5 habits will cause your eyelashes to fall more and more

The old man said that every time you drop your eyelashes, you can make a wish. My wish is: my damn eyelashes will stop again! I dropped more than 5 eyelashes in the day. Therefore, I must find out the cause of my eyelashes before this summer, and end my eyelashes.

I talked with several senior beauticians in the company. In fact, the eyelashes on your eyelids are like the hair on your head. There is a natural growth period and falling rate. Therefore, it is not big to drop a 1-2 eyelashes a day, but it usually takes at least three months to come back. Those with less eyelashes are miserable.

If your eyelashes love like me, the most prominent culprit is waterproof mascara. Here, five bad habits may cause your eyelashes to fall off.

1. Excessive force when removing makeup.

Unloading the mascara is the hardest thing. It is evidence that you can get a towel to soil a towel once. The correct way is to gently press the mascara around the eyes with the cleansing oil. This step is very important. You don’t need to be so hard. After a few seconds of cotton remover, just wipe it gently. If you rub it too hard, your eyelashes will be stuck to the cotton remover, because the mascara is sticky.

2. Sleep without makeup removal.

You may have heard that wearing makeup and sleeping is not good for your skin. Similarly, sleeping with mascara can also hurt your eyelashes. You can compare it to wearing a glue. Because hard coats can make the eyelashes easier. Hardy eyelashes and friction with your pillow can cause damage.

3. You are wrong with your false eyelashes or eyelashes.

False eyelashes can change your entire eyes. I love them to improve my sparse and short eyelashes. If you do n’t like to remove makeup, then it is recommended that you add false eyelashes to your eyes, it can be dressed as your natural eyelashes. And it is also very convenient to remove it. Use a cotton swab dipped in cleaning milk. Pull the glue and pull it down in front of the eyelashes. However, regular use of false eyelashes can cause traction of the eyelashes.


4. You love waterproof mascara.

Waterproof mascara is the best tool that makes your eyelashes look good, but it is not a daily solution. The same waterproof raw material is used to make this type of mascara, and finally get your eyelashes to make them more brittle (easy to break).

5. Frequent use of eyelashes.


With eyelashes, the eyelashes can be tilted up, but frequent use will clip your eyelashes. Remember that before you curl your eyelashes, use mascara first, the effect will be better. You can also change your eyelash clip with a fan to blow, and the heating will make the eyelashes also have the effect of warming up. Warning: The first thing to do is to check the temperature. Burning your eyelashes is not a good thing.

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