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Why do babies always like to kick the quilt?

A few months of babies will kick the quilt, and a few years old will still kick the quilt; when you are hot in spring and summer, you like to kick the quilt.

When you meet a baby who likes to pedal the quilt, the mother really can’t sleep well all night.

Whether you are worried about your baby kicking open or covering the baby.

In fact, there are reasons for babies to kick the quilt. Let ’s take a look with Jingma.

The baby is too hot, the hot sleep is not good 宝宝

If the baby feels overheated at night, he will instinctively kick the quilt.

This is the main and

The home is overheating, the cover is too thick, or the baby is wearing thick clothes and covered with thick quilts when he sleeps

related. Many parents are always worried that the baby will be cold and will wear a lot to wear a lot. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.


The baby’s physical temperature is poorly adjusted, and he is afraid of cold.

“Sitting on the cover” can make the baby sleep more peacefully.

Suggestion of Beijing Mom:

Give your baby to dress and cover the thickness according to the indoor temperature.

It’s winter now,

The northern place is already heating, and most of the family is not cold

, Even hot enough to wear short sleeves. In this case, wearing a vest+urine is not wet+small quilts/spring and autumn sleeping bags.

but if

The heating at home is not hot, or there is no heating in the south

Then you need to wear thicker and more lid. You can wear quilt or sleeping bags with autumn pants+dampness+moderate thickness. Pay attention to avoid cold.

However, the baby’s underwear should be selected to wear cotton, and the size is suitable. Don’t be too tight. It will affect the baby’s sleep without being uncomfortable to wear.


Small Tip: Especially when you often kick the quilt, the sleeping bag is a artifact to save kicking.

The mothers who have used it know how good it is, and for the newborn baby, sleeping in a sleeping bag can also increase the baby’s sense of security to a certain extent.

Reduce stunning reflection

And sleep more solidly.


It’s just that the baby’s sleeping bag is particular, you have to choose

Pure cotton material and appropriate size


Adjust the indoor temperature moderate.

This is also very important, the indoor environment of the baby’s life,

It is best not to be cold or hot, and it is still constant temperature, the temperature is controlled at 20-24 degrees Celsius.

In this environment, the baby will eat well and sleep well, and it is not easy to get sick.

So if there is no heating or heating, you can use it

Other heating equipment

Come to warm up; if the heating is hot, it should be often

Open the window to cool down and ventilate

If the family is particularly hot, the baby will always be irritable even if he does not cover the quilt.

Except for the right temperature,

The humidity should also be appropriate,


You can buy a moderate temperature meter. It is convenient to check at any time. If the humidity is not enough, you can use the humidifier.

The height of the quilt cover when the baby is sleeping is also particular.

Give your baby a quilt, especially for babies for several months,


Don’t cover the quilt too high

Many elderly people are afraid that the baby will kick the quilt at night and cover the baby to the chin.

In this way, if the baby’s activity is easy, it is easy to disturb the mouth and nose, and there will be the risk of suffocation.

The correct approach is

Just cover the baby’s shoulder.

I was so excited before going to bed, affecting sleep 睡

It is the same as the adult is too excited before going to bed.

If the baby

Too exciting during the day


Or play with mom and dad before going to bed, playing too exciting games

It made him very excited. Not only did the baby not sleep and fell asleep, but also fell asleep and would still be in a “excitement” and not sleeping down, kicking the quilt.

Beijing mother suggests: baby’s food and sleep must be raised regularly

Many babies are very accustomed to cultivating in the process of cultivation, so try to raise them as regular as possible. Don’t suddenly give your baby too much, or the home is too hot and cold, disturb the baby’s schedule, play before bedtime, play before bedtime

Too exciting.

The baby’s body is uncomfortable, but I can’t sleep well ‍‍

If many babies have cold and uncomfortable stomachs, such as accumulating food, flatulence, pain, or diarrhea, they will also cause the baby to be irritable and kick the quilt when they sleep at night.

Beijing Mom Suggestion: How to judge whether the baby is uncomfortable

You can see these performances.

▲ Look at the baby’s milk and mental state.

If the baby is uncomfortable, the mental state will be different from before, it will be irritable, crying, becoming sticky, not good at milk, sleeping unsatisfactory, and waking up frequently.

Look at the baby’s exhaust and defecation status.

If the baby appears

Accumulate food, flatulence, or constipation, diarrhea

, Babies will often stink, and their stomachs will be bulging, and the number of bowel movements and defecation will change. Parents who usually take care of their babies should pay attention to observation.

▲ Look at the baby’s growth and development.

If the baby’s body is unwell, the growth and development of the baby will be bad for a period of time. Therefore, take the baby to a physical examination on time to understand the baby’s physical health. If you have any discomfort, actively correct and treat it according to the doctor’s suggestion.


In addition, when the baby is in a “rise” period, it will also affect sleep because of rapid growth, but this situation is normal.

Novice parents may find that it is too difficult to bring baby every day, and may encounter various problems of eating and drinking Lazarus.

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Does your baby usually like to kick the quilt? What is often? How do you deal with it? Welcome to share your experience with your parents.

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