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Before setting up the fast -moving live broadcast, Hu Ge had already talked with cashmere for more than ten years.

18 years ago, Brother Hu came to Puyuan in Tongxiang, Zhejiang to enter a cashmere sweater processing plant. The Puyuan Gathering more than 5,000 wool and cashmere sweaters is the largest woolen and cashmere sweater production base in China. Here, Brother Hu has experienced experienced suppliers from a elementary school, opened his own cashmere sweater processing factory, and also runs a physical store with his wife.

In the meantime, he has done Taobao, just like most of the local cashmere products sold by the Puyuan local cashmere products, but the operating condition is not good. He closed the store in less than three years.

Hebei Qinghe more than 1,000 kilometers away from Puyuan is located in the southeast plain of Hebei. There are no grasslands and herds, but it is the “Chinese cashmere capital”. It has the first professional cashmere product market in China. Xiaobing and her husband opened a cashmere wholesale store in the market. Before making live broadcasts, their business was mainly to supply Taobao merchants.

Three years ago, the live broadcast rose. Some of the local businesses in the Puyuan of Hu have started to send the videos they took on their hands. Most of them are the latest cashmere sweaters or production and processing in the factory. The screen is simple and casual.

“It is the mentality of playing, and few people will come to ask how to buy it.” Hu Ge, who has never been in contact with the live broadcast e -commerce, couldn’t think of himself to today and create a cashmere with 4.45 million fans. Merchant anchor “Jing Xiaomo”.

Xiaobing is also “inadvertently inserting willow and willow”. A video of a cashmere coat was hot, and she brought her the first wave of pink climax, and fans asked her how to buy cashmere coats. She soon became interested in this new e -commerce gameplay. After three years, “Qiao Xiao Bing” not only became the anchor of cashmere merchants of more than 800,000 fans, but also became Xiaobing’s own cashmere brand.

But cashmere products are categories with relatively high unit price and higher professional thresholds. Self -produced physical merchants, despite their innate supply chain advantages, have to re -reshuffle in the face of new e -commerce gameplay and increasingly intense e -commerce competition.

Live and bringing goods is a large wave of sand. When the waves rose, countless people were involved in it. When the waves retreated, only a few people could stand on their heels.

Data show that from August to October this year, the total GMV of the Kuaishou platform cashmere reached 4.7 billion, an increase of 153%year -on -year, and the unit price of cashmere goods reached 15,000 yuan. During the fast cashmere festival event from December 23 to 25, the GMV of cashmere and wool -related categories increased by 54%month -on -month and 91%year -on -year. A industrial outbreak of fast -moving has also witnessed how the live broadcasting company changes the fate of physical merchants.

Go to the live broadcast room to sell cashmere, is it reliable?

Brother Hu usually loves to brush his hands quickly. Those short video paragraphs allow him to decompress in busy work.

One day in October 2018, Brother Hu accidentally brushed a video on the fast hands, and someone was selling cashmere sweaters. “At that time, the physical store business was not so good. We have more than ten years of experience in making cashmere sweaters, not necessarily worse than others.” Brother Hu suddenly felt that he could try it.

He started to record the video with his mobile phone at first, and introduced it while shooting. Going to the factory’s appearance, he wants to shoot; the store is new, he wants to shoot; customers come to order, he also wants to shoot … During the rest at night, he paired these videos with music and simple subtitles, and sent to fast hands to fast hands. superior.

By 2019, Brother Hu’s account accumulated almost 20,000 fans. That year, the live broadcast station was on the air. Brother Hu found,

As if overnight, the cashmere merchants of Puyuan poured into the live room and started live broadcast.

“At that time, we thought, others, we can do it.” Hu Ge took a stream of refusal to lose, pulled his wife, sister, and brother -in -law, and officially named the anchor “Jing Xiaomo”. Sell ​​cashmere sweater.

Brother Hu felt that at that time, he was lucky. At that time, Kuaishou just launched the small yellow car function, which can support merchant anchors and buyers to trade inside the platform. In autumn and winter, the demand for cashmere clothing has risen, bringing many audiences to the live broadcast room.

From a dozen pieces to 100 pieces in a live broadcast, to thousands of pieces, “Jing Xiaomo”, so he tied the roots in the fast hand.

Source / Pexels

When Xiaobing started to send product videos at Kuaishou, there was actually nothing in her heart.

It was October 2018, and she had no concept of short video live broadcast. She is busy with business, and she rarely has time to brush the short video app, but occasionally hear some classic “paragraphs” from her husband’s mouth.


Xiao Bing is from Qinghe, Hebei. She and her husband run a cashmere product store in the Qinghe Cashmere wholesale market, while supplying Taobao merchants and doing offline retail.

Qinghe is the largest cashmere industry gathering place in the country. Here, Xiaobing’s father has made decades of cashmere raw materials and processing business. After graduating from college, she returned to her hometown and naturally joined the industry.

