1. Tide Tide

Tide is a well -known washing brand under the Global P & G, born in the United States in 1946.


Due to the birth of tide, it ended the era of soap washing in human history for more than 2,000 years. Fame.

Second, OMO Masao


Born in the 1990s and entered the Chinese market in 1993, it was the core concept of family care brands under Lianlihua China to remove 99 stains.

Three, super energy


The star product of scientific and technological innovation-super-natural soap powder is different from ordinary synthetic laundry powder. Natural coconut oil is produced. It is safe and not irritating. Ultra-low bubbles, strong decontamination, easy to drift, saving water and energy.


Four, Ariel Bilang

Founded in Germany in 1967, the famous washing brand of Procter & Gamble, the world’s first enzyme laundry powder, entered China in 1993, and became a household name with its excellent washing performance.

Five, carving cards

The former State -owned Lishui Wuqi Factory was established in 1968, which was established in 1968. In 1993, it carried out a joint -stock transformation. In 2001, the Group was established. The Group has been a well -known enterprise in China’s washing supplies industry since 1994

6. Attack Jieba


The high -end laundry brand owned by the Hua Pao Co., Ltd. provides laundry products with different functions such as Jieba’s deep stains/Jieba Liangcai/Jieba Jingrou, and Japan’s larger daily consumer goods manufacturers.

Seven, liby Li Bai


As a leading brand in the field of washing supplies in China, it takes the lead in developing and producing ginger washing essence. It is easy to rinse, cold water powder, super concentrated laundry powder, enzyme particle soap powder and other products.


Eight, White Cat

For more than half a century, he has witnessed and leads the development of China’s washing and daily chemical industry. It mainly produces various types of clean products and such as “White Cat”, “Jiamei”, “Wehuang”, “Kaamesh” Related washing supplies are well -known companies with strong strength in the same industry, leading technology, advanced equipment, complete varieties, and excellent quality.

Nine, Keon Qiqiang


The Qiqiang brand was born in 1992. The brand’s Nanfeng Chemical Group Co., Ltd. belongs to a large -scale enterprise group in ten provinces (cities) districts and across industries across the country.

10. Lonkey Langqi


Guangzhou Langqi products have won the title of “China Environmental Mark Product”, the title of “Famous Protection”. The Enterprise Research Institute has been promoted to the “Provincial Technology Center”, and in 2011, it was approved to establish a “postdoctoral research station”.

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Top ten well -known laundry powder