Offering ¥ 2199 RMB

Because the package is tight, this pair is more suitable for deep autumn or winter wear. Although it has been entered, most of the country is still above 20 ° C, and the demand for buying it will inevitably be too strong.

But for friends who like this unique style, it is a good start chance, and the hard and unique appearance, plus the very good “warm” effect, the streets in the winter absolutely there is a place!

Fujiwahao flash converted Converse

今早你抢到哪双?Kobe 5、Yeezy 篮球鞋、藤原浩匡威

7 Moncler Fragment + Converse Chuck 70 Tast ten o’clock this morning, on sale, black and white color colors, pricing pricing is ¥ 999 RMB.

Although the appearance is low-key, there is a blessing of Fragment and Moncler dual logo, making it good for low-key players.

The low-key hand of the vines, naturally non-short fans, but the street identity is indeed not highlighting.

今早你抢到哪双?Kobe 5、Yeezy 篮球鞋、藤原浩匡威

The current market price is on ¥ 1150 RMB, and it is not difficult to start.

Oamc x adidas Originals

今早你抢到哪双?Kobe 5、Yeezy 篮球鞋、藤原浩匡威

On the Adidas app, there is a more low-key boutique series, which is the joint new product of OAMC with clover.

This series is luxurious, and it is a small sale. Every time I am a quiet release, it will be sold out soon, it is a good choice for personal street players, because it is really difficult to hit the shoes!

今早你抢到哪双?Kobe 5、Yeezy 篮球鞋、藤原浩匡威

The latest Type O-8 shoe-type price is ¥ 1499 RMB, using high-end leather to create upper and lining, even the insole is leather!

At present, the three new products have been sold out, and the color of which has not yet been sold out has been lacking. The pursuit of quality friends may wish to log in to the adidas app.

This morning, what is your gain?

今早你抢到哪双?Kobe 5、Yeezy 篮球鞋、藤原浩匡威

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