Everyone knows that the college entrance examination is a very important exam, both parents and students attach great importance to them. Let’s take a look below

Can the college entrance examination be used in Pole Water Pen?

高考可以用百乐水笔吗 高考用什么笔好

What pen is good for the college entrance examination.

1. Water -based pens such as Baile V5RT, P500 can be used

高考可以用百乐水笔吗 高考用什么笔好

Anyway, I have been using the Baole V5RT, do n’t worry about the invasion of the big test paper. The advantage of Baile is that it is not bad and I think it ’s relatively smooth.

As for the so -called computer scroll, it is actually just a simple visible light scanning.

As long as it is sensitive to visible light wave bands, ink with high contrast.

The specific requirements of the college entrance examination, graduate students, and civil servants are black pens (including the pens of the pen, the pen, the pens).

2. Payo -rubbed neutral pen cannot be used

Don’t … the kind of pen is disappeared at the high temperature !!! The scanner is gone !!

The handwriting 70 degrees will disappear. The working temperature of the card reader is 110 degrees. The college entrance examination is summer. The temperature of the machine is absolutely more than 70. The sweeping cards are hot. The notebooks can be restored in all books.

The postgraduate entrance examination is winter. In theory, the handwriting will not completely disappear. This can be referred to a cup of hot tea or coffee on the handwriting of the pen. Is it necessary to take this risk for the test once a year?

Recently, some people have evaluated the following eight types of neutral pens, which is intended to select the neutral pen that is most suitable for the college entrance examination:

Let’s not talk about the intermediate evaluation process.

Zebra jj15

Comprehensive score: ★★★★★★

This is a stroke with outstanding advantages and almost no weaknesses. The tip of the pen is smooth and the ink is uniform. Light quality, the rubber fingers are comfortable, and they are resistant to abrasion and wear.

Putong BLN105

高考可以用百乐水笔吗 高考用什么笔好

This is also extremely smooth, but this is a bit smooth than the zebra JJ15. The ink is very uniform, the dark is full, and the quick -drying is very excellent.

Deli S656

Comprehensive score: ★★★★ ☆

It is not easy to buy such a product for two yuan. The Deli S656 can be regarded as the best speed dry in straight liquid neutral pen. Writing is very smooth, but it is not suitable for students who are accustomed to writing small characters.


Although it is also a straight liquid neutral pen, this is more smooth than the domestic capacity, and the strokes are more smooth and the ink is moderate and uniform. The clarity and comfort are also impeccable. It is only as fast as S656, but it has performed well in straight liquid neutral pens.

高考可以用百乐水笔吗 高考用什么笔好

Kaco Kaibao Keybo

Comprehensive score: ★★★ ☆☆

This is a model for domestic brands and low price. Although the fluency is not as good as the zebra, it is also smooth and uniform in ink. Lightweight and beautiful, feels of the hand, shrimp V emperor pry figurine still surrounds the quilt city,

Mitsubishi UMN-155

This overall performance is medium, the advantages are not prominent, and there are not much disadvantages. Smooth and smooth, slightly more ink than zebra. Steering is not very good. From the completely consistent radar map of Mitsubishi UMN-155 and KACO Kaibao, it can be seen that the attributes of the two are equal, but the imported pen on Mitsubishi is about 5 yuan more expensive than KACO, and the cost performance is not high.

Baoke PC1828

Comprehensive score: ★★ ☆☆☆

Compared with several other models, this neutral pen is obviously not smooth enough, and often appears in the condition of rowing paper and cardboard. But as a low -priced pen for only two yuan, its excellent quick -drying is amazing.

Schneider StarCraft ONE

Comprehensive score: ★ ☆☆☆☆

Although Schneider has an unparalleled smoothness, it is more suitable as a signature pen and basically missed the test room. Because it is too strong in ink, unless it writes a lot of words on the test paper, it will definitely be unclear. And as a straight liquid neutral pen, the quick -drying is poor. In short, it will be a nightmare -like existence in the examination room.

Note: It should be noted that the above evaluation is aimed at eight strokes, not eight brands. Candidates and parents should not just look at the brand when buying a neutral pen. They must be optimistic about colors, models, and pen heads (0.5mm) to avoid errors.

Different types of pens will have different use effects. Faced with the college entrance examination, candidates must prepare the pen in advance. Can the college entrance examination be used in Pepsita? What pen is good for the college entrance examination? Let’s take a look at it!

Candidates are recommended with pen

Must be P500, absolutely classic.

The best pen core used by the pen you have used has been used several times to keep the exam and use it

Mitsubishi UM-100

As long as you are a pen, you can write any pen

Payo P-500

0.5 mm, a large capacity of ink sac, high writing life, both cost -effective and smooth.

Payo BX-V5

0.5mm, known as one of the best writing pens in the world, the best -selling model in North America

Mitsubishi UM-100

Double bead design, there is also a roller that is used to prevent ink leakage at the junction of the pen and ink, suitable for classmates who have a stronger pen.

Payo P-500 This pen is super super super super super easy to write

Morning …

Mitsubishi Baile … Muji, I bought MUJI from the country that I bought from Japan, it is really money …………

Can the college entrance examination be used in Pole Water Pen?

What pen is good for the college entrance examination.

Comprehensive score: ★★★★★★

Comprehensive score: ★★★★ ☆

Comprehensive score: ★★★ ☆☆

Payo P-500