How can an independent office, especially the office of the company’s leadership boss, can be placed to take care of Feng Shui.

The placement of the desk first considers the most intuitive feelings, that is, the placement of the desk must make people look twist and show a natural beauty. Secondly, the boss’s desk should not strive to push near the water outlet or washing the table, and do not close to the water room next to the office building. In Feng Shui, it is easy to cause wealthy outflow near the water room. The water room is relatively dark and humid, noisy, and it is not conducive to office and rest. Secondly, don’t be too close to the corner of the desk. Although there is a backing behind the wall, if there is a hill behind, if there is another more empty environment, the desk is against the wall or the corner of the wall. Sitting in front of such a desk will make people Feeling more depression, it will make a person’s hands and feet be restrained, and people’s thoughts will slowly be lazy. If the owner of a company is restrained, it is undoubtedly very dangerous for the entire company.


Solid wood high -end office furniture quietly occupies the mainstream market:

First, the high -end office furniture market competition is less than the board -type and Banmu office furniture market. It is a market full of potential.

Second, solid wood office furniture has a strong cultural flavor. Solid wood furniture implies the internal connotation of Chinese literati and the emotional appeal of returning to nature. And in terms of details, the lapel boards, drawers, polishing treatment, internal processing, and dovetail marketing are also quite in place.


Third, the wood grain is popular with “skinny beauty”. Red oak furniture, wood durable, and each angle color has its own characteristics, exuding strange “skinny beauty” everywhere, so each product is full of natural atmosphere.


Fourth, American solid wood set off aristocratic fashion. People often use luminous, delicate and smooth to describe the noble charm of American solid wooden beds. The beautiful wood texture and soft leather are full of charm.

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