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Although the long down jacket is indeed more warm, the charm of the short down jacket still cannot be underestimated, especially the short cotton jacket with a trend of personality. Because of the variety of styles, it is loved by more people.

How should we match cotton clothes?

In fact, there are three key points that can be included in our ideas, becoming a trick in wearing. Not much to say, let’s take a look at it below.

TIPS1: The northern girl is here, the pants are recommended to be loose, and it is not afraid of minus 20 degrees

Presumably many people have been planted by this kind of wide and tight way, but

Northern girl

Be sure to be awake. This kind of combination is not necessarily suitable for you. Unless you are really thin and thin, this kind of single product is almost unlikely.

Because we need to wear trousers, we also need to add a variety of warm inside in the pants, so it is not realistic to choose slim pants. Northern girls can actually choose straight trousers, and loose pants also have different feels.

In fact, as long as the jacket is relatively loose, the pants will not be too bloated to choose straight pants.

Because this combination is relatively speaking, most tops are more loose than pants, so they also have


“Upper width and tight”

The gap can also wear a sense of layering and obtain the effect of thinness.

And if you look at it from another angle, the effect of loose tops with loose pants is also very sensible. It is a kind of


Oversize wind of lazy fan


Therefore, the upper body is quite fashionable, it is a cute and age -reducing fashion sense, which is very extra points.


TIPS2: Southern girls come over, short jacket+slim design, perfectly showing the curve


Southern girl

In terms of short cotton clothes, it is already possible to spend winter. In particular, some temperatures are high, or even cotton clothes are needed, and short jackets can spend winter, so we must give full play to the regional advantages and shape ourselves more perfect.

For the warm weather, we are completely paired with a short jacket with slim pants to show our figure and modify the curve.


Because many winter cotton clothes are designed with relatively loose, choosing a self -slim design item can help match the sense of layering. So the more loose tops, the more you can look more slender.


You need to pay attention to one degree

Therefore, it is not recommended that you choose more than 120 cm or more, so that it will appear too bloated.

In addition, you need to pay attention to it. Do n’t have too much shoulder width, especially the kind of felling and sleeves, you must choose a good width, otherwise it is easy to be like a bucket.

As long as you choose the right cotton clothes, you will choose a slim pants and it will be much simpler. There are almost not many requirements. It can easily show a thin effect.

Tips3: The coat does not need to choose too short, covering the crotch to more modify the figure, thin and temperament


The advantage of short single items is that it is high

The shorter the item, the higher the higher. But at the same time, its meat -covered effect will be reduced.

Therefore, it is recommended that you try a short jacket, so that even if the version is not so loose, you can also have more warm spaces. You can also add some warm -in -thes. Even in the north It is generally not recommended to choose too short styles.

In addition, for some girls, their legs are not so perfect, the crotch is relatively wide, and the longer short tailoring can cover this part well and modify our body shape more better.

Therefore, although it has reduced a certain high effect, it has improved a lot to the whole, so this is quite worthy of recognition.


Ordinary girl

In terms of, the length of the short jacket is about 55 ~ 65 cm. This short length can not only modify the figure, but also cover the meat and thin, which can be described as more.

And there is no restriction for pants or skirts. It can cover the meat with pants, and the skirt can also cover the meat.

I am a settlement. If you are confused, you can trust me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Following it and learning to wear, we become better and beautiful people together!

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