The office must be the longest contacting living environment every day in addition to our love. Maintaining advanced taste at all times must be the most basic daily needs for you Taige players. If you are still worried about how to decorate the office recently,

Today, you might as well plant these 10 high -value decorations and storage small objects recommended by Mr Tiger. Of course, all these items come from our Tai Ge’s office.


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Beams Ceramic Cat:


Founded in 1976, Beams is a well -known trend department store brand in Japan. It has a history of more than 40 years. It has always affected the Japanese fashion trend. Its home accessories and toys have created the trendy lifestyle of Tokyo. This ceramic wealth cat symbolizes luck and wealth, and was hand -painted by local Japanese craftsmen, showing a unique taste of traditional and fashion.


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Nordic Simple Creative Reporter:

This bookshelf has dozens of styles and colors to choose from, which can almost meet the home taste needs of most people. The material is divided into the leather surface and fabric mesh. It is very fit in the living room or the study bedroom. Regardless of the welding of the bookshelf to the sewing of the skin surface, it is hand -made, reflecting your pursuit of life’s taste.


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High -value wooden magazine storage box:

The simplicity of logs adds modern design, which fits the current lifestyle. Natural wood texture brings not only natural feelings, but also combines the exquisite craftsmanship of hand -made. It is divided into water song willow, water, deep brown, walnut, and three colors. I believe this storage box will definitely meet your daily needs.


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Stumptown coffee bean storage tank:

Stumptown, as one of the flags of the American boutique coffee industry, has extremely strict requirements for coffee production. They have been emphasizing the importance of coffee bean storage, and strongly advocate that the whole bean has a dark seal container, avoid light placing, and drink it after 15 days of baking. Such beans can bring the best taste performance. To this end, they specially launched this very popular coffee storage tank. The amber -white glass tank is equipped with a stainless steel seal to ensure the quality of the coffee and maintain the storage position.



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Qingfang Aoyoshi Coffee Cup:

Aoyoshi, founded in 1957, was located in Yanli, Niigata, Niigata, Minda, Japan, and has inherited the technique of gold workers for more than 400 years. This coffee cup breaks the light -stainless steel light color, and uses the washing process of jeans to show the unique charm of the old time, like an old silverware. The charm of time is contaminated by the daily coffee cups, exuding a charming temperament.


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Danish Normann Geo series color heating kettle:

GEO kettle consists of geometric shapes. When opening the kettle, it seems to be a circular movement from the top. This is also the concept of “complete sports trajectory” pursued by the designer. The overall design is very simple but full of styling. For 6 types of color matching, satisfy your perfect pursuit of color at any time.



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Household high -end leather tissue box:


The design of conventional paper towels is adopted, but it has been improved in thickness, only to store more paper towels. The leather is selected from natural non -destructive vegetable tanned cowhide. It does not do multi -layer cutting and chemical treatment. It is very environmentally friendly and safe. Even babies can use it with confidence. In terms of design, it is hand -made from eclipse, polishing, color spraying, and adhesion. In addition to the appearance of the tissue box, it also maintains a round and stiff design.


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Crucket storage tray:

Desktop storage is an indispensable part of home life. This tray is like a steward that can generally integrate some trivial debris. Compared to the routine and harder box storage, the leather tray looks softer. In terms of materials, the very environmentally friendly vegetable tanned head layer of cowhide, while the color and stitching of the edges are hand -made, with black, brown, primary colors, and three colors.



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Small object storage tray:

In addition to this hand -made cowhide tray is more suitable for small objects such as storage key, watches, wireless headphones, etc., it can also place snacks such as nuts or candy, which is very wide. Compared with our traditional aesthetic box storage, it can be said to be very simple and beautiful.


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American retro storage rack:

This storage rack constitutes a retro U.S.MAIL style in a combination of different materials. The frame is designed with an old American postal bag, and the industrial style and Japanese -style pragmatism are added. Regardless of the daily book storage of books or debris, clothing, and kitchen supplies, it can be used. practical.



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IgLoo refrigerated thermal insulation bucket:

This ice bucket is very practical whether it is used outdoors or indoors. Different volumes plus good thermal insulation effects. It is a perfect match for ice drinks in summer. If the company needs to temporarily set up group building activities and drive a large amount of iced drinks or beer, then use the use of Igloo, you can definitely ensure that all drinks maintain the original ice state within at least 1 day.



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Candylab Toys:

Candylab usually draws design inspiration from some retro cars popular in the 1960s in the 1960s, and combines the craftsmanship of handmade wooden toys to form a unique decorative concept. They hope that the toys they create can maintain an elegant state, and even give it to the future children as a heirger, and tell the story of your road travel around you when you are young. This car is handmade by walnut wood. The best thing is that the surfing board can also be removed for replacement. The rear can also be dragged on the RV series.

Picture shooting: Zhang Qiang / Tigerhood

Content editor: Mr Tiger

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