The weather is getting colder, and the new products are as good as scheduled. Recently, the hard -working velvet jackets are warmly listed.

The old man is worried about dressing in winter

The old man was old, and he was particularly afraid of cold in winter. As soon as the temperature dropped, he wrapped himself on three layers and three layers, and it was inconvenient to appear bloated activities. Warm and lightweight foot -shaking velvet jackets make the old people bloated in winter. Another big trouble of the old people in winter is the static electrostatic during the undressing. This double -sided fleece and velvet jacket is allowed to bid farewell to the winter static electricity and enhance the sense of dressing experience.

Fuli Jian shaking velvet jacket warm listing

Footlily shake a velvet jacket to solve

Foot force with a high -density velvet jacket uses high -density shaking pills inside, which can heat up at 360 °. The old man is very warm when wearing one piece, without fear of wet and cold weather in winter. The outer fabric of the clothes is delicate and skin -friendly. It is soft like a quilt. Footlifting outer velvet outer fabric contains anti -static materials, allowing the elderly to reduce winter electrostatic troubles. Another highlight of the Fuli Hanging Pills is based on the decoration of the elderly to meet the dressing needs of the elderly in different body types. There is no need to worry about unattractive clothes. Foot -strong shaking pill coats are well -durable, water -resistant, not easy to fade, and not easy to fade, which can bring a good dressing experience to the elderly. All the details of the products of Fuli Jian are well done. Of course, this velvet jacket is no exception. The intimate stand -collar design can prevent the neck from being cold; the zipper pockets on both sides can protect the portable items well; the two -color color; the two -color color; the two -color color; the two -color color; the two -color color; the two -color color; the two -color color; the two colors; the two colors; The anti -decoration zipper is smooth and not stuck.

Finding and rich old people in winter shoes and clothing products


Foot -strong elderly shoes and clothing products make the elderly warm the winter


In the cold winter, in addition to preparing a warm shredded velvet jacket for the elderly, he also designed and produced exclusive warm underwear, goose fleece, wool shoes and other essential items for the old people. Find -telled warm underwear fabric uses scientific ratio of warm cashmere and hot virtue, feel soft and anti -static, the tech fabric is triple -locking, long -lasting warmth, and it is very warm to wear on the body. The high -quality, high fluffy white goose down jackets in the pneumatic goose velvet, and the length design of the over -the -knee length can give the oldest people the warmest protection in the cold winter. Of course, the old people’s feet should be more protected in winter. They can choose high -density wool in the inside of the inside of the healthy wool shoes, and work together with the fur pads. The fibrous upper, resistant to low temperature cold shoe soles, forms a cold quarantine layer, effectively blocks the external cold, so that the elderly are no longer afraid of low temperature in winter.

The rich and rich winter elderly shoes and clothing products allow the elderly to have no fear of cold from top to bottom, from the inside out, warming and warmth.