The glass steel table and chairs use the glass steel desktop, the appearance is beautiful and durable, and many schools, corporate factories, hospital caferatation will choose a glass steel table chair, bright colors, bring a bright color to a constant cafeteria, and let the diners have more appetite. Canteen glass steel table chair soldering carbon dioxide protects welding, high temperature solidification, material is strong, design is beautiful, and it is simple to clean in cleaning.

Canteen glass steel table chair


The main features of the choice and advantage of the canteen glass steel table chairs are economical, beautiful. The glass steel table chair, the price is the most affordable, economical dining table and chair in the dining table and chairs in the canteen.

First, the choice of glass steel table chairs:

The fiberglass table and chair of the coil design is more durable in the life, and there are four people, six people, eight people and ten people. It can be selected according to the area of ​​the person and canteen.

Second, select the advantage of the glass steel table chair:

From the reasonable departure from the decoration layout, the reasonable layout allows the dining person to have more appetite, more enjoyable, can attract more people to dine.


FRP table chair