Li Hao, Sun Zhengfang/Xinhua Daily Telecom

In recent years, the synthetic marijuana material is wearing a stylish coat, hiding in electronic cigarettes that some young people like, and illegally sold at lower prices through the Internet “express delivery” and “free shipping”. Young people even take it as daily “snacks”.

On the Internet platform, Xinhua Daily Telecommunications reporters easily found sellers selling new drugs. The other party promised that the police could not detect it after taking it. In the recently cracked cases of drug -related drug -related cases in Xi’an Public Security Bureau, most of the suspects involved were “post -00s” adolescents, including minors.

“Free shipping” “can pass five inspections”

From July 1st this year, my country’s formal entire tube composes of new spiritual active substances such as marijuana substances. The Xi’an Public Security Bureau’s anti -drug detachment planned in advance and deployed in advance. In early July, the first case of synthetic cannabis drugs in Shaanxi was cracked. network.

At present, there have been 23 cases of synthetic marijuana drugs, 329 suspects involved in drug -related drugs have been cracked, and 329 suspects involving drugs are seized. 1478 electronic smoke bombs and smoke rods containing synthetic marijuana substances are seized, and 10.3 kg of e -liquid.

Synthetic marijuana is an artificial synthetic substance similar to natural hemps. Its harmfulness and stronger mental activity. After taking this kind of substance, dizziness, vomiting, mental stubbornness, and illusion will occur. Excessive absorption will cause shock, suffocation, and even sudden death.

Hua Hailong, the deputy detachment of the Drug Division of the Xi’an Public Security Bureau, said that the method of sucking the synthetic hemps drugs uses electronic cigarettes as a tool, and the “black talk” in the drug abuse group is “upper electronic cigarette”. , The pilot claims to be a “pilot.” Toba often appears in entertainment venues such as bars, nightclubs, KTV, and is also sold through the Internet and WeChat circle of friends.

A number of “e -cigarettes” advocated by the reporter asked him if there was any “e -cigarette” resources. Some of them expressed their affirmation and asked to add a reporter’s WeChat. After adding WeChat friends, the reporter’s videos and pictures that facilitate the price of drugs and drugs, claiming that they can mail them nationwide, and the circle of friends has continuously released the “black words” that sell drugs: “SF free shipping, flying fuel.” Rest assured, he also claimed that he could also “pass the five inspections” after absorbing, and the police could not check through traditional urine tests and blood tests.

It is easy to induce young people to go astray

The reporter learned that due to the low cost of drugs in synthetic marijuana, it is often disguised in electronic cigarettes, exposing the tendency of “snackization” and “fashion”, coupled with the rapid development of the Internet, drug dealers accelerated the synthesis through social media and other channels. The dissemination of marijuana drugs “brainwashing” and sales can easily induce young people to take the first step in drug -related.

In Xi’an, Wenzhou, Wuxi and other places such as the synthetic marijuana drugs, such as Police, such as the police, the drug dealers have sold “electronic cigarettes” through WeChat friends.

“‘Electronic cigarettes’, because the appearance is the same as ordinary electronic cigarettes, it is very confusing. Young people in entertainment venues are easily confused by drug dealers. , Paste a variety of stickers to think of fashion. “Wang Kai, deputy director of the Intelligence Center of the Xi’an Public Security Bureau Anti -Drug Detachment, said.

Many drug dealers claim that “electronic cigarettes on the top” are only more pleasant than ordinary electronic cigarettes. They also claim that they are neither addictive nor a law, so that the young groups have mistakenly entered.

“This thing made me miserable, and I gave me a sip of my birthday. It only said that it was a popular electronic cigarette …” The reporter found that some teenagers shared the experience of being induced or eaten by friends by friends Most of them were “persuaded” to eat drugs at a friend gathering.

Low -cost reduces the threshold for drug use, and the “snackization” tendency to synthesize marijuana drugs. Wang Kai said that about 20 yuan for an ordinary electronic smoke ammunition, drug dealers can double sales after adding a few milliliters of synthetic marijuana drugs.

Some teenagers even buy synthetic marijuana drugs like online snacks. In April of this year, nine college students from a school in Jiangning University in Nanjing felt unwell because of the “electronic cigarettes” of online shopping, and they dialed 120 for help.

Strictly prevent the youth network of “touching poison”

Zhang Genqin, the captain of the Drug Division of the Xi’an Public Security Bureau, and Tang Shuhui, a political commissar Tang Shuhui, and other interviewed anti -drug police suggestions:

First of all, the control of marijuana drugs should be stifled early and stifled early. The key nodes of the initial period of the new drug tube should be seized to concentrate on cracking down on the crime of synthetic marijuana drugs.

Secondly, we must actively trace the source, combat the full chain, and strengthen the source control. The Xi’an Public Security Bureau’s anti -drug detachment has sorted out the drug -related gang network involved in 16 provinces and cities across the country from some local drug -related cases, and is still actively tracing the source of the source of poison.

Third, the online information department and various Internet platforms should strengthen the control of network drug -related remarks to prevent young people from “touching poison” through the Internet. Through the supervision of the express delivery industry, the individual cigarettes should be strictly controlled by personal express cigarettes to curb the rapid circulation of “electronic cigarettes above.”

Finally, in the face of a variety of new types of drugs, the research of testing technology should be strengthened and technical support for grass -roots anti -drug units should be strengthened.

Senior editor in this issue Xing Tan