As soon as summer arrives, it seems that it is difficult to wear this hot heat, but if you rely on clothes can reduce the fun of summer, then the summer taste is lost in summer, but we can wear beautiful immortals, using the biggest ones, the biggest ones, the biggest ones, the biggest ones, the biggest ones, the biggest ones, the biggest ones, the biggest ones, the biggest ones, the biggest ones, the biggest ones. Enthusiasm embrace summer, then we can see which fairy matching.


1: French retro high waist pleated skirt, solid color mid -length thin A -line skirt

Smoke gray pleated skirts have a hazy feeling. You don’t need to choose a too bright top to match it, because the gray hazy needs to be matched with dark but not sinking colors, so that the matching is beautiful, and the hair can be such short -cut hair. Clean and refreshing, with a pair of white single shoes on the feet, while the temperament is improved, the skirt is more fairy. Let’s take a look at the design of the skirt. The high waist can show long legs. The pleated design shows the skirt more immortal, and the A child is more in line with the human body’s curve, so as to achieve better results.


Of course, as the color changes, the effect has also changed slightly, but this does not affect the degree of immortality. The following pleated skirt should be more complicated in color. More beautiful, with a pair of red lace -up high -heeled sandals, generous, elegant and calm.

2: Simple retro round neck knitted shirt, solid color loose pearl buckle short top

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Mori summer minimalist retro round neck sweater solid color loose pearl buckle short top female Z1186

¥ 178


Such a short shirt is used to match the skirt to make the skirt’s immortal play best. Because of the short top, the skirt is settled out. Because of the design of the round neck, the neck is longer. To sort out, it is very good to plug the hem into the group.

Of course, in addition to knitted sweater, there are knitted cardigan. Compared with the design of the knitted cardigan, the design of the knitted cardigan is smaller and fresher, and it is more age -reducing. The pink pink also makes the clothes look small and fresh. Plome skirts are difficult to remove their eyes.


4: Charm of inverted.

Put the cardigan upside down, which will be surprised to be unexpected. The Tibetan blue color is relatively mature. It is full of short sleeves. The back is slightly sexy. A atmospheric skirt, adding it to this mature, the whole match is simple. , Sylphry with heart, make summer different!


Of course, with different skirts, there will be different effects. Secondly, not all cardigans are suitable for piercing. Even if they can wear it upside down, it may not be wearing this effect. First of all Put your neck in the back, open your mouth to the collarbone, and you can see the upside down at a glance at a glance, and you will have no beauty at all. It is matched with a pale blue simple pleated skirt, because the fabric is no longer gauze. Therefore, a lot of immortality is missing, but it is also more elegant.

5: Simple basic round neck short -sleeved sweater, solid color slim -fitting slim slim band.

It is still very different to wear the cardigan in front, but we can still use a comparison with a pure latch. The cardigan is poured out. The difference is that the former seems to be much chic, and the latter is much simpler and more atmospheric. With a blue half -body long skirt, it looks elegant and artistic.

It can also be used to match white casual pants, bean paste powder with white pants, and the casual ones are also very slim. Step a pair of thin sandals on your feet. Pay attention to the pants with high heels. You don’t have to choose small feet. , Be more temperament.

6: Simple retro round neck cutout knitted cardigan, loose short -sleeved thin sweater.

When it comes to retro, most of the time we think of the modified Hanfu, but there are exquisite and delicate in life, retro hollow neck knitted cardigan, and the pattern is piled up with older diamonds. The cuffs also made a lace, blue white fold skirt, a little sense of age.

If you use the rice apricot color with the blue skirt, compared with the above set, it is much reduced and the neckline is low.

Without that kind of fine pleated, it is just slightly wrinkled, but it feels more. A pair of white single shoes is essential, so that it can be perfectly matched. Is it already excited? Yes, just try it!