Relying on the supply chain advantage of the cashmere industry, almost all e -commerce will be made in Qinghe’s sales in Qinghe. But Xiao Bing’s house is an exception, “

At that time, there were a lot of merchants in Taobao. The competition was very fierce. We are mainly wholesale, and we have no more energy to do e -commerce retail

Essence “

Occasionally, Xiao Bing heard a friend who could bring the goods when he talked about fast hands, and began to try some photos and videos of cashmere clothing in the shop. On one occasion, a small popularity was on a video, and the volume suddenly rose from more than 10,000 to 200,000. Since then, Xiaobing’s fans have also increased, and many fans have commented on “how to buy.”

At that time, in the Qinghe River, there were not a few merchants like Xiaobing’s “inadvertently inserting willow and will be shade”.

Zhao Xingguo, vice chairman of the Qinghe E -commerce Association, told the pineapple Finance that many cashmere merchants in Qinghe are the suppliers themselves. They have their own supply chain and have more than ten years of traditional e -commerce experience. The gameplay is more adaptable and the response to the market is more rapid.


“Moreover, after more than ten years of development, the sales channels of traditional e -commerce platforms will fall into the bottleneck of growth and problems with large and small.

When a new sales channel appears, there is no need to pay too much in advance. In addition, there are successful cases. Everyone is willing to try

Essence “Zhao Xingguo explained.

He remembers that at the beginning, everyone was in the process of fasting clothing production, shop underwear display, or some funny paragraphs to attract traffic. Gradually, after having fans, the merchants began to try to start broadcasting to truly explain the product.

After three years of precipitation, until now,

The cashmere clothing merchant of Qinghe has reached tens of thousands

Essence Among them, 70%are suppliers produced and sold like Xiaobing.

“I didn’t raise the powder for a year, I almost gave up”

Although he has been in the cashmere product industry for many years, physical operators such as Hu Ge and Xiaobing can only be regarded as the “Xiaobai” of live broadcasts.

It is not easy to find out platform rules and find traffic passwords.

Xiaobing’s first live broadcast was the end of 2018, when she had only less than 6,000 fans. Since then, she has thought about the category of cashmere coats when the live broadcast. “There are too many types and styles of cashmere sweaters. Due to the special after -sales problems, there are more special after -sales sales, and it takes too much energy. In contrast, the coat style is small but it is just needed, and it is convenient to try on the live broadcast room.”

However, Xiaobing’s blueprint for herself was soon shattered by reality.

Suddenly one day, no one was in the live room, and the work was not exposed.


The feedback from the platform customer service is that the account is normal and there is no illegal information. Xiaobing said, until now, she couldn’t figure out what happened during that time.

That year was the fastest year of the merchant anchor around Xiaobing. It seemed that she had fallen into the trough without any reason. “”

It has not increased the powder for almost a year, and even fell off the powder

Xiaobing remembers that the hardest time, she could only sell less than 100 orders a day, but merchants of the same volume could reach thousands of orders. “It’s really hard that year, I plan to give up, don’t do it.”

But her husband encouraged her and insisted on insisting on this year.

Even at the most difficult time, Xiaobing has always insisted on two things: one is to turn off the beauty as much as possible during the live broadcast, let customers see every detail of a piece of clothes, let them buy it more solidly, and the after -sales problem is relatively relatively relatively solid problem. There will be less; the second is to explain the storage, maintenance, and cleanup methods of clothes over and over again, and convey the basic knowledge of cashmere products as much as possible.

Xiaobing shows the source of cashmere coats in the live broadcast room / screenshot of fast hands

At the end of the year, Xiaobing found that whether it was the live broadcast of traffic or the increase in fans, it began to improve. “Now I have more than 800,000 fans, which can only be regarded as a trivial little anchor, but my fans are real, and they have accumulated one by one by the works and the live broadcast room.” Xiaobing said.

In such a trough period, Brother Hu also encountered. “”

One or 20,000 fans, only thirty or forty people watched you live, no one bought it after watching it

“The live broadcast effect is not good, I can’t sell it, I want to give up on the bed every night.” Give up “. But thinking that the entity is not easy to do, let’s continue to persist.” You must cheer yourself first, and then encourage your wife, sister and brother -in -law to insist on live broadcast for 5 hours a day.

In Zhao Xingguo’s view, this is a problem that anchors generally encountered during the development of live e -commerce. “”

As more and more people enter the industry, the traffic will naturally be differentiated

Essence When the anchor is small, it is the seller’s market, and users can only choose from these people; there are more anchors, that is, the buyer’s market, and the probability of being selected by users is lower. “

Zhao Xingguo said that in response to this situation, the advice of the e -commerce association to the merchant’s anchor could only be,

Learn to understand the platform rules, establish your own personnel, brand, and concepts, operate a good private domain traffic, and make fans more trust the anchor.

In fact, as competition is becoming more and more intense, pressure and anxiety are increasing for these merchant anchors.

After the fast -moving live broadcast, the couple and the younger sister’s family were almost endless. There is no special operation team. The core business of the entire live broadcast e -commerce is to do the family: the sister is responsible for explaining, the brother -in -law is responsible for operation, and Hu Ge and his wife are responsible for the supply chain production.

Under normal circumstances, they work more than 13 hours a day, and when they are broadcast at night, their eyes are almost unable to open. Brother Hu’s three children stayed in his hometown. Sometimes, he wanted to stop broadcasting for a few days and go back to see the child. But the sister advised him that the live broadcast could not stop, “

If you stop for a day, fans will be snatched by other live broadcast rooms

He can only comfort himself, “Now bitter, children can live well in the future.”

Xiaobing bluntly stated that when the pressure is high, he will rest for two days. She is more willing to do things within the scope of ability. “Only when I have a good condition, can I take good care of and serve the old iron in the live broadcast room.”

“Fortunately, there is no flow of the wave”


From the silence to the month GMV18 million, Xiaobing said that the right place he did was

Even at the most difficult time, there was no flow of waves.

She once saw some anchors, in order to quickly increase sales, choose to reduce the quality of the product, and “run” by selling low -customer unit prices. “To be honest, when seeing the sales of others rising rapidly, we have become red and envious, but we still have not changed.”

Xiaobing’s insistence has her own reason. “First, fans will pay attention to what they are interested in. Since our positioning is to sell high -quality cashmere coats, then fans should be able to accept ‘one penny and one penny’; second, after two or three years, the fans have established trust As long as they consume once, they can find that our products are much higher than offline malls. “

In order to build trust with fans, Xiaobing made a lot of effort.

She has studied her fans, most of them are middle-aged and elderly female users aged 40-60. In order to fit these fans users, different from most anchors set the live broadcast room time at night.

She starts live broadcast every morning and continues until noon.

Even in the most intense autumn and winter competition in cashmere merchants, she has only four to five new products a day, and each coat product takes half an hour or even longer to explain. “What is good for this coat? It’ s not good, what will happen when we wear, and what is the difference between other styles? I have to make it clear that fans have to buy it. “

In the fast -moving live room, cashmere coats are a type of high -quality unit price. Xiaobing can sell up to tens of thousands of orders in one game. In Xiaobing,

The high -quality unit price products are not without markets on the short video live broadcast platform. The key depends on the quality of the product is right, and whether the fans who match the consumption power accurately are matched.

Because her fans are mostly pursuing quality and have a certain consumption capacity, the coats she make are 100%full -wool, classic and generous basic styles. Low.

Although the price is not cheap, her repurchase rate is quite high. “I am very impressed. There is a customer in Xinjiang because the Xinjiang area does not free shipping. The postage she placed in my live broadcast room this month has reached three or four thousand.” Xiaobing said.

Unlike Xiaobing’s focus on cashmere coats, the “Jing Xiaomo” account operated by the Hu family is mainly attacked by cashmere sweater categories. “When we first started the live broadcast, we considered that as long as one category was done, it was our most familiar cashmere sweater.”

The cashmere coat of the “Qiao Xiaobing” live room and the cashmere sweater source / fast -handed screenshot of the “Jing Xiaomo” live room

After entering the fast hand, the Hu Ge’s family slowly gave up the operation of physical stores and transferred all the energy to the fast -handed live broadcast and cargo. In order to make a good cashmere sweater, Brother Hu personally controlled the entire link from raw material procurement, production and processing to sales. His goal is, “

Really achieved directly from the workshop to the old iron’s hands

Under the self -produced and self -selling model, the highest GMV of the “Jing Xiaomo” live room reached 10 million+.

Cashmere is a seasonal product. Now, the Hu Ge team has also developed the production line of boutique women’s pants and high -end cowhide women’s shoes to prepare to enrich the live broadcast room. The new year is coming. Brother Hu’s goal is that fans will reach 800 million to 10 million next year, and sales will double this year.

Essence “

Essence “

Essence “

Essence “

Essence “

Xiaobing is very satisfied with her current state. She said that as long as the fans reach 1.5 million next year, they will be content. She hopes to harvest some users who really like her live broadcast and understand her products as much as possible, and increase their quality fans.

In fact, in the cashmere product like Xiaobing and Hu Ge, you can find some common points:

They are all familiar with the industry and master the supply chain; from the beginning, they are found to be positioned, and insist on the most popular segmented categories; between quality and price, find the balance point closest to fans.

A set of data may prove their growth: During the fast cashmere festival activities, the GMV of “Jing Xiaomo” live room GMV increased by 324%year -on -year, and “Qiao Xiaobing” increased by 137%year -on -year.

Many cashmere merchants like Xiaobing and Hu have completed the transformation from physical supply to live broadcast and cargo in fast hands.

During the cashmere festival, the fast -handed cashmere anchor “matching the teacher cold” GMV increased by 244%year -on -year, and the average customer unit price reached 1110 yuan; the “Defeng double -sided cashmere coat Xu Sister Xu” event increased by 98%year -on -year, and the average customer unit price reached 540 yuan ;

After two or three years of precipitation, the physical transformation of cashmere businesses finally tasted the first sweetness.

*The title is derived from Pexels